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If you are looking for a solution to drive away the marten forever, you have come to the right place.

With our products you can avoid hundreds of euros in repair costs and unpleasant consequential damage to your vehicle, ensure peace and quiet in the attic or drive the marten out of the garden once and for all.

How to drive away a marten?

the most effective way, especially because the marten does not get used to it either, is to drive the marten away with high voltage devices . These give the marten an electric shock and keep it away sustainably and in the long term, comparable to a pasture fence (also called the pasture fence principle).

Another widely used method to keep the marten away is the use of ultrasonic repellent devices, which simulate fear and warning cries in the ultrasonic range.

A crucial difference between STOP&GO marten repellent ultrasonic repellent devices and conventional ones is that ours have a changing frequency range, so that the marten does not get used to the noise and really stays away!

However, it must be remembered that an ultrasonic device does not penetrate any material and really only covers a targeted area (comparable to a flashlight). That is why we offer these devices, among other things, also in sets of 5, so that all angles with devices targeted or. Can be covered.

Last but not least comes the scent repellent. here is once a scent disc to hang, or an anti-marten spray to spray. The scent disc is effective up to 6 months and the anti-marten spray lasts up to 1 year.

In any case, the odors left by the marten should be removed with a scent remover, as they will only attract more martens instead of driving them away.

In summary, you can drive away a marten in three simple steps:

  1. Remove the scent mark with the help of a scent mark remover, otherwise other martens will continue to be attracted.
  2. Do not use ineffective home remedies, as they are unreliable and only effective for a short time.
  3. Purchase and install effective marten repellent products such as z.B. High voltage devices , ultrasonic devices or scent discs .

standard delivery in 1-3 working days

Standard delivery in 1-3 working days

standard delivery in 1-3 working days

Standard delivery in 1-3 working days

What is the cost of a marten repellent product?

The whole thing is also a question of price. Not everyone wants to buy a repellent for 150+ € directly.

What is independent of the budget and the repellent device and must always be done, is the removal of the scent mark with the help of a scent mark remover . Because if the scent marks of the marten were not removed, it is only a matter of time until a new one is a guest and tries to defend its territory.

For a small budget, the scent disc is perfect for around 14€. This works approx. 6 months and signals the marten that an enemy is/was here, so that he gets scared and is driven away.

If you want a longer term solution and are willing to invest around 50€, you should go for an ultrasonic device.

Here you can choose between a device that you connect to the car battery and one that is powered by its own button cells or batteries. The latter must be replaced approximately every 2 years depending on the variant.

If you don’t want to think about it at all, if you really want to drive the marten away for good and you know that an investment of 150€+ is worth it, choose a high voltage repellent .

In the best case, these are powered by the car battery, can be installed in all important places in the engine compartment and also have an integrated ultrasonic device, so that the marten is driven away 100%.

Alternatively, there is also the independent variant, i.e. a battery-powered high-voltage repellent device that does not have to be connected to the car battery.

More and more popular, however, is also the independent variant, so a battery-powered high-voltage repellent device which does not have to be connected to the car battery.

We recommend in general, but especially for high voltage devices, to have the installation done professionally by your local garage. Etc

In any case, before installing a marten repellent device, regardless of the type chosen, a pre-treatment with the scent mark remover is necessary.

How to protect my car from martens?

A marten will not chew on your engine, but it will e.g.B. Ignition cables, brake hoses or radiator hoses. The latter then causes a loss of power, smells unpleasantly of antifreeze and can cause overheating of the engine.

It is really dangerous with the brake hoses, because impairments in braking are usually only noticed when they are 100% needed, then it is already too late.

If there are even the smallest signs of a marten, you should, even if you do not notice any external damage, go directly to your garage and have your car checked for possible damage caused by the marten.

If you want to protect your hoses in addition to the high-voltage device and play it safe, you can buy an aluflex protective hose or a special high-temperature protective hose for z.B. Order the lamb detector.

In general, however, as already explained, the ultimate protection against martens is offered by the high voltage devices . Properly installed, they cover all relevant areas in the engine compartment, there is no habituation effect and your car remains functional.

Why do martens go into cars?

Martens are solitary animals and like to explore their surroundings. A good temporary hiding place from noise, light and us humans offers him the engine compartment of a car. The marten leaves behind a scent, also called a scent mark.

If the car is now moved from an area where a first marten had contact with it, into an area of another marten, the other marten detects the foreign scent mark, so his defense instinct or. Combat instinct ignited.

His defense instinct is to remove the scent mark of the other marten with all force from the vehicle, mostly just in the form of bites in hoses and cables.

A marten will never attack your car for no reason, for fun or because he likes the cables so much. it was "only" its defense instinct by the strange scent mark released.

So if you have your car equipped with marten repellent products, but do not have the scent marks removed by pre-treatment, it is only a matter of time before you get a visit from a marten again.

Marten in the house resp. In the attic

Martens get into the house surprisingly easily, because they can jump up to two meters, they are excellent climbers and they are already satisfied with openings of ca. 4 cm to get into your attic.

In addition, they also manage to lift roof tiles easily and then get into the attic over them.

What it looks like when the marten really rages you can see here:

Source: mardermueller.De

How to get a marten out of the attic?

Who martens in the house or. In the attic has, has above all three effective possibilities this again to drive out

Once we recommend the scent disc, which can be easily hooked in. If the attic is large, wide and somewhat convoluted, it makes sense to place several in different places.

You can buy a scent disc for around 15€ (excl. shipping) in our online store, which is ready for shipping within 1-2 days.

The second option is the installation of battery-powered ultrasonic devices . However, it must be remembered that these devices do not penetrate any material.

So it may be that if you have the attic divided into several rooms, or it is very crowded, it makes sense to install several devices. Especially for z.B. In such cases we have 5 battery ultrasound devices for the price of 4 in the offer.

