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Hamburg main station, über dts news agency

there were numerous train cancellations in the north on saturday evening due to storms. The long-distance routes hamburg-bremen, hamburg-berlin and hamburg-schwerin were not passable due to storm damage, the bahn announced. There were detours, delays and train cancellations.

Between hamburg and berlin, the stops wittenberge, ludwigslust and Buchen were no longer accessible at all. In regional traffic, the routes hamburg-cuxhaven, bremen-uelzen, hannover-hamburg, hamburg-Buchen, kiel-eckernforde, flensburg-Suderbrarup, kiel-husum, kiel-rensburg, kiel-oppendorf, kiel-Luneburg, Lubeck-puttgarden and kiel-Lubeck were discontinued. In many places, fallen trees were on the track. The German weather service warned on Saturday evening of hurricane-force gusts on the north and Baltic coasts and in the northeast. Heavy gusts also hit the highlands of the bavarian forest and the alps.

Photo: hamburg hbfvia dts nachrichtenagentur

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