How do you come up with something like that?!


Australia to germany by car – is that possible at all??

Cairns in the northeast of australia and frankfurt/main are 14.712 km apart. as the crow flies. With the car it should be a little more, depending on the route chosen. I calculated times with 20.000 km if i keep south. Well, in retrospect I had to go on a northern route and it became exactly 25.547 km. from australia to germany by car – yes, that’s possible!

Our Toyota Landcruiser on the beach of Fraser Island, Australia

our toyota landcruiser on the beach of fraser island, australia

"how do you come up with something like that?"was one of the friendlier responses when i told the first people about the plan. A simpler one was simply "barmy.

From drivers lurking everywhere, problems at borders and with languages, bad or badly maintained roads. There was no talk of roads, lack of fuel and food and all kinds of animals – from insects to bears. Of course, there were also comments about the political situation and security in some countries. "does it work at all? In country XY you are not allowed to enter with your own car. You’ll have to deal with bureaucracy everywhere you go!" were other concerns I heard. further advice was "just take enough bribe money with you, then it will work out". & but hey, these are the challenges we are talking about. Precise planning is a prerequisite for mastering these pitfalls. But more about that later.

The idea

great job for the cops on fraser

great job for the cops on fraser

now first to the idea: it doesn’t just come to mind in the lunch break but many little puzzle pieces in my life and the lives of dear people led me to say: "yes, that’s what I’ll do"!"first there is my son who bought a car during his work&travel stay in australia. He told me that he would also like to continue driving this in germany. I also thought after our common

4.000km offroad trip into the wilderness of cape york 2017 and a 9.000 km road trip through the australian outback of queensland and the northern territory 2016 that it is much too bad to sell the car in the end.

Then there’s my own impending retirement. Horrible to hear after 40 years in the job from colleagues, how great but rose cultivation or stamp collecting is. may be in principle, nothing against stamp collectors and rose growers, but is definitely not for me. & someone still meant, "then you can finally travel". But I have seen enough airports and hotels in this world in my job and also on vacation. Only: the countries over which one flies on the way to asia are by no means all. And not intense. and i remembered how i as a student in 1975 had transported a truck (magirus tipper) from gottingen to aleppo/syria for a syrian student friend. & because I had made a truck driver’s license in the army, and he had none. Here are a few pictures from that time:

The spirit of adventure came back

Our Landcruiser after 4 weeks in Cape York. From Australia to Germany by car

Our landcruiser after 4 weeks in cape york

in short, my adventurous mood came up again. Past and present led to this idea of my next future. after all the years in the office and many – unfortunately always much too short trips – i’m drawn to the world instead of my garden. Boring pensioner cruises are not my thing, that’s at most something for old people& i want to get to know the countries i’m going through properly. country and people, the beautiful and not so beautiful sides. My adventure should go beyond the recommendations given in the travel guides. Before that, I would like to learn a bit more about photography. For this I am enthusiastic for a long time, and so you will be able to admire here even more beautiful pictures.

travelling alone from australia to germany by car

by the way: this tour (8-9 months) i will do alone. My son is in training and I had briefly considered taking someone else with me. But with a stranger there might be discussions about route, daily schedule and overnight accommodations after four weeks at the latest when being together 24/7. Which of course does not exclude to take someone with you on one or the other stage… by the way, you can read a bit more about me on the page about me.

On the east coast of Cape York

on the east coast of cape york

This blog is for you to accompany me on this journey. thereby you can get actual information, read travel descriptions, look at pictures and videos – or just dream a little bit ..

And of course to get in contact and tell me what to report about, what you want to read and what interests you. I am happy about your feedback, your messages, likes and of course about many comments! Also take a look at instragram and facebook.

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