Car rental on tenerife: exploring the spanish island paradise

What you have to consider when you travel with a rental car on tenerife?

Who wants to spend his vacation on tenerife spends, seeks mostly sun, beach and sea. Because especially in the south of the spanish island there is almost the whole year a fair weather guarantee. in addition, the largest of the canary islands is also ideally suited for discovery tours far away from the big hotel complexes.

So you can drive with a rental car on tenerife for example in the direction of teide break open. The just under 3.7000 meters high volcano and the surrounding national park numerous animal and plant species. a popular destination is also the huge animal park "loro parque.

But what to consider when you are on tenerife a car rental want? Is a minimum or maximum age mandatory for drivers? Do you need for the deposit always a credit card? And what factors affect cost for a rental car on tenerife from? Answers to these and other questions are provided in the following guidebook.

FAQ: car rental on tenerife

You can contact the car rental company in advance on the internet or rent the car directly on the spot when you arrive. You can find providers for rental cars here.

you need your german driver’s license and must be at least 21 or. be 23 years old. under 25 years old must pay a young driver fee and a deposit is required.

The price of a rental car depends on factors such as the period and duration of the trip, the vehicle category, the number of drivers, the fuel option and the scope of the insurance.

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Car rental in tenerife: what documents do you need??

For 18 year old drivers it may be. Be difficult to get a rental car on tenerife.

If you want to travel with rental car if you would like to explore tenerife, you should check in advance if you have a valid applicable regulations inform. These include, in addition to the legal requirements – such as the traffic regulations in force – also the terms of contract the car rental company.

If you would like to rent a car on tenerife, you must be in possession of a valid driving licence proof have an existing driving license be. As tenerife belongs to spain, the german driving license usually without problems recognized. A international driver’s license is therefore unnecessary.

The rentals can also age limits define. So it minimum age for mostly 21 or. 23 years of age. However, individual companies can benefit from this regulation differ, so that under certain circumstances it is possible to rent a car on tenerife from 18 years to obtain.

However drivers under 25 years with a so called young driver fee calculate. This provides on average for additional expenses in the amount of 20 euro per day and should, among other things, contribute to the higher accident risk with young drivers to be balanced.

In addition, when renting a car in spain or. tenerife also a maximum age limit apply. If available, this is usually 75 years. Inquire therefore if necessary. in advance, whether appropriate limits are defined in the terms and conditions of use and whether the maximum age is changed by medical certificate or other proofs lift lets.

Which is the right car to rent in tenerife??

Especially with large car rentals holidaymakers often have in advance the the choice. If the rental car for the tenerife trip is to be a fancy convertible, a small city runabout, a off-road SUV or a practical combination act?

You should make this decision primarily based on your needs and the planned trips moor. So the higher costs for a off-road vehicle actually only make sense if they actually "off-road" are on the road. In contrast to this small cars especially good for city traffic suitable and often fit into smaller parking spaces.

travel with children or a lot of luggage, the rental car on tenerife should have sufficient space have for it. is a child seat necessary, you should also check if this is compatible with the rental car compatible is.

Plan a trip with the rental car round trip, you should also adequate storage space pay attention. Because of the hotel change regularly the luggage loaded and unloaded become a generously sized luggage compartment can prevent you from playing tetris every day.

What influences the cost of a rental car in tenerife?

car rental on tenerife: a hotel delivery usually results in additional costs.

Which costs you must plan when renting a car to explore tenerife can be do not quantify. Because various factors can influence the necessary expenditures. These include for example the period and also duration your trip. The same applies to the chosen vehicle category on the price.

In addition you can also additional services the costs increase when you explore tenerife with a rental car. A hotel delivery likes for example especially comfortable However, it is important to consider whether this is also the best way to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your personal data additional costs justifies.

The same is true for the choice of fuel option to consider. Particularly inexpensive is usually the variant "full/full" from. In doing so, you will receive the rental car in tenerife with a full tank and you have to give it back with a full tank. If, on the other hand, you choose an option that allows you to drop off an empty car, you will often fall separate service fees to.

Car rental companies usually offer car insurance to match the vehicle accessories to. For example, this may involve child seats, car coolers or navigation systems. These are also additional. In addition, the desired device or. The restraint reserved in time because especially during the peak season bottlenecks do not always exclude.

If you would like to avoid unnecessary stress and take turns behind the wheel, you can ask the rental company additional driver specify. With some offers for rental cars on tenerife, an additional driver is already an including. Therefore, check the terms of contract, another driver with further costs have to calculate.

In order to also serious case to be prepared, you should book the rental car on tenerife comprehensive insurance. This includes both a third party liability insurance as well as fully comprehensive insurance a. In addition, it is a good idea to make sure that in the event of an accident you no deductible have to pay.

Tips for the rental car search

Many travelers want the rental car to as cheap as possible is. on tenerife this can usually be done best, if you do not book in advance via the internet. This approach also has the advantage of allowing you to calmly check different providers and the study the terms and conditions of the contract can. So, when renting a car for tenerife, through a comparison, you may even have the opportunity to find a real bargain make.

But do not let them full-bodied promises and low prices to a not well thought-out conclusion of a contract urge. Instead, you should take particular note of the insurance and services included comparen and after possible hidden or. Additional costs when looking for a rental car on tenerife.

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