Classic cars in oldenburg: old cars make a brilliant appearance

classic cars in oldenburg: old cars make a brilliant appearance

Two races, more than 100 participating teams and beautiful cars: the classic days bring the charm of bygone days to the city center.

Oldenburg the pale green ford mustang slowly rolls towards the archway on the castle square. For the classic car, built in 1965, it is the first outing on the charity day of the classic days. Behind him, a fancy black-and-silver chevrolet corvette waits in front of the exit that marks the beginning of the circuit. For her it is already the fourth tour on this sunday morning. since 11 o’clock the oldtimers roll through oldenburg for a good cause. It is the conclusion of a weekend that made the hearts of friends of old cars beat faster.

The 11 cars were. Classic days of the motor-sport-club oldenburg (MSCO). After the months of preparation, the hot phase began on Friday evening. at the city grand prix, the old treasures rolled through the pedestrian zone and the city center. Numerous spectators lined the route and lingered on the market square, where each individual team and its vehicle were presented. Among the visitors was david mcallister, member of the european parliament and ex-prime minister, who took a stroll through the pedestrian zone after the CDU europe festival.

1600 hours of work

Saturday was the next big item on the agenda: more than 100 teams took part in the "graf-anton-gunther rally," which covered 150 kilometers through the oldenburg region. one who took part in both races is arndt schuchardt. The man from minden was at the classic days in oldenburg for the first time last year. However, only as a spectator. "but i already said then that i wanted to come back as a participant," says schuchardt while standing next to his black MG, built in 1959, in the sun on the castle square, waiting for "customers" for the charity ride. 1600 hours of work went into reconditioning the vehicle. For schuchardt, these were the first races ever. Which he liked better, he does not want to commit: "that is 50:50. The city and the surrounding countryside are beautiful. But in the combination it is the cracker".


A video from friday evening is available at http://bit.Ly/nwzclassiclive

The link to the photo gallery lomax-meeting http://bit.Ly/nwzlomax

A photo spread of the classic days 2019 at http://bit.Ly/nwzclassic2019

Impressions of the event in moving pictures http://bit.Ly/nwzvideoclassic2019

The "big hit", at least for the younger visitors, was the old fire engine of kalle and silke schweers. The children climbed around enthusiastically in the vehicle from south dakota. It was discovered by the schweers’ son during a stay abroad in 2012. "if you see a nice car, let’s bring it over," the father had said back then. And that’s what they did with the chevrolet roadmaster 6100 firetruck from 1948. Until 2011, the truck was actually still in service. "first it went 1600 miles across the country to texas. It was then loaded into a container and shipped off," says kalle schweers. Theoretically, the huder could even put out fires. "the body is original and functional, but we don’t have any water on it," says schweers. But the old fire engine was not the only "utility vehicle" to be seen on sunday in front of the castle. Among the old mercedes, porsche, beetles and MGs, a unimog and a hanomag also made their rounds. about all the vehicles moderator johannes hubner had some interesting facts to contribute. that the gray maybach is a one-off and therefore something very special. Or that the opel commodore was converted into a convertible by order of the manufacturer in cologne and that there are only 50 of its kind in existence.

Lomax meeting

The vehicles on display in the castle courtyard on Friday evening were also genuine originals. in ganderkesee this weekend the lomax-meeting was held with participants from all over europe. So the participants paid a visit to the classic days without further ado. "lomax stands for low costs, maximum fun," says luder bomhoff, who drives a bright blue lomax himself. Behind the cars with the "low cost and maximum fun" is a construction kit. "underneath it all is the frame of a duck." says bomhoff. his vehicle is a "burton" body, a dutch make.

Already on sunday afternoon, jorg schwarz, chairman of the organizing MSCO, was satisfied with the event. There have been no major problems. Minor obstacles could be removed. "everyone had a good go at it", says schwarz. And could also already reveal the overall winner of the weekend: the title goes to the first starters of friday evening at the city grand prix: uwe huntemann and karl ernst meyer in their 1978 audi 100.

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