Fully automatic machines

Those who do not yet have a coffee full car office may be tempted. For many, these machines seem quite impressive and professional. Some people may like to have such a device in the kitchen and to be able to use it additionally as a show object effectively. So if you want to get away from filter machines, pad machines or capsule machines, you can consider buying a fully automatic coffee machine. While a few years ago these machines were still quite expensive to buy, nowadays you can buy quite good machines for as little as around. 300 euros received. Thus, a coffee fully automatic office can now become quite affordable for very many people already.

What exactly is a coffee full car office?

A coffee machine (here is an overview of the different types) is a machine that can produce different types of coffee. This is the big difference to a classic espresso machine. the fully automatic machine can also froth milk with the help of steam. In addition, it has its own grinder for the coffee beans, a water tank with replaceable water filters, a hot water heater, a pump and the most important, the brewing group with drive. The existing control unit also partially controls the hot water preparation and milk frothing devices. Also you can adjust settings such as cup sizes, brewing temperature and sometimes powder mixes with it. The grinder processes the beans directly before the brewing process. Most fully automatic coffee machines allow you to determine the exact setting of the grind and thus influence the intensity individually. The special taste is also created by the pressure with which the coffee is produced. This ensures that, due to the short preparation time, fewer bitter substances and tannins get into the coffee. Again, more essential oils and aromas are released.

What does a fully automatic coffee machine do??

Not every machine on the market has the same functions, but there are some things that have become common to almost all machines today. A fully automatic machine can prepare different types of coffee in a nice quality. Among them are the most popular variants such as:

Cappuccino cups

The espresso

The quality of the preparation is always the same once you have found the right setting. The good vending machines can accurately adjust the amount of coffee, water, grind, etc. Manually adjust and sometimes even save. This means that only one button needs to be pressed and the machine does all the work without any further intervention. Also the result can mostly convince in terms of taste. For example, in the case of good machines, this often exceeds the taste of standard filter coffee machines or pad machines. Of course everyone can find out for himself. The opinion is that for really good coffee the beans must be freshly ground, the pressure must be correct and the contact of the water with the coffee grounds should be just right. None of this is supposed to be the case with the other variants. That’s why the fully automatic car is seen at a distinct advantage here.

The advantages in brief:

The ease of use

The quick and easy preparation

The preparation of many different types of coffee is possible with the push of a button

The quality of the coffee is consistent

The disadvantages briefly summarized:

The high-quality and expensive machines have quite large dimensions

The purchase price can be rather high

The most common error rate for fully automatic coffee machines

When you have to work fast, it can often happen that various elements of the machine, such as the brewing unit or the grounds drawer, get stuck and can’t be inserted as usual. If, for example, the brewing unit cannot be inserted into the fully automatic coffee machine, the position of the gear pin or the position of the respective docking bush of the brewing unit is usually not in the correct position in relation to each other and not in the prescribed basic setting, the removal position. You don’t have to be a professional to fix this error. Simply insert the grounds drawer and drip tray and close the machine door. Simply switching the machine on and off without the brewing group. As soon as an engine noise can be heard, the machine’s transmission returns to the basic setting mode. Replace the brewing group and in most cases the error is corrected. Even if the brewing unit is not easy to remove as always, simply turn the machine on and off from the power switch to return it to basic mode. However, all the parts that are necessary for the machine to be ready, such as the set drawer and the drip tray, should be installed, otherwise the machine will immediately show the next error. If the machine shows that the water tank is full, even though it is full to the brim? then it is usually due to the wrong position of the float or the magnet of the float. After a long period of inactivity of the machine, this can happen frequently. Just shake the empty tank a little until the float may come off the edge or bottom and then refill the tank as usual, done!

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