Car hire in mallorca: what to look out for?

If you are visiting mallorca for the first time, you will probably just book a package holiday and spend most of your time in the hotel complex or on the beach. But why actually? The island has so many beautiful spots to offer that it is almost a waste of vacation time not to visit one of them cars for rent and to roar with it over the country roads.

We tell you what to look out for to avoid any nasty surprises.

Why is it advisable to rent a car in mallorca??

Majorca has a good public transport network, but if you have ever taken the bus from alcudia to beautiful soller, you will agree that you do not want to do this a second time during your well-deserved vacations. On this route you first drive down to the capital palma. There you change to another bus to the valley of orange and lemon groves. It takes a good two hours for a one way trip to get there. You can do it once, then you’re sick of it.


With the rental car you get to places you could not visit otherwise

Or you want to go to sa calobra. Sure, it’s convenient to just hop on a bus in can picafort or pollenca and drive to the picturesque cyclops bay, but then you better be free of giddiness, because the big buses mercilessly roll along the winding serpentine roads. In a car, at least you have your fate in your own hands.

If you want to go to special places like the ermita de betlem monastery, the lighthouse in port de soller or remote beaches, there is no other way than to rent a car.

Which car rental companies are there?

At the airport "son sant joan" numerous rental companies compete for the favor of the vacationers. Known companies are for example car del mar, AVIS, hertz, europcar and record. Not every company cares about the well-being of the customer, but all too often only about their vacation funds.

Whether buying a tv, a new camera or renting a car, reading customer reviews is the key to success. In this discipline, europcar and AVIS perform comparatively well. However, there are lights and shadows everywhere, so ideally you should choose the "lesser of two evils.

Since all rental companies have websites, you should also look around there and study the terms and conditions carefully, so that you don’t get any extra insurance or other unnecessary things.

Rental cars on mallorca – what to look out for?

Absolutely recommendable is it to rent the car already in Germany. And not only one week before departure, but as early as possible. The closer the season, the more expensive it gets. Fortunately, we can nowadays on comparison portals such as billiger-mietwagen.De ad or check24.Leave the display, where you will be presented with the cheapest offer within seconds, depending on the parameters you have set. It could not be simpler.

Of course the companies are only after profit, therefore they want to rip you off with the gasoline and the insurance with pleasure.

Please pay attention to the fair fuel regulation "full/full. This means that you pick up the car with a full tank and return it with a full tank. So you pay only the real street price of gasoline

Enjoying beautiful views – that’s possible with your own car

When it comes to insurance, it makes sense to fully comprehensive insurance without excess as this is hardly much more expensive than with excess. In addition, you can book a premium protection, which also covers damage to tires and glass, which is usually not the case in conventional tariffs.

Tip: if you are afraid to rent so early in advance, it is not uncommon to find even small rental companies in the tourist resorts that rent out vehicles for relatively cheap money.

Check the rental car when you pick it up

In order not to be charged for any damage to the car that has already been done, please check the rented car thoroughly and make a note of any faults. In the best case still make photos, in order to be really prepared for all eventualities.

In case of ambiguity you are then on the safe side and can counter with solid evidence.

On the road in a rental car

Once you are finally in the car, you are ready to go. However, if you are driving on mallorca’s very well developed road network for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with the spanish traffic laws beforehand, especially with the speed limit.

  • Inside built-up areas – 50km/h
  • On country roads – 90km/h
  • On fast roads – 100km/h
  • On the highway – 120km/h

If you are faster and get caught, you can pay a fine of up to several hundred euros. If you are back home later and get the decision, you have the possibility to transfer the money immediately and pay only half of it.

So better get off the gas and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

You should also not let yourself get out of the calm, if the man behind you "sniffs the exhaust" too much, that happens on the island unfortunately more often. Also, as in Germany, it is forbidden to use your cell phone while driving.

Be careful at the traffic circle. You always have right of way in the circle, but some have a rather fast driving style and do not always keep to the flashing sign. If you miss an exit, you should not be nervous. Just do a "lap of honor" and then take the right exit.

Finding a parking space in deià is very difficult, especially in the summer

parking in mallorca

In most cities are parking spaces shortage. Here you are only allowed to park on or at blue lines and that also only with a parking ticket. You should also not try to do without a valid parking ticket in order to save money.

Those who are caught must pay, even if they are back home in germany. At yellow lines, mostly in front of houses, there is a general parking prohibition.

Caution in the mountains

although the transport network is well developed, extreme caution should be exercised when driving in the tramuntana mountains or on other mountain roads. Here it is sometimes quite narrow and when there is oncoming traffic and there is no limit at the edge of the road, some passengers will squint their eyes – especially when one of the big tourist buses passes by.

serpentines can make you feel quite uneasy during the first drive

Some curves are so narrow and steep that it is better to shift into second gear, sometimes even into first gear. The short, repeated sounding of the horn is useful, especially on narrow roads, to warn oncoming drivers that you are on your way.

Refueling in mallorca

In the rental contract of the rental company is written whether you have diesel or gasoline engine. With unleaded there are 95 octane, respectively. 98 octane. The octane number is the measure of the knock resistance of the fuel. A higher octane number reduces the risk of misfire. 98 is about 10 cents more expensive and at the gas stations with service, the gas station attendant of course takes the more expensive fuel, which you probably do not need. A small amount of money should go to the gas station attendant and his service department.

Finally, here are a few Spanish words for drivers to try out at the nearest gas station:

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