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You are looking for information about tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh in betzdorf , sieg?

credit information tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh

A credit report gives you information about the solvency and creditworthiness of your company.

Unlike a company profile, which contains only descriptive information, a credit report provides you with an evaluation and assessment of creditworthiness.

Possible purposes of a company credit report are:

  • credit assessment of suppliers to avoid supply bottlenecks
  • Creditworthiness check of customers and clients in order to avoid payment defaults (also for rental contracts for offices, etc.).)
  • Securing high investments (also for private customers z.B. When buying a car or building a house)
  • Credit assessment of a potential employer

You can receive the credit report as a PDF or HTML document.

Gwg information tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh

To determine the beneficial owner(s) according to §3 abs. 1 gwg (money laundering act).

With a gwg report, obligated companies can identify their beneficial owner(s) before entering into a business relationship with a domestic counterparty.

Contained information:

  • Address and communication data
  • The beneficial owner with date of birth (if ascertainable)
  • The complete determination path with shares in percent
  • Indications if necessary. Existing negative features

Additional data included in the full report:

  • Background information on the history, structure and organization of the company
  • Creditworthiness index and highest credit recommendation
  • Balance sheet information and key figures (if available)

You can receive the gwg report as a PDF or HTML document.

A maximum of five documents are displayed.

Company profile tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh

CRIF’s company profile provides you with the most important, up-to-date company data for tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh.

A company profile gives you information about:

  • Management and corporate governance as well as their shareholdings and interrelationships with other companies. So you always know where your contact person is still involved or where, for example, other business relationships exist.
  • Description of the industry and focus of activities
  • details of the company structure such as capital
  • Further information like the commercial register number.

You can get the company profile as PDF or word document.

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Financial statements& balance sheets tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh

In our database you will find the following financial statements and balance sheets for the company tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh in in betzdorf , sieg.

the scope and content of the annual financial statements depends on the size of the company: large companies include a balance sheet, income statement, notes and management report. The smaller the company, the less information it usually contains in its annual financial statements.

The balance sheet data is usually also available for download in Excel or HTML format. CSV format to.

A maximum of five annual financial statements and balance sheets are displayed.

Historical company data tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh

The following information on changes to the company name and/or legal form and registered office is available for the company tankstellenbetrieb Kohler gmbh:

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