Car rentals in greece

We two are absolute road trip fans and love to be on the road on our own initiative. No matter if mainland or islands, with a rental car in greece you will enjoy a piece of freedom and be in your own tempo on the road.

Mobile on the greek islands

Many idyllic places, hidden bathing bays, wild nature and real greece secret tips we have discovered in hellas so far mostly only on foot or by car, quad or scooter.

Your own vehicle will turn you into an explorer and take you to places where the public buses do not go and where even the crowded tourist buses do not stop.

While on big islands like Crete and Lesvos you are best advised with a small car, for small islands a quad (ATV) or scooter is usually sufficient. Families with an urge to explore should ideally go for an SUV or off-road vehicle&

off-road cars and quads especially on the islands they have the advantage that you can drive to some of the secret spots because of the four-wheel drive. normal cars and scooters are always taken when a large part of the road surface is asphalted.

A quad masters every road surface

By the way we can offer you fear of driving in greece take immediately. Even if the greeks drive a bit more offensively and recklessly, most roads are less chaotic than in some german cities.

A defensive driving is always an advantage and if you are sovereign at the steering wheel on german roads and in the city traffic, then you will also get that in greece!

Table of contents

The offer of rental cars in greece, on the mainland as well as on most of the islands, there are plenty of. In big cities and metropolises with airports you will always find international companies like sixt, europcar and avis.

But it is also worth to have a look at regional suppliers to throw. These are usually a little cheaper, often bring the vehicle to your desired location and also give useful tips for exploring the region.

Even on small greek islands we always found at least one rental company that had a few scooters or small cars on offer. It is advisable to contact the rental car agency in advance of your trip and reserve a vehicle for unknown islands and regions.

#1 what does a rental car cost in greece??

The prices for rental cars in greece are very different. Ultimately, the time of year (high or low season), the destination (touristy or unspoiled) and the number of local car rental companies (monopoly or competition) will determine the price of your rental car. Here you find a cost overview for rental cars in greece:

Rental car in low season
tourist place: 20-40 EUR p. Day
untouristic place: 15-25 EUR p. tag

Rental cars in high season
tourist place: 40-60 EUR p. Day
untourist place: 25-40 EUR p. day

The cost of a rental car per day varies depending on the greek island or. Vacation destination on the mainland. Among the most popular greek islands, car rentals are cheapest on kos, rhodes and crete (heraklion). On santorini and corfu the prices are much higher. on mykonos the rental cars are the most expensive.

current note due to corona in greece and the associated economic deficits, as well as low demand, car rental prices in greece have increased significantly in 2021. This is what a small cars (z.B. Fiat panda) for one week in july:

    : from 370 EUR per week : from 250 EUR per week : from 400 EUR per week : from 300 EUR per week

  • Crete (heraklion): from 270 EUR per week : from 450 EUR per week : from 280 EUR per week : from 320 EUR per week
  • Thessaloniki (chalkidiki): from 300 EUR per week

the basic prices quoted by the greek car rental companies usually include a fully comprehensive insurance included in the basic tariff, which in the event of damage or loss will be subject to a deductible (ca. 1.000 EUR) includes. Fully comprehensive insurance without excess costs extra and increases the daily price of the rental car accordingly.

How to get a cheap rental car

It is relatively cheaper to rent a car not only for one day, but for several days (long term rental). Especially local car rental companies offer staggered rates for rentals of three or five days or more. One week on. This way you can reduce the total cost of your rental car.

Pick up your car directly at the airport

This makes sense for the operator of the rental car station. The daily process of handing over and dropping off the rental car alone costs the company a lot of time. Therefore, the price for a rental day is always set higher. If, on the other hand, the rental car is rented for a longer period of time, the operator’s expenses are reduced.

Even if the car rental company does not offer graduated prices for long-term rentals, it is still worth negotiating. This is common in greece and no one will hold it against you, as long as your expectations are realistic. the international car rental companies like avis, sixt& co. However, rarely offer such staggered prices.

Example of common staggered prices for rental cars in greece in the low season:

  • rental car for one day = 45 EUR
  • Graduated price from 3 days = 35 EUR * 3 = 105 EUR
  • Graduated prices from 5 days = 30 EUR * 5 = 150 EUR
  • Rental car for one week = 25 EUR * 7 = 175 EUR

In addition, you can buy a rental car cheaply if there are many rental companies at a vacation destination and they compete for the favor of the vacationers, e.g.B. On kos and rhodos. Even in the high season 30 EUR per day is possible for a long term rental.

Under the following mask you will find your suitable rental car for the greek islands or the mainland and you can directly compare the prices of different providers:

#2 road traffic on mainland and islands

The traffic in greece is different than in germany. The greeks are very spirited in their driving style, but still mutual consideration prevails. The traffic regulations exist for some greeks only on paper. It is seen more as a recommendation and not as a commitment.

speed limits are exceeded and traffic signs disregarded, just to get ahead quickly. For us this is a phenomenon, because the greeks are otherwise a quite comfortable and relaxed people. The horn is often sounded, not to shout, but to draw attention to oneself (e.g., in a car).B. When overtaking).

full streets: thessaloniki is better explored on foot

as a vacationer, do not let yourself be infected by the fast driving style and adhere to the traffic rules. in greece, disregarding the traffic rules can result in high fines.

