Catalog of fines: animals in the car – safety for bello and minka

Must dogs in the car be strapped in? How must a dog be secured in the car? Traffic law and the German road traffic regulations (stvo) stipulate that the transport of animals in the car in itself no fines before. However, the load – under this term the pets in the fine table – must be adequately secured, otherwise there are various sanctions, which you can see in the fine table.

penalty points driving ban fverbot
animal not properly secured 30 €
. With danger 60 € 1
. With damage to property 75 € 1

Transporting dogs in the car – regulations for securing the load

A dog transport by car should be well planned

Transporting a dog by car should be well planned.

If you want to take your pet on vacation in the car, you should pay deal with the transport possibilities in time. After all, you don’t want to torture your pet with inappropriate transport conditions. Likewise, the fines due to unsecured load should be avoided.

After all, it holds significant risks to traffic safety, if cat or dog are transported unsecured in the car. The worst consequence of unsecured cargo is an accident! If you want to transport a dog or cat, you should check the following before driving appropriate preparations The following are some of the issues that we would like to inform you about.

How to transport your dog properly in the car is summarized in our infographic.

Transporting a dog in a car: which law should be observed??

as already mentioned at the beginning, there are no explicit regulations in the stvo for the transport of dogs& co. Rather pets are considered cargo in this context. The regulations for correct load securing can be found in § 22 of the stvo. For pet owners who want to transport their four-legged friends in the car, paragraph 1 in particular is relevant. It states:

The load must be stowed and secured in such a way that it cannot slip, fall over, roll back and forth, fall down or create avoidable noise, even in the event of full braking or sudden evasive movement.

Cats and dogs should therefore be adequately secured during transport. How exactly this is done is up to the driver. It is important that dogs in the car during transport can neither be injured nor become a distraction or danger to the persons on board. don’t forget: should an accident occur and cat or dog are not secured during transport, you can quickly become a dangerous projectile.

Video: regulations for transporting animals in the car

Vacation with car and dog

You can transport your dog in the trunk of your car. However, you should then fit a separation grid.

Especially if you are planning a longer trip, you should carefully consider whether your dog or cat should accompany you at all, or whether you should leave the animal in the trunk rather hand over to trustworthy acquaintances for a few days. A vacation with animals can be stressful, especially for a sensitive animal. In this case, avoid transporting cats or dogs in the car.

You still want to transport your transporting animals and traveling with them? Then you should look for the right accessories in the specialized trade. There you will find z. B.

  • transport boxes or baskets
  • Car seats for dogs
  • separating grid
  • Safety belts

It is advisable to look for suitable accessories for transporting animals in specialist shops in good time. It must be adapted to the size of the animal and its nature. A lively dog, for example, may suffer in a dog crate, but the installation of a partition grille separating the rear car seats from the driver’s cabin is enough for him free space, to survive even a longer trip relaxed.

If a long drive if you are planning to take your dog with you in the car, you should plan enough time to test transport boxes and the like in order to be able to to make sure the animal accepts the transport method and tolerates well. Sometimes an assembly is also necessary before the transport aid can be used. This assembly should not be done at the last minute – after all, you have enough other things to think about on your travel day, and stress is usually transferred to your pet as well.

Transporting dogs in the trunk?

If a dog is transported in a car, it must be adequately secured.

If the trunk of the car is large enough, there is usually nothing to stop you from using a transporting a dog in the back of a car. this will not result in a fine, because according to stvo and traffic law this method of transport is permissible. The dog has there a little more space than in the passenger compartment.

However, there are two things you should keep in mind when transporting your dog in a car. On the one hand it is appropriate a protective cover in the trunk to protect the car from dirt and scratch marks. On the other hand, you should consider to use the trunk for to be separated from the front part of the car by a separating grille.

especially if your dog is used to riding in the passenger seat, he might get the idea to, climbing forward during the journey. This involves risks, because on the one hand this maneuver distracts the driver, on the other hand the dog could hurt itself while climbingen. Around the dog safety in the car To maximize the safety of the dog in the car, it is therefore advisable to use a separation barrier. This can also be mounted so that the dog can be transported on the back seats of the car.

Thanks to the transport box, you can take your dog safely in the car

In order to transport a dog safely in the car, a transport box is the best solution.