The main advantage of the ultrasonic device is the running time. The scent disc lasts up to 6 months, whereas the batteries of the ultrasonic device only need to be changed every 12-24 months.

The third option requires that you know at which point the marten enters your attic, so you know the entry hole. There you can then attach a high-voltage device, which in any case drives away the marten.

How to drive a marten out of the garden?

Having a marten in your garden is actually quite unusual and not a big deal at first, because it won’t attack your flowerbed.

However, those who keep poultry do not see the whole thing so casually, because martens do not act like foxes and "only" get 1-2 animals, which are enough for the food requirement.

If you want to protect your pets from the marten, you should use the battery-operated ultrasonic device, because they are very effective and, above all, weatherproof. Generally, despite the weather resistance, we advise to install the products protected from the weather.

Protect carport from martens

In the case of carports, it is advisable to install an ultrasonic device on one of the front posts, so that the engine compartment of the car is in any case in the target area of the device.

It also makes sense to install an ultrasonic device on the underside of the roof in the middle of the carport, because this will drive away a marten that is "only" climbing around on the car before it has even reached the engine compartment.

The 3 best marten repellent devices

So far, various devices& ways to drive away the marten suitable for different scenarios presented. A general placement of the best and most effective devices to drive away martens, we have also still created.

Battery ultrasonic device

The 4B battery ultrasonic device is an absolute classic, excellent price-performance ratio, battery-powered and therefore easy to install anywhere.

Furthermore, a set of batteries lasts up to 24 months (a set of batteries included), cable ties for mounting are included and there is a so-called frequency modulation, which means that the emitted ultrasonic waves vary, so that the marten does not get used to the device.

High voltage device with ultrasound

If you want to equip your car with the ultimate marten repellent, use the high voltage device with ultrasound.

the six stainless steel contact plates are super easy to attach using the supplied cable ties and thanks to the cutting clamp technology can be activated by simply pressing/clicking.

Thanks to the double-pole design, it no longer matters whether the engine compartment has conductive materials or not. An effective electric shock drives the marten away in the long term. Also integrated is an ultrasonic device.

The whole device is powered by two button cell batteries, which last up to 18 months. The high-voltage device is also available with a 12-volt connection.

Scent mark remover

An absolute must before any marten repellent measure is the use of a scent mark remover . Because, as already explained, the scent mark of the territory opponent brings the marten to attack your car in the first place, which is why it should definitely be removed.

Simply spray on the engine compartment, let it work for a short time and then wash it off with water.

Important : there is no need to use a pressure washer to clean the device, a simple pouring over the device or the. Washing down with the help of a watering can or a bucket of water is perfectly sufficient.

High pressure cleaners can cause them to z.B. damage or destroy gaskets, which is why we do not recommend it. Please also note the vehicle manufacturer specifications for this!

Why do some devices beep so loudly?

Devices that use high frequency ranges, so that even humans can perceive a beep, are actually unnecessarily loud, because the marten also perceives frequency ranges that are not audible to us.

Our ultrasonic devices use only frequency ranges that the marten perceives and which are not perceptible to humans, so they do not emit an unpleasant beeping noise.

For dog owners, there is also no reason to worry that the marten may sense the. The ultrasonic sounds in the trunk resp. car, because ultrasonic devices do not penetrate any material.

Home remedy against martens

Despite many recommendations from articles and forums on the internet, we do not recommend the use of home remedies, because they are not effective in the long run and the marten gets used to them.

You are of course welcome to douse your engine compartment with urine, place cat or dog hair or even scatter chili powder and see for yourself.

However, if you are looking for a long-term, reliable and sustainable method to keep the marten away, you can choose the right product for you in our online store.

What martens do not like?

Martens do not like ultrasonic sounds as they signal danger, which is why this type of device is so effective. The devices should be able to vary in the frequency range, otherwise the marten can get used to them.

In addition, there are certain odors that martens do not like, such as the animal fats of their enemies, which signal danger and are used, among other things, in scented windows to repel martens.

marten damage

In 2016, 207.000 marten damages in the amount of 63 million euro were reported to the german insurance association, which is on average approx. 300€ per car. However, the number of damages, as well as the average amount, increases drastically every year, because vehicles are becoming more and more sensitive to marten damage.

Does the insurance take over a marten damage??

Some insurance companies will cover direct marten damage, yes. However, it becomes more complicated if the marten damage is not immediately discovered and repaired, which can result in significantly greater consequential damage.

For consequential damages it depends on the insurance company. Mostly these are not taken over, in general we recommend to inquire with the insurer or to ask for a repair. To inquire.

What many do not know and is a big problem, is if after the repair the scent mark is not removed, because then it is only a matter of time until the next marten makes itself at home.

What is common marten damage??

Bitten ignition cables, rubber and. Cooling hoses, lambda probe or also destroyed insulation mats are usually the problem.

E-vehicles and their sensitive data and high-voltage cables are also becoming increasingly popular.

The cases just mentioned are also marten damage which is not so expensive. It gets really expensive if the damage is not discovered and repaired immediately.

There can be z.B. If bitten ignition cables paralyze the catalytic converter, broken rubber sleeves cause damage to the drive or axle joints, or leaking cooling hoses cause the engine to overheat, this can be a real problem.

As already mentioned, not every insurance company covers consequential damage, which, as you can already imagine, is because it is only now that it becomes really expensive.


To equip your car preventively with a marten repellent product makes a lot of sense from the point of view of nerves, effort and economy.

At the latest when you have to pay for consequential damages due to a marten bite, which amount to 4-5 times of a simple marten repellent product, you will no longer want to live without marten protection.

In case you still have questions about this topic, please contact one of our experts!

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