Fitting bumper guards in the garage – how to protect your car from paint damage

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Who doesn’t know this: it has to be done quickly and the car door slams against the wall. Or else the car bumps slightly in the front. This can happen even to the best parker sometimes. And of course people who own a car with park distance control. But if you now think that this is only a problem for women, then you are very much mistaken. Even the lords of creation are not immune to such minor mishaps.

Be honest: you have surely banged the car door or the tailgate against the garage wall or the wall of your car at least once. -ceiling or even bumped into another car, aren’t you? Anyone who has children will know this one hundred percent, because if they are once again a bit stormy, the car door not infrequently ends up on the garage wall or on another car. In itself, this is not even a big deal, as long as the paint of the other and of course the own car is not damaged.

If you don’t want to take this risk in the first place, you can at least take a few preventive measures in the garage to protect the paint. In the future, you will no longer have to look anxiously after hitting the wall to see if anything has happened to the paintwork. With the following methods, you will not only save the paint, but also your nerves.

How to protect your car from paint damage and dents

Possibility 1 – bumper protection:

Just a little too much gas and the front of the car hits the wall. This can work well, but it does not have to. So it is necessary to come up with something. To protect your car from bumps, you can z.B.:

➥ a plastic bumper guard (seen on schilder-versand.Com)
➥ a screw-on parking aid (seen on amazon.De)
➥ an old crib mattress (on the wall)

Install in garage. With all these variants, nothing at all happens to the paint and the wall in the event of a minor impact. To install one of these protective measures in the garage, is especially useful if you have a novice driver in the house. Trust is good, but control is better. After all, we are not talking about a bicycle here, but an expensive car. And just as expensive as a car is, so are the costs of paint damage.

Possibility 2 – door edge protection / tailgate protection:

Let’s move on to the car doors, which in many households often make contact with the wall. To effectively prevent scratches and dents, it is advisable to cushion the wall. There are several ways to do this. For example, you can apply the following means to the wall:

➥ carpet remnants
➥ styrofoam panels
➥ foam mats
➥ garden knee cushion

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If you like it a little more elegant, you can of course also use special door protection products. best seller on amazon.De are for example currently the richter garagenprotector turkantenschoner. This amazon bestseller is two self-adhesive foam pads that are thick enough to avoid marks on the car door.

All the options mentioned here can of course also be attached to the ceiling to protect the trunk lid from damage.

no matter which variant you choose: before installation, take a close look at where the door edge protector has to be fitted.

Possibility 3 – corner/column protection:

If you don’t own a garage, but a carport, you usually don’t have the problem with the walls. But the car door under a carport can quickly hit a post. It is therefore necessary to find a solution that allows the surfaces and edges of the posts to be optimally padded. you can of course also attach styrofoam plates or foam cushions here, but of course these do not look very elegant on a carport. In addition, these variations do not allow the edges to be covered properly.

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