In the metropolitan areas of athens and thessaloniki you can drive a city traffic quite hectic to. Some inexperienced drivers will quickly start to sweat. A prudent and defensive driving style is worth its weight in gold.

For big cities, we recommend you to park the car outside and to use the public transport, like bus or metro into the city center.

The public transport in athens& co. A good alternative

the main roads from patras to athens and thessaloniki are the busiest. However, there are rarely major traffic jams.

In the provinces and on the islands, the roads are much more relaxed. Nevertheless, some rules are ignored here as well. Driving without a seatbelt is still widespread, blinkers exist or do not work and traffic lights are overlooked.

Tips for the greek road traffic

if you travel by car in greece, you will get used to the chaotic way of driving after a short time. No matter, whether with the own car or with the rented car, we have never felt unsafe. The highways have been modernized in recent years and are in top condition.

No traffic on greece’s highways

Although the road network is very well developed, freeways in greece are not very busy. This is due to the fact that on some stretches of road tolls are due. As a rule, these are amounts between 0.50 EUR and 3 EUR, which are paid at toll stations (diodia) in cash or by card.

Here is an overview of the greek toll roadsgreece toll

Many country roads in greece are in a bad condition. In the mountains, curves are sometimes unsecured. driving with foresight protects you from potholes and other hazards (herds of goats). The roads here are sometimes very narrow and poor visibility. In mountains like epirus zagori, honk before curves.

Some roads have a lot to offer

You should be aware of this in road traffic in greece pay attention:

  • Be careful at crosswalks – pedestrians are not automatically stopped and are often "overlooked" at crosswalks
  • be careful at red lights – pedestrians simply walk across the street and cars still often run red lights
  • Searching for a parking space in city centers – in case of narrow gaps, the car in front is often "nudged"
  • parking machine – if the machine is broken, the kiosk around the corner will help with the ticket
  • Narrow roads – announce dangerous curves by honking, curves will be cut
  • Small lanes – often end in a dead end or become so narrow that you can’t fit through them
  • Slow driving – extreme creeping, however, provokes dangerous overtaking maneuvers
  • night driving – danger of potholes, animals on roads and unsecured slopes
  • Freeway hard shoulder – the hard shoulder is used by slow vehicles

#3 traffic rules in greece

We have already mentioned the generous interpretation of traffic regulations. However, traffic regulations in greece are not just on paper, they are the law. So you will find in the traffic law many similarities to other european countries and also germany again. For example, right before left also applies in greece.

If you are traveling by rental car in greece, you should follow one of the most important traffic rules: the traffic circle rules. the one who is already in the traffic circle has NO right of way. Must give right of way to the entering vehicle. However, the right-of-way rule can be overridden by stop signs.

Disregarding the traffic circle rule is one of the most common reasons for traffic accidents during a greece trip. Partly there are stop signs in traffic circles. Especially ignorant tourists often violate this rule. In tourist places and on islands, local people approach traffic circles with special caution.

Important traffic rules in greece:

  • general information: driving license compulsory (EU driving license), seat belt compulsory
  • Freeway speed limit: 120/ 130 km/h
  • Out of town speed limit: 90/ 110 km/h
  • Urban speed limit: 50 km/h
  • minimum age for vehicle rental: 21 years old
  • minimum age scooter/ quad: 18 years
  • blood alcohol limit: 0.5 (for novice drivers, bus and truck drivers 0.2)
  • parking behavior: no parking (yellow), paid parking (blue), free parking (white)
  • obligations to carry: warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher
  • Insurance: it is recommended to take the green insurance card with you
  • Child seat: compulsory until 12 years or height of 150 cm

fines in greece

If you are a local or a tourist and you don’t obey the traffic rules, you will be threatened with high fines. In the case of parking violations, the police sometimes even remove the number plates or use the parking claw.

  • Illegal parking: from 80 euros
  • drink driving: 80 euro over 0,5 promille
  • cell phone at the wheel: 100 euro
  • speeding: 100 euro from 20 km/h
  • driving without a seatbelt: from 350 euro
  • Riding without a motorcycle helmet: 350 euro
  • Running a red light: up to 350 euro

#4 gasoline prices in hellas

The gasoline prices in greece are average 20% more expensive than in germany. Along with norway, italy and the netherlands, greece has the most expensive fuel prices in all of europe. fuel prices on the greek islands are higher than on the mainland because of the transport routes by ship.

