Czech republic highway network and tolls in 2022

Western european standards are penetrating further and further east and have been shaping the traffic routes there for some time now. Consequently, the freeways in the nearby Czech Republic hardly differ from their German counterparts.

whether you are just passing through or planning a longer vacation in prague, nothing should go wrong when crossing the border. Actually everything here is routine. For international passenger traffic remains expressly desired within the EU.

In one respect, however, the regulations of our neighbors differ from the system we are used to in this country: instead of car tax, czech republic has freeway tolls. This generally applies to all routes. But of course there are several exceptions, especially for tourists in their own vehicles.

To help you keep track of the situation, we have summarized the key information on tolls behind the czech border below.

in detail: freeway czech republic

The highway in the Czech Republic (called Dalnice) reaches after recent surveys a total length of almost 1.300 km. Up to and including 2022, the road network is to be regularly supplemented by further kilometers until the expansion towards 2.000 km is considered completed. this project is financed in the czech republic by the freeway toll per vignette.

On the road with the auto- this is what you should consider before departure

the rule of thumb remains: if you use the freeways in the czech republic on your journey, you will have to pay a toll. If this is not paid on time (i.e. in advance), you could face a fine fine. ÜHigh-resolution cameras and mobile enforcement units are used throughout the country to monitor the correct payment of tolls in the form of a vignette.

Otherwise, the czech catalog of fines provides for a penalty in the amount of 5.000 kC before, approximately 200€. But you can easily avoid trouble with the authorities if you take a little precaution:

Buy your highway vignette for czech republic at best price now.

We specifically recommend to make the purchase through a trustworthy online portal. if you are late and are already on the freeway in the czech republic, you usually have to pay not much choice more.

behind the border you will find many unofficial places, which allow you to buy a vignette, but in return you have to pay a toll much higher prices require. Profits are hidden especially in the information about the exchange rate. The continuing tourism from europe favors this scam.

New in 2022:changes in car vignettes

The ministry of transport in the czech republic has its own "autobahns"Dalnice“ from fast roads"rychlostnI silnice“ from. The latter were exempted from tolls in 2016 as part of nationwide reclassifications.

in the year 2021 the republic finally arrived in the current millennium. vehicles, which do not exceed a weight of 3,5 t, are allowed to drive a purely electronic vignette use. Gone are the days of the sticker on the outside of the windshield. Only trucks are left out.

czech republic freeway toll here the vignette is compulsory!

If you are driving on a freeway in the czech republic, you have a choice of various chargeable routes:

  • D0 directly around the capital, also known as prager ring "prazský okruh"
  • D1 currently the longest route connects prague with the east of the czech republic via brno and at some point leads to warsaw in poland near ostrava
  • D2 splits off from it at brno and runs south towards slovakia
  • D3 is to start in the south of prague after completion, budweis (Ceske budejovice) and heads for linz in austria
  • D4 is one of the former expressways near prague and is currently still under construction, before it will one day become the arrival point for all travelers from the munich area
  • D5 From the German side, the A6 emerges near Nuremberg and bypasses Pilsen as a route to prague
  • D6 slightly north of it also belonged to the expressways and will in future join germany behind cheb
  • D7 in the very northwest forms the bridge between prague and the chomutov region
  • D8 connects the czech capital with dresden via the A17
  • D9 remains so far at the stage of planning before actual construction
  • D10 went from the eponymous expressway rychlostnI silnice 10 out of the prager ring opens up the north of the country
  • D11 moves from the same starting point at hradec kralove pass to the border with poland

Source: martin tauchman via wikipedia commons

Remember: in the czech republic on the highway the speed limit is 130 km/h for cars and motorcycles.

heavy motorhomes even have a speed limit of 80 km/h. On the other hand, the maximum allowed speed on highways is 110 km/h. It is possible that these guidelines will soon be adjusted. We keep you informed about all news around the czech republic on the current.

Exceptions confirm the rule toll-free freeways

in principle, everyone in the czech republic has to pay tolls on freeways. Unless they know their way around and use certain (explicitly allowed) loopholes:

  1. The freeway network around prague has always served as a way out for many commuters. Without vignette you can use almost the entire autobahn D0 and sections of the D1 (exit 182 to 210 plus the 354 to the border) and the D5 (exit 67 to 89 in the direction of pilsen).
  2. From the prague area, the route of the D3 from exit 104 to 109, the D6 from 131 to 162 and the D7 from 18 to 78 toll free. In addition, there are smaller roads such as exit 84 to 90 of the D11.
  3. Traveling to the czech republic from abroad, moreover, is driving on the highways D2, D5 and D8 free of charge until the first rest stop possible. There, however, a freeway vignette must be purchased.

conclusion and alternatives

If you don’t have a problem avoiding the traffic on the freeways, the use of the numerous country roads to. If you avoid freeways in the czech republic, you also do not need a digital vignette.

And they still take into account the regional price differences of the fuel prices in the czech republic, you can save a lot of money. Mere the travel time increases considerably. Fast and safe driving is guaranteed only by the highways of the country.

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