Car hire in fuerteventura: dream destination for wave riders and sun worshippers

Explore fuerteventura at your own pace with a rental car

Off to the beach: what should vacationers look for in a rental car on Fuerteventura?

off to the beach: what to look for when renting a car in fuerteventura?

With an average of more than 300 sunny days in the year counts fuerteventura to the favorite destinations of the germans. In order to meet the needs of this large number of holidaymakers, the coastal area the second largest island of the canary islands numerous hotels. Who with this mass tourism nothing to do, but instead can also opt for the natural foreign traffic decide in the interior of the island.

Fuerteventura is also the perfect destination for active vacationer. Because the turquoise sea is perfect for the surfing, sailing, water skiing and other water sports. So that you can get to the dream beaches or other sights along with your equipment, it may make sense to rent a car hire in fuerteventura to rent.

But what do you have to pay attention to when you rent a car rental in fuerteventura want? Which conditions provide the rentals to potential driver? Which documents you must submit? And what factors influence the cost for a rental car in fuerteventura? Answers to these and other questions are provided in the following guidebook.

FAQ: car rental in fuerteventura

out of season you can easily get a rental car on the spot. If you drive during the high season, you should search and compare offers on the internet in advance. Here you can find suppliers for car rentals in fuerteventura.

you must have a german driver’s license and meet the minimum driving time of one year and the minimum age of 21 to 25 years old.

This depends, among other things, on the vehicle category, the demand, the equipment of the rental car and the scope of the insurance.

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rent a car in fuerteventura: what are the conditions??

The car rental company in Fuerteventura may set a maximum age. Inform yourself in advance!

The car rental company in fuerteventura can set a maximum age. Inform yourself in advance!

before you go to fuerteventura with the rental car drive off the car rental company requires different documents. In principle, a vehicle will only be handed over if the driver is of legal age possession of a valid driving license is. For rental cars in spain and the other states of the EU, the german driving license from.

In addition, a car rental company in fuerteventura usually imposes an minimum period for the possession of the driving license before. This lies with a year. In addition, the contractual conditions of the lenders usually also define a minimum age for the driver of the vehicle, which 21 to 25 years lies. novice drivers therefore have to be a bit be patient, before you can explore fuerteventura with a rental car.

However, not only young drivers have to expect restrictions. Because in principle, a car rental on fuerteventura can also be a maximum age define for drivers. This is often 75 years. However, it is sometimes possible to obtain a rental car in addition to the above. For this then appropriate proof about an existing fitness to drive to bring forward.

In order for a rental car company on fuerteventura to give you a rental car, a deposit to deposit. For this usually a credit card preferred, on which the corresponding amount blocked will. Some companies allow the deposit but also by direct debit. Therefore inform yourself in advance where to rent a car in fuerteventura without having to can.

Which is the perfect rental car for fuerteventura?

if you would like to rent a special car for your rent a car, you should clarify in advance which requirements the vehicle must meet. Here it applies among other things the budget, the planned route and the vehicle occupants to be considered.

Who has to cheap rental car for fuerteventura is usually with a small car well served. The runabouts can be easily driven by narrow roads maneuver and fit also in smaller parking spaces. However, holidaymakers must have comfort and space make sacrifices.

Does the route plan trips off the beaten track is usually a relatively expensive one all-terrain vehicle necessary. Because with a station wagon such trips are usually prohibited. Here you have to consider additional costs also really worthwhile.

A special measure of planning is also required if you want to use the family vacation on fuerteventura spend. The rented car must be in such a case namely sufficiently space for child seats and all luggage offer. If you do not want to take your own child seat on the trip, there is usually the option to rent a car in fuerteventura together with the corresponding restraints to book.

Is it allowed to drive a car special vehicle be? For example, many rental companies offer the possibility of a convertible to rent. So if you want to rent a car on fuerteventura driving wind, to enjoy the sea breeze and the sun, however, should also be additional costs plan.

cost factors for renting a car in fuerteventura

Looking for a rental car for Fuerteventura: On the Internet you can compare the conditions

Looking for a rental car for fuerteventura: on the internet you can compare the conditions.

What your trip with rental car on fuerteventura exactly costs, lets not quantifiable. Because the price is determined by various factors influences. What it can be among other things, we explain below.

The economy of fuerteventura lives above all from the tourism. Therefore during the peak season there is a lot going on on the island. The thereby increased demand after hotel rooms, flights and also rental cars can cause on fuerteventura that the prices are rising. In addition, especially during the summer vacations or other rush hours, it makes sense to early to deal with the car rental for fuerteventura and already from home a mobile undercarriage to book.

keep in mind that also the chosen vehicle category an important role plays. For example, if you decide to off-road vehicle to rent a car to explore fuerteventura, then this is more expensive than with a small car. clarify in advance which vehicle you want to rent fits to your planned trip.

But not only you can rent a car in fuerteventura, you can also rent a restraint system. Because, in addition, these also offer practical equipment and extras to. This can be for example child seats and navigation devices act that additional costs cause.

In addition, it is important to make sure that on fuerteventura the rental car is also well covered in case of an accident is. Therefore you should make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage care and a liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance finalize. According to expert advice, you should choose a variant in which the rental car in fuerteventura without excess insured is.

With a comparison to rent a car for fuerteventura

Before deciding on a rental car, it is recommended to, comparison portals TO QUEST. Because this will give you the opportunity to offers from different companies and compare the best conditions to find. Thereby it is also terms of contract for the rental car in fuerteventura to study and discover possible additional costs.

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