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vehicle image editing for the car trade – better images for more sales and turnover

In used car sales, appealing vehicle photos are essential to sell vehicles faster. The processing of vehicle images is one of the most basic and effective sales tools for dealers. Image processing and optimization of automobiles makes online vehicle offers more attractive and accelerates sales in the store and on online trading platforms.

Top price performance for vehicle image processing

we work intensively with our clients to find the best service combinations to save costs and achieve goals at the same time. The price for image enhancement starts at 0,10 € (net)/image.

vehicle image processing services for your online offers

Which service fits my offer?
decide based on your budget + requirements

  • WO
  • WHO
  • HOW

WHERE the vehicle photos are taken?

– indoor (with / without background wall)
– outdoor (with / without background composition)

photos without an appropriate prepared background can contain many distracting image elements. If no appealing natural
background is available, it is recommended to use the

Photo enhancement service to use. If a good and clean camera is needed for the vehicle pictures
ground is available, the background and window release service out and thus saves costs. Otherwise the background and
the floor within the complete clipping service

WHO takes the photos?

– own employees
– professional photographer / photo service provider

own employees usually do not have the professional skills of a photographer. Therefore our

Photo optimization service for the self made photos to. If necessary, one should still standard retouching consider for selected main photos,
to be retouched in a particularly good condition.

The use of our image retouching services makes sense if the background and the floor are not appealing enough,
also independent of who takes the photos.

For particularly natural and appealing backgrounds, there may be no need to crop anything and our cost-effective
photo enhancement service can be used to improve the photos or minimize major problems in the shooting process.

WHICH photo equipment will be used for the shootings?

– SLR cameras / professional photo equipment
– smartphones / tablets / normal digital cameras

great photos can already be created with smartphones these days. You should consider investing in a smartphone with proven,
great camera functions (z.B. Huawei P30 / pro) invests. Normal smartphones / digital cameras can not always handle complex situations
how to handle sunshine, contrast and reflections. In these cases our

Photo optimization servicebe considered to
improve overall photo quality. In some cases, the retouching – or photo optimizer service for the main photos are used.

Saved costs in the photo shooting phase sometimes have to be spent again in post-production as part of image processing.

HOW the photos are processed after shooting?

– post-production image processing
– nothing – no further treatment


No post-production for your photo shoots means because there is no need due to the brand of the vehicle or because already
the photo shoot is very confident – but this would usually require a higher investment in photo equipment, staff, and equipment
or the photo environment means.

So you have to see and compare if the appropriate image processing after post-production can help you to save
achieve the same or better image results at a lower cost.

In our experience, the cost of photographers + set-up costs is usually higher than the cost of self-made
photographs + photo optimization / image release services . Do the math and try it for yourself
free of charge with our image processing from.

We work with our customers to find the best solutions at the lowest cost. test
us and choose different combinations and alternatives to meet your requirements for the
ensure photo quality and at the same time reduce costs for processing or. The
to keep an eye on the internal expenses of your own ressouces for taking photos.

About us auto-image.Online

Professional solutions for the automotive trade

1. for the used car sector we have developed special image editing solutions for car dealers and exchanges, editing and retouching their car photos for car exchanges. More professional vehicle presentations lead to higher click numbers, shorter downtimes and ultimately faster sales.

2. For the new car sector we cooperate with first class photo studios that offer high quality car retouching services for all marketing and sales purposes online and offline.

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