Car lottery leads to subscription contract

Facebook groups promote sweepstakes where cars are the grand prize. To participate, interested parties should visit a website and provide their phone number. This leads to the conclusion of a paid subscription contract. The lottery, on the other hand, does not exist in reality.

In a facebook group named after the car model "BMW 2 active tourer", it says in connection with the car lottery, for example:

this is the first time in the history of facebook when we 3 our admirers give away two new BMW 2ser active tourer! We will publish the winners on 3. February.

Do you want to win?

Follow the further instructions
1. Click on like if you like the photo
2. Share this photo.
3. In the comment write the color "silver", "blue" or "black"
4. Visit the website: bmwmclub.Net

The website bmwmclub.Net

When visiting the bmwclub website.Net shows a dialog window that invites visitors to participate in the sweepstakes:

Car lottery leads to subscription contract

The website bmwmclub.Net.

Visitors who want to do so will find out that they for participation the sponsored offers – whatsapp radio pack! Or munch man – have to fill in completely. As soon as you are done with this, you will be entered into the competition without any further action:

Car lottery leads to subscription contract

The conditions of participation on bmwclub.Net.

Hidden cost notice

Visitors who decide, for example, to use the whatsapp fun pack! To install, you will need to enter your telephone number and the press the "continue" button:

In order to receive the whatsapp fun pack, visitors must provide their telephone number.

Under the corresponding input window you will find small print the following notice:

Funclix. €15 (subscription, 1 x per week ), to finish, click here.

By clicking on "continue" I expressly agree to the immediate provision of services and the loss of the right of withdrawal zi.

Funclix is a subscription service. There will be a charge of EUR €15 per week plus WAP/GPRS costs, which will be charged to your cell phone bill.

Sweepstakes participants who provide their phone number and press the "continue" button will be entering a enter into a paid subscription agreement with funclix. It leads to regular debits in the amount of 15 euros per week. The participation in the BMW 2 active tourer competition on the other hand this is not possible, because this does not exist in truth.

No valid contract

Just pressing the continue button leads to no paid conclusion of a contract between companies and consumers. In order for this to be the case, the order button must be marked with the words "order with obligation to pay" or similar, unambiguous wording. Otherwise purchasers not bound by the contract and do not have to make any payments.

You have fallen into the subscription trap?

Should you funclix you have given your telephone number in order to participate in the BMW 2 active tourer prize draw, informed you are the company via the "conclusion" of the paid contract via SMS. You can "cancel" it in your personal customer area on the website of your mobile operator or reply to the SMS with stop or stop. This is what funclix has to accept: the company may not make any debits.

Regardless of this, it is recommended that you mobile provider about the unwanted subscription contract to inform, a end of debits and the refund of the already debited money to demand. If you do not succeed in finding a solution, you will be charged a invoice objection and contact the telecommunications conciliation body of the broadcasting and telecommunications regulatory authority .

watchlist internet recommends:

Let your call number for WEB or. WAP-billing as well as value-added services with your mobile provider lock. this will prevent you from signing up for unwanted subscriptions.

(the watchlist internet thanks a reader for reporting this case study.)

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