Explore sardinia by car hire from olbia to cagliari!


Sardinia captivates not only by its cities and beaches, but also by the original hinterland. Conditions on main roads are good, so vacationers need have few concerns when visiting sardinia with a rental car.

The right car for your vacation

The size of the car depends mainly on the duration of the rental and the number of people. In case of a longer stay in sardinia, it may be difficult to store the necessary luggage in the rented car, so that a larger type of car may be useful. However, a large car can also be a hindrance – especially when looking for a parking space or on narrow and difficult-to-navigate country roads. Here the vacationer simply has to weigh up how he will spend his stay in sardinia.

In the rental car comparison on verivox.De you can compare different conditions and extras in addition to the vehicle type. This is how an air conditioner can at least somewhat alleviate the heat in the car during the summer months. However, this can also quickly drive up fuel consumption.


It is worth choosing a car rental with no deductible. You should also pay attention to the coverage amount of the insurances: for personal damages in italy 2,5 million euro are mandatory, for property damages half a million euro. The cheaper offers are usually limited to this legal minimum, while others are liable even in unlimited amount. The so-called mallorca policy of the local car insurance can cover the difference between the insurance and the costs incurred: a look at your own insurance documents before starting your trip informs you about this and saves money.

Other rental conditions

In most cases, the renter takes over a car with a full tank of gas and must return it in the same condition. But some rental companies charge an additional fuel and service fee for the first refueling. you can exclude such offers with the filter setting "pick up/drop off with full tank" exclude.

Accidents on unpaved roads can be problematic: depending on the provider, fully comprehensive insurance does not apply in this case. Therefore, vacationers should study the contract carefully beforehand.

Most vacationers want to pick up the rental car directly at the airport and do not want to take a bus or cab ride first. With the filter setting "station at the terminal save yourself a long walk to the branch of the car rental company.

Conditions for the rental

To rent a car in italy without any problems, the interested person should show a valid driver’s license and a credit card. The minimum age for renting a car is usually 25 years, which should guarantee a certain driving experience. This rule can be circumvented by paying a higher rental price.

When taking over the rental car, the vacationer should examine the car carefully. Damage to the paintwork, dents, stone chips in the windshield, etc. must be documented before the first trip so that no unjustified claims are made against the vacationer when the car is returned.

traffic rules in sardinia

As in germany, a speed limit of 50 km/h is prescribed within the built-up area, and further speed limits will be posted. On roads in sardinia, unless otherwise indicated, the speed limit is 90 km/h, on freeways 130 km/h. If the weather conditions are bad, the speed is reduced to 110 km/h.

All in all, driving a car in sardinia is an emotional but also relaxed affair: Italians serve the stereotype and drive quite spiritedly, but they can also be very accommodating. Only rarely do major difficulties arise. These traffic rules apply in sardinia:

  • In contrast to germany, cars do not have the right of way in traffic circles, but those turning into the traffic circle do. But the locals do not necessarily follow these rules.
  • It is compulsory to switch on the daytime running lights.
  • If the dog is travelling in the rental car, it must be strapped in in the same way as the human passengers.
  • markings at the edges of the road indicate whether a car may be parked here: white stripes indicate free parking, blue ones indicate that a parking ticket must be taken, yellow and black markings mean that parking is prohibited, and yellow stripes indicate parking spaces for cabs and buses.
  • school buses with hazard warning lights on resp. Warning lights must not be overtaken.
  • Drinking and driving is also a big issue in sardinia: the blood alcohol limit is 0.5 – above this, a fine of up to 500 euros can easily be imposed.

Sights: what sardinia has to offer

In winter, sardinia is certainly preferable to the weather in germany, but the island is most beautiful in spring, when it is covered in a dress of flowers, and in autumn, when the summer heat subsides. In summer, sardinia is sometimes very warm: ideal beach weather prevails and secluded bathing bays invite you to linger. Therefore, the island is suitable for water rats and sun lovers. But it also has a beautiful landscape and a lot of history to offer.


the main airport of sardinia is located in the northeast of the island near olbia. the city itself is best explored on foot. Outside olbia, however, there are exciting excursion destinations: the best way to reach the sa testa fountain temple is by rental car. From there you can also visit the typical nuraghe, old buildings made of stones with an unclear function. They characterize the landscape of sardinia and can be found all over the island.

North of olbia begins the famous costa smeralda, where the rich used to gather. if you follow the winding coastal road with its magnificent views further north, you will come to santa teresa gallura, where you can take a ferry to corsica. However, not all car rental companies allow the transfer with the rental car or the use of the vehicle outside Italy. However, some operators make an exception for the route sardinia-corsica.


Just like olbia, cagliari in the south of the island is best explored on foot. However, for a visit to the famous beach il poetto it is worth renting a car. Also a trip to the sand dunes of the costa verde or to the red cliffs of arbatax is easy to do by car.


Also the beautiful alghero in the northwest is a typical pedestrian town. A rental car is recommended for a trip to the necropolis of anghelu ruju, for example. the lighthouse of capo caccia and the neptune’s grotto with its impressive dripstones are also worthwhile destinations. With a rental car you can also reach sassari, the second largest city of sardinia.

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