Deactivate youtube autoplay – finally an end to the annoyance!

Deactivate Youtube autoplay – no more automatic playback

The automatic playback of youtube is supposed to make your video decision easier, but actually this feature is just annoying and you would like to turn it off.

The automatic playback on youtube is annoying? Then simply deactivate youtube-autoplay! We show you how. Photo: pixabay|pexels

with the autoplay function of youtube you should be able to decide which video you want to watch next. Unfortunately, it frustrates users rather than helps them. Often white what you want to watch or you want to go back to a specific point in the video- but then a new one starts automatically. We’ll help you out and show you how to get on youtube disable the autoplay function can.

disable autoplay on youtube on your computer

the youtube autoplay function is always enabled by default. Based on your history, the video platform selects the next video for you as soon as you have finished watching another one. before the autoplay starts, a countdown window will appear where you can click on "cancel" click and disable the autoplay function- but only for the moment.

If you want to disable youtube autoplay in the long run, follow these steps:

  • Öopen a video of your choice and click on "settings" in the video player (gear icon).
  • Deactivates the autoplay function with the slide control. The autoplay will be inactive until you enable it again.

  • ÖOpen a video and click on the "Next video" section to the right.
  • At the top you can disable autoplay with the switch.

How to disable youtube autoplay on your phone

You can also turn off autoplay in the youtube app:

  • Watch a video on youtube and go down to the section "Next video".
  • here you can move the autoplay-switch to the left to deactivate the function.

Conclusion: disable youtube autoplay

turning off youtube’s autoplay feature is easier than you think. Although the video platform tries to hide them well, there are several ways to disable them. What else you might be interested in regarding youtube, we have summarized here:

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