Drive away martens – this is how you get rid of them

Stone martens, like many other so-called crop followers, like to colonize human dwellings. Especially in family homes in rural areas, the small predators seek shelter in the attic. And this does not remain without consequences: martens have strong teeth and can bite the insulation, leave unpleasant droppings and urine and are also especially at night a real noise pollution.

also cars offer the stone marten a comfortable shelter. But then it gets really dangerous: it’s child’s play for them to get into your car bite through cables and hoses. Strong and cost-intensive engine damage arise. Therefore you should pay attention to a marten-free and marten-safe home.

How can I drive away martens?

Before you marten proof your attic, the marten should be trapped. As the marten follows the hunting protection only a hunter can carry out this work. in addition to the hunting permit, he also brings the appropriate know-how with him. As a rule, he will set a marten trap with a bait.

stone martens are only allowed in the winter season between october and february trapped, you can make sure they are alone and have no young to care for. A marten trap usually comes in box form, so as not to injure the marten.

There are numerous methods for driving martens out of the attic and car:

  • Electric marten repellent (works with electric shock)
  • Scent based marten repellent
  • marten scare or. animal deterrent with ultrasound
  • scent marks by animal hair or soaked cloths
  • permanent sounding of the attic
  • Motion detector with light
  • Homemade marten grid

drive away martens: this is how the methods look like

  • First of all you should check your attic for marten entrances and seal them up. A marten can get into a hole of just five centimeters.
  • The stone marten is an odor and noise sensitive animal. Many marten plagued homeowners have therefore successfully chased away martens by using a radio to the attic have put and it around the clock have let run. The noise of the radio will scare the animals away.
  • The sense of smell of the marten is strong and human or pet smells are very unpleasant for them. You can also simply use a few dog or cat hair on the attic or cloths soaked in perfume.
  • In the trade you will also find special devices for marten repellent. A special marten repellent works with ultrasonic, as well as motion sensors and light. The ultra-high waves should already drive the marten away. The light, which is switched on by the motion detector, scares the marten away for good. This marten scare is also called animal scare and can also drive away cats and raccoons.

drive away martens: marten infestation on the car

  • marten deterrent on scent base or is usually available as a spray and is especially good to scare martens away from the car. The spray contains unpleasant odors for the odor-sensitive animal. The marten repellent lasts about eight weeks and should be replaced afterwards. By the way, such smells also drive away wasps, ants and silverfish.
  • if you have already had a marten in your car, you should always make sure you have adequate marten protection to avoid new marten damage. An efficient means is the electric marten repellent. It works on the basis of electroshock and is installed in the engine compartment. The workshop of your confidence can advise you well about it. But there are also other solutions.
  • The animals also mark their territory on the car, which means that simply moving the car is not enough to repel martens. It is a little more complicated: a basic cleaning of the car and the engine is obligatory after a marten infestation. The parking lot should also be sprayed with the marten deterrent.
  • A homemade marten grid also offers safe protection against martens: the animal will not enter the unfamiliar grid surface because it feels insecure on it. To do this, cover a wooden frame with at least one square meter of wire mesh. When not in use, simply slide this marten grid under your car.

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