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* the prices of the offers may vary depending on the date of rental. The final prices include 100% fully comprehensive insurance without excess, unlimited mileage, free child seats and booster seats, free second driver, free map of the islands, airport taxes, . .

The car rental on lanzarote and fuerteventura, the premium car rental services offers, like z. B. comprehensive insurance without excess, unlimited mileage, second driver free, etc.

Car rental offices at the airports


We have offices in the airports of lanzarote and fuerteventura, also in all airports of the canary islands. We also have partner offices to rent your car in tenerife, gran canaria and the others canary islands rent.

Free services included in our rent a car


Take advantage of our free services included in the car rental in lanzarote, fuerteventura and the rest of the canary islands.

fully comprehensive insurance included

With paylesscar, rental car with comprehensive insurance included and without excess!

Unlimited kilometers

Drive as many kilometers as you like to visit all the sights of the island without restrictions.

Free second driver

you can add a second driver for your rental car for free..

Free maps

Take with your rental car a free map of the island and stay oriented at all times.

car hire paylesscar


The canary islands are undoubtedly an ideal vacation destination. Car hire in lanzarote and fuerteventura and all canary islands.


For PAYLESSCAR, your safety and satisfaction are both the highest priority and the best advertisement.


The best deals for car rental in the canary islands,you can get them with paylesscar.


Now you can book your car from your computer, cell phone or tablet

* our prices already include all risk insurances, unlimited kilometers, airport taxes etc., without hidden costs. The reservation price is the final price to be paid at the office.

Car rental user manual

Follow our advice when renting a car


In the reservation process you must always use the "hidden costs" take into account not be indicated during the reservation. More info.

The prices displayed on other websites indicate only the rental cost, without taking into account other costs that may arise during the reservation process or at the end, such as the amount of rental insurance, provision in the hotel, second driver, mileage, etc. In paylesscar the price of the reservation is the same from the beginning as it is in the office..

For example, many car rental companies initially show only the reservation without taxes, fees and possible extras. And during the reservation process, this amount increases when we add those services that are considered included, such as fully comprehensive insurance, airport fees and taxes.

some extras, such as child seats or additional drivers, may increase the rental price. For example, for a rental whose initial price is 51 euros, after adding fully comprehensive insurance, child seat and second driver, the final price can be 200 euros higher, while for paylesscar the price from the initial price for the same example would be 80 euros, which includes all services and extra equipment.

* a comparison between paylesscar and another low-cost company for september 2019. A real example of a car rental for a week in september with child seat, second driver and full coverage insurance.


The insurance of the rental is a fundamental aspect in the service, since it is usually optional, a fully comprehensive insurance to be completed. More info.

the cost of these insurances is not always indicated in the rental price, and in many cases it is only indicated when the reservation is confirmed, so the price of the rental changes during the reservation process from the beginning to the confirmation. At paylesscar , we show final prices that include partial coverage and fully comprehensive insurance. Furthermore we offer the, fully comprehensive insurance without excess to.


The excess of the fully comprehensive insurance is the amount of money the customer has to pay in case of an accident, if he is responsible for the accident. More info.

. While the rental company pays the rest of the amount up to the coverage of the repair costs of the vehicle. For example, with a rental company that includes fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of 300 euros, in the event of an accident for which the customer is responsible and repair costs of 800 euros, the customer would have to pay the first 300 euros, while the rental company would cover the remaining 500 euros. Paylesscar offers, its fully comprehensive insurance without deductible which means for the above example that the customer does NOT have to pay any costs in case of accident.

* comparison of the payment due to the excess between paylesscar (without excess) and another low cost company with an excess of 300 € in the comprehensive insurance.


The fully comprehensive insurance insures the customer against accidents for which the driver himself is responsible. More info.

Nevertheless, there are cases in which the insurance does not cover the accident, such as cases in which the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in cases in which he drives recklessly or recklessly, or if, for example, he drives on unpaved roads, such as dirt roads, etc.


Many rent-a-car companies charge the customer a significant amount of money for a simple flat tire. More info.

Even if it is true that the insurance must cover these costs, as is the case with paylesscar, other rental companies not only do not cover the repair of the flat tire, but also charge for the replacement of the entire tire, as well as the tire of the other wheel of the same axle (since the tire profile and/or wear may be different and would not meet the technical requirements of the spanish tuv). You can even charge for the time the vehicle is not drivable due to the tire repair and, if necessary, the cost of the towing service. Paylesscar does not charge extra for a plate nor the repair of the tire or the replacement of the other one, etc. . However, it is the responsibility of the customer to change the wheel with the spare wheel that the vehicle carries.


Often the clients are obliged to, the payment for the rental vehicle to many rental companies by credit card to pay. More info.

To make sure that in case of problems, you can charge the customer for the damages or services that, depending on the company, are not included in the rental contract, but that were not clearly explained to the customer and that in his opinion were included. This is the case in the event of a flat tire or other damage to the vehicle that is not covered by insurance, etc. Paylesscar does not require payment by credit card, the customer can also pay with a debit card and even in cash payment.

With this policy we offer the customer a guarantee that the customer will not be charged for the return of the vehicle, that has not been contractually agreed upon at the time of reservation


Paylesscar does not oblige the customer to pay the amount of the reservation or any part of it online, so the user can make his reservation and pay nothing until he arrives at the office. More info.

Ie payment is made at the office of the rental company when picking up the vehicle. Other rent-a-car companies require the customer to pay in advance and retain part or all of the amount of the reservation. In case of cancellation or change of the reservation, these companies can keep the amount of money. With paylesscar you can make, change and/or cancel a reservation free of charge and this without any obligation.


with paylesscar you can rent a vehicle and include several drivers in the contract free of charge. More info.

Unlike other companies, where you have to pay for a second driver, paylesscar doesn’t charge for additional drivers nothing in bill. . Other companies could, if the driver is another person and an accident occurs, claim the damages from the customer. For this reason, paylesscar allows the inclusion of other drivers in the vehicle rental contract free of charge, so that in the event of an accident, the customer will not have any problems or additional costs and the accident will be covered by the fully comprehensive insurance policy.


Our policy of vehicle rental is to offer a low-cost rental with premium service offer. More info.

Por eso, that’s why we offer the customer all the services and additional equipment free of charge so the price of the reservation includes the following services:

  • fully comprehensive insurance without excess
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Second driver
  • Free maps
  • deliveries to the hotel*
  • Child seats
  • free modification and cancellation of reservations

Need more advice? . Visit our BLOG the driver on the road and keep up to date with the latest news.

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