Gasoline prices on the islands
super 95: from 1,75 EUR/ L
diesel: from 1,50 EUR/ L

Petrol prices on the mainland
super 95: from 1.65 EUR/ L
diesel: from 1.40 EUR/ L

In the summer months, fuel prices on the greek islands increase due to the increasing demand from tourists. So the liter price of super 95 (unleaded) on some islands is then between 1.75 and 1.95 EUR. The current gasoline prices in greece you can find on the website of the ADAC: petrol prices europe

The gas station network is very well developed in greece. Even on small islands there is usually a gas station at. The fuel prices in greece may seem daunting at first glance. But keep in mind that the distances, especially on islands, are quite small. accordingly, usually only little fuel is needed.

Here you can find all gas stations on the greek islands and the mainland: greece’s network of service stations

Did you know? In greece at the gas pump may not self refueled are. There is always a gas station attendant ready to fill your vehicle according to your wishes. You can also pay him directly in cash or with a card. Tipping the gas station attendant is not common.

#5 rent a quad, scooter or rental car?

As already mentioned in the introduction, quads and scooters are worthwhile especially for small islands, only short distances and no major mountains.

We have in recent years on islands such as kos, symi, patmos, kalymnos and leros always quads (ATV) instead of small cars rented, because we the fresh Fahrtwind and the convertible feeling just love! On the air conditioning and the sound system you can safely do without.

In greece helmets are indeed compulsory!

fuel tip: unlike passenger cars, scooters and quads are mostly never filled up awarded. With most vehicles, the reserve indicator often flashes. In order not to give too much gasoline to the rental company, it is worthwhile to fill up only for a small amount (5-8 €) and then fill up again later if necessary.

Quads have automatic transmission and are very easy to drive even for untrained people because of their four wheels. They are suitable for off-road use and can master even the roughest gravel roads. However, special caution is required on curves. If you drive into them too fast, the quad can tip over.

In order to master slopes confidently, we recommend you a model with at least 150 cc (cubic) to rent. For quads your normal driving license class B is sufficient. maximum speed is between 60 and 100 km/h depending on the cubic capacity.

Discover the greek islands by scooter

At scooters or. Scooters you should have a little more practice with driving. For 125 cubic and more you need a motorcycle license. Especially on very windy days, riding a scooter can become a shaky affair, then you should rather take a beach day.

Traveling in style with your v.

For both types of vehicles helmet compulsory. Even if many greeks like to live out their "freedom" on motorized two-wheelers, the wearing of a helmet is increasingly strictly controlled on the islands. rental helmets are provided by the supplier, a light cloth is suitable as hair protection under the helmet.

Weather tip: between october and may, depending on the outside temperatures, scooters and quads may be damaged by the wind very cool become. Either you pack yourself thickly or then fall back to the closed vehicle variant.

#6 important tips for car rental in greece

International or local provider?

We personally prefer local providers, as they usually offer a delivery service (delivery and pick up at desired location) and favorable prices for long term rentals. In addition, we support the local people and often get useful tips for exploring the area. It is always a good idea to check customer reviews on google and tripadvisor to see if the provider is trustworthy and reliable.

car rental greece crete rhodes kos

Also local rental car companies offer new models

Important! Before renting always check the condition of the car. Go brakes, turn signals and lights? Take pictures of possible pre-damages on body, windows and tires.

Book a rental car online or on the spot?

in the low season between mid september and mid june you can usually get a rental car on the spot at a reasonable price even spontaneously. in personal contact with the rental company you can best negotiate.

In the high season and especially during the vacation season, it is worthwhile to book a rental car several months in advance for very touristy destinations and islands with few car rental providers rent a car online, book by mail or phone.

find the right car for your vacation destination here: book a cheap rental car

Small car or something bigger?

A small car is usually sufficient for up to three people and little luggage. Families with children should choose a slightly larger model. If you also want to go off-road, rent a vehicle with all-wheel drive for off-road use. In this way you avoid breakdowns and damage to the vehicle, which you would otherwise have to pay for yourself.

automatic or manual?

Rental cars usually always have manual transmission, unless you deliberately select automatic. Then you usually pay a higher rental price. Quads (ATV) almost always have automatic transmission, as well as most scooters.

Thanks to automatics the quad is easy to drive

Diesel or petrol?

Most rental cars in greece are petrol and you will have to fill up your tank accordingly (unleaded). Only a few cars, u.A. Some off-road vehicles run on diesel.

Pick up or drop off service?

In particular, local car rental companies often offer a delivery service or. A hotel delivery to. This means that your desired vehicle will be delivered to a pick-up location of your choice (airport, port, hotel) free of charge or for a small fee, and will also be picked up there or elsewhere. We have always had great experiences with it so far. It is worth to ask for this service before renting a car.

fully comprehensive insurance with or without deductible?

We have so far because of the low price and good driving skills always taken a fully comprehensive insurance with SB. Most of the time the deductible is about. 1.000 euro. This means that in the event of damage or accident, you as the renter must pay a maximum of 1.000 euro additional taxes.

Fortunately, in the last 12 years we have never had any problems with the basic insurance and we have not had to pay any claims. If you don’t mind a higher rental price and you want to be on the safe side, then take out the VK without SB. But beware, sometimes not all damages are covered (underbody, stone impact etc.).).

You have other important questions about car hire greece? Then let us know in the comments!

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