In order to secure a dog in a car, it is advisable to use an appropriate transport box. This is available in different sizes, so that there is a suitable model for (almost) every dog. You can also choose between different materials. There are both transport boxes made of fabric, metal or plastic.

The transport box for the transport of your dog in the car should be large enough that he can sit and lie in it comfortably. When using it, make sure that your the four-legged friend gets enough air. So the box must not be obstructed.

Smaller transport boxes usually find in the footwell behind the front seats space. Here they cannot slip or shoot forward or to the side in case of an accident. Especially for small dogs, a transport basket in the car is a good idea. From putting the box in the back seat is often not recommended, because in many cases it is not possible to secure them sufficiently with belts is.

Large transport boxes usually fit only in the trunk. Here, too, the correct securing must be ensured. It is recommended that the box with ropes or. straps to secure it, so that they cannot slip in the trunk of the car. For even more safety there is a separation grid, which is attached between the trunk and the back seat.

Compulsory seat belts for dogs?

If a dog is taken in the car without being secured, it can quickly become a danger.

For humans there is a seat belt obligation. But dogs must also be strapped in the car? A dog must not be transported on the front passenger seat without further security. Finally, according to stvo the load is not sufficiently secured. The dog can always be thrown through the driving space; moreover, due to nervousness and restlessness, it can also move on its own and consequently become a safety hazard.

Since the safety belt for humans does not want to fit the dog so right, there are in the trade also safety belts for dogs to buy. So the dog can also be strapped in and is safe in the car. Attention: when you secure your dog in the car, always check the fit of the safety belt. strangulation is very painful!

Straight around smaller dogs to secure the dog in the car, a special car belt for the four-legged friend is often a good idea. These can be attached to either the seat belt buckle, the isofix connectors or the vehicle seat belt. Important here: the dog must not be strapped to the collar in the car. The devices consist of a harness, which the four-legged friend must wear. In addition, the dog must be sit in the back seat.

Transporting cats in the car

Cats in the car are usually restrained by a transport box optimally secured. Unlike the transport of dogs in the car, the body size of cats is less problematic. The box can be placed either on the passenger seat or in the trunk of the car. However, the safest place is in the footwell behind the front seat.

According to the stvo and the regulations specified there concerning load securing, the box with the cat in the car should however be fixed, so that it is not thrown around in the interior even in the event of sudden braking.

More tips for safety when transporting animals

The transport of dogs and cats should not be taken lightly.

if you have purchased the appropriate accessories for pet transport, your pet can be well accommodated in the car. We have in the following still more tips for a better transport of your pet compiled. If you follow these points, your ride will be more pleasant.

  • Regular breaks are important not only for the driver, but also for the animal.
  • Especially when transporting a dog movement necessary for the animal in between. It will otherwise become restless.
  • you surely know which treats your pet likes best. If you have a long drive, you can reward or soothe your pet in between.
  • In consultation with your veterinarian you can administer tranquilizers to your animals so that they can better endure the ride.
  • The favorite blanket or the favorite toy of your pet must of course be. It creates familiarity and the animal is less frightened.
  • pay attention to the signals of their animals! For example, if the dog seat belt is too tight, it can strangle the animal and cause it pain. Since the animal can articulate itself only by whimpering and similar sounds, you must be attentive here.
  • The dog restraint in the car must be adapted to the current needs of the animal be adapted. A transport box may be more suitable for the times when the animal is sleeping. otherwise it may prefer to be in the passenger seat.

transporting dogs in the car – be careful when entering foreign countries!

Some countries have strict entry regulations for pets. In Denmark, for example, dogs of some breeds are not allowed to enter the country. Within the EU, when crossing the border, proof of a EU pet passport necessary. It must be clear from this that the animal vaccinated against rabies is. Animals that are less than three months old may only enter the country with a special entry! For pet owners, individual research is essential so that no unpleasant surprises await the travel group at the border.

FAQ: animals in the car

No, animals must be secured during the journey. Otherwise they may be fined. You can find out how high this can be in this table.

No, but they must be secured, z. B. Through animal safety belts, transport boxes, special car seats or separation grids.

There is no regulation on how to secure animals. The only important thing is that the animals cannot injure themselves during transport and that they do not pose a risk to other people in the vehicle (e.g., the driver). B. In the event of a full braking) represent.

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