Car rental in sardinia : our tips

The sunny island of sardinia is an autonomous region of italy with a population of almost 2,000 inhabitants.000 km of coastline, sandy beaches and a mountainous interior with hiking trails.

the island is very popular with tourists because of its beautiful coastline. Along the almost 1850 km long coastline you can find many secluded and romantic places. Moreover, you can benefit from the varied landscape and the imposing mountains.

The arrival in sardinia

The three international airports that can be found on the italian island of sardinia are cagliari-elmas in the south, alghero-fertilia in the northwest and olbia costa smeralda in the north. With a rental car you can explore the island independently. The best thing to do is to check out the best car rental deals before you travel to your destination. By comparing prices you can get the best offer in advance and enjoy the comfort of a car on vacation.

Car rental in sardinia : our tips

What types of car rentals are available?

In sardinia you will find three types of car rental companies: of course, like everywhere, you will find large direct car rental companies such as sixt, national, hertz or others. Another possibility are the car rental agencies. These are also called brokers. Since they do not have their own fleet of vehicles, they arrange the cars of the direct suppliers, for appropriate discounts. However, rental cars are also often offered by local, small direct providers. You can compare all offers on comparison portals to find the best car rental in the end. Reviews of the respective rental companies also give you a good impression about the quality of the providers.

Here’s how to go about finding a good car rental:

  • You should ask for a rental car as early as possible. Book the car with all the extras you want.
  • When searching for a car, you should, if possible, specify different pick-up locations, rental period and date, in order to find the best offer.
  • It is best to choose an offer with fully comprehensive insurance and without deductible.

Should I book the car in advance or on the spot??

You can book a rental car both in advance and on the spot. It is advisable to find a rental car before you travel, as this will save you stress. For many vacationers the rental car is an indispensable companion, since an own vehicle can bring you flexibly to the most beautiful sights of sardinia. With a rental car you are not dependent on schedules and you can enjoy a great comfort of independence.

At first glance, booking a rental car on the spot doesn’t seem like a bad idea. On the spot you have a direct contact person and after arrival you can decide spontaneously if you want to rent a car at all. Unfortunately, spontaneous car rental on the spot is not recommended. If you don’t take care of your rental car until you get to your destination, risks can arise and prices can go up. That’s why you should book a rental car from home in a relaxed way before you travel.

Car rental in sardinia : our tips

Some reasons to book before your trip:

  1. You can compare prices and make real savings. You will not have time to compare all offers on the spot.
  2. You benefit from guaranteed availability, because you know in advance whether the car is available for rent for the desired period or not. In popular vacation destinations, rental cars are rarely available on a spur-of-the-moment basis during the high season.
  3. You can clarify all questions in advance, because you can ask a contact person in your own language. It is rare to find a local car rental company that speaks english or german.
  4. You benefit from the advantages of a booking according to german law, if you book a rental car in germany. It does not matter where or in which country you pick up the car.

Should I rather book with big chains or local providers?

In order for everything to go according to plan with the rental car, the rental company must be the right choice. Reliable and good providers stand out z. B. By a quick help in case of complaints, as well as professional service on the spot from. Each offer receives a meaningful rating, making it easier to make a decision. These evaluations are made up of several important aspects. The included insurances, the complaint behavior of the operator as well as the ratings from the customers belong to it.

To qualify an offer as very good, it must have at least 8 out of 10 points. The customer rating in the form of asterisks is additionally displayed with each offer. The 1 to 5 star rating refers exclusively to the rental company. Therefore, you should browse through the reviews given by other customers. This is worthwhile, because you get an authentic impression of the landlord. Offers that have at least 4.1 stars are considered recommendable.

It is not only the big international chains that have a high level of customer satisfaction: local suppliers also have interesting offers, even if sometimes the choice of rental cars is not so wide. It is therefore worthwhile to also read the reviews of smaller, local providers in order to find the best offer for your rental car.

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What are the approximate costs?

There are several factors that affect the cost of the rental car, including:

  • Choice of pick-up location
  • Choosing the return station
  • Vehicle selection
  • Duration of the rental
  • Means of payment and age
  • Protection packages and extras
  • Gasoline costs
  • Pick up at the station
  • After the rental: fuel charge, mileage included, costs associated with infractions and damage to the vehicle

All of these factors affect the final price of a rental car, as each customer’s preferences and needs are different. The most important thing is to be well insured or to have a good insurance. To choose a comprehensive insurance package, as this will save you greater costs in the event of a claim.

What do I have to pay attention to?

To avoid complications with your rental car, the first step is to use comparison portals to find the best offer. In addition, you should only consider offers with fully comprehensive insurance. This way you can save a lot of money and stress in case of a claim.

Also pay attention to the deposit, which is meant as security for the landlord. A certain amount will be blocked on your credit card. In case of fines that are not paid immediately, the police will contact the car rental company. Afterwards, the landlord will debit the amount of the fine and his own processing fees from your credit card.

Furthermore, it is advisable to rent the car with a full tank of gas and return it with a full tank of gas. Before taking over the car, it is advisable to check it yourself for any possible damage. You should take a picture of this to be on the safe side.

Our recommendation for a car rental in sardinia:

If you are looking for a rental car in sardinia, you are well advised to use the travel agency "sea sardinia vacation". The 2018, from jolanda melis founded company "sea sardinia vacation" offers among other things possible car rentals. with about 20 years of experience on the island, the company offers free advice as a german speaking tour operator and rents various cars at fair prices. If you want to know more about their company, you can find everything else on meersardinienurlaub.Com read.

Surely there are other local providers that are ideal for your round trip in sardinia. Read the reviews, compare the conditions and find the right car rental company for you. We wish you a pleasant stay on the italian island of sardinia and always a good trip!

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