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Top car hire offers in greece

Our car rental offers in greece

  • Manual
  • Cancellation free of charge
  • 2 doors
  • Air conditioning
  • Fair fuel regime
  • Manual
  • Cancellation free of charge
  • 2 doors
  • Air condition
  • Fair refueling
  • Manual
  • Cancellation free of charge
  • 2 doors
  • Air conditioning
  • Fair refueling

car rental greece – numerous advantages

Rental cars and greece? for us this combination is simply unbeatable! the numerous islands of greece are wonderful to explore with a rental car. Whether the mainland, popular vacation islands such as crete or santorini, or lesser-known secrets such as karpathos, chios or symi – with a rental car, travelers are flexible and independent.

Rock-lined beaches, turquoise seas and a fabulous cultural heritage – greece captivates with its diversity and attracts numerous vacationers year after year. At the major airports, in port cities and in large towns, vacationers can rent a car upon arrival to make the trip as free and independent as possible. Rental cars offer numerous advantages:

  • Independent of buses, trains and their schedules
  • With a rental car you experience more on your trip
  • Rental cars are inexpensive
  • More quality of life – travelers are spared the tedious walk to the nearest bus stop
  • with your own car you can really realize your dream road trip
  • Always the right car: whether a small runabout or a large van
  • Vacationers are incognito on the way
  • Greek ferries offer ample space for rental cars

car rental greece – an unforgettable road trip

Delicious food, turquoise seas and white limestone houses – greece offers this and much more. An unforgettable road trip by car rental in greece includes stops in athens, thessaloniki, santorini, mykonos and rhodes.

Athens: the capital of greece is one of the most visited ancient sites in the country and is home to fabulous sights such as the acropolis.

Thessalonikitypical greek flair and wonderful sights like the white tower or the galerius palace can also be discovered in thessaloniki.

Santorini: the epitome of greece par excellence! White limestone houses with blue roofs line fira – the capital of santorini, so well known to us from postcard motifs. In addition to magnificent views and picturesque narrow streets, vacationers can expect chic boutiques and luxury hotels with infinity pools here.

Mykonosmykonos : like santorini, mykonos belongs to the cyclades islands and enchants vacationers with its white limestone houses, turquoise sea and fabulous food.

Rhodes: the island is part of the dodecanese archipelago and boasts the largest and best preserved fortified city in europe.

Discover culinary greece with a rental car

the geographical diversity of greece provides not only a breathtaking landscape and an exciting nature. The cuisine also shines with its variety of dishes and is known far beyond the country’s borders. Greek food is offered in almost every corner of the world. The best place to rent a car is – who is surprised – in greece itself. Culinary trips to the country in southeastern europe are therefore enormously popular.

The greek cuisine belongs to the mediterranean cuisine – in addition there are different regional cuisines. The variety and variety of specialties and ingredients are extraordinary. Culinary it is characterized by many vegetables, olives in different varieties – the variety kalamata is considered a classic – and seafood. Typical are also herbs and spices like rigani, oregano, thyme, mint, sage, paprika and cinnamon.

tzatsiki is probably the most famous dish in greece. This is a yogurt dish with cucumber, garlic and olive oil. tzatziki is usually served as an appetizer in greece, but is sometimes added to a main course. A famous main dish is gyros – traditionally seasoned sliced pork roasted on a vertical rotating grill. Souvlaki is also a typical culinary dish, the meat skewers (lamb or pork) are classically served in snack bars and restaurants that have a charcoal grill.

As already mentioned, the variety is also impressive. In every corner of the country there is a different specialty, which has to do with the conditions in the region.

Car rental in greece

To be mobile within greece a rental car is the best option. With this you can quickly travel within the country and discover all the culinary highlights. To make this possible car rental offers.In many places of the country, there are locations where car rentals can be picked up and dropped off.

so book now the right cheap car hire in greece for your next gourmet trip!

Visit and experience the most beautiful greek islands

the most beautiful islands around greece are best explored with a rental car. In this way, flexibility and independence are guaranteed for the vacation season. the islands of crete, corfu, kos and rhodos offer tranquil excursion destinations and idyllic beaches. For a perfect vacation planning, there are great destinations, comfortable accommodations and a variety of convenient car rentals to choose from for optimal freedom of movement.

crete and corfu with a special charm

crete and corfu are rightly considered the most beautiful islands in greece. On crete, the palm beach of preveli on the south coast and balos beach on the north coast offer relaxation for bathers. the 18-kilometer-long samaria gorge is just the thing for hiking enthusiasts. Culture enthusiasts should visit the famous palace of knossos in the north of the island or the arkadi monastery near rethymnon. The capital of the island, heraklion, is also known as a port city. Visitors are captivated by historic buildings and the charming old town. Corfu, the green island, also impresses with long stretches of beach in the north and west as well as imposing buildings such as the palace achilleion, a few kilometers south of corfu town.

Rhodes and kos as points of attraction in the aegean sea

The most beautiful islands of the aegean not only enchant with their bright sandy beaches, but also combine the present with antiquity. If you spend your vacation on rhodes or kos, you will be able to visit many ancient buildings or their remains. Kos town is home to the small amphitheater roman odeon as well as agora, the largest excavation site of ancient temple remains. With a rental car, you can quickly reach a variety of destinations, and even a tour of the island can be completed in a single day. on rhodes, enchanting sandy beaches stretch along the coastline. In the east of the island, glystra beach between lindos and kiotari is a true idyll for bathers. But also the historical kolos of rhodes or the acropolis of lindos are worth seeing. From high above, the ravishing view of the deep blue aegean reveals itself. Simply unforgettable!

Touring greece’s islands in comfort by rental car

Historically charming places, dreamlike sandy beaches and turquoise waters entice to a promising vacation on greece’s dream islands. crete, corfu, rhodes and kos can rightly be called the most beautiful islands in greece. With a rental car, vacationers are quickly on the road and can start their own individual island tours.

Discover the greek traditions

Greece has been one of the favorite destinations of german tourists for a long time – and this has many good reasons. One is the breathtaking and enormously diverse landscape and nature, which extends over the whole country. Another is the exciting history that can be discovered in many places. The popularity of greece also depends on its flair, which is also based on the many different traditions lived by the greeks.

One of the traditions is the classic meal, which is served sumptuously and eaten ceremoniously. But there is also a whole series of festivals that are worth discovering for tourists. First of all, if you really want to understand Greece, you have to be there during the name day celebrations. This is for the greeks more important than the birthday and is often drooled on some days especially fierce, because many residents after one of the saints was named. On the day the celebrated are visited without invitation from family and friends and it is celebrated properly.

Also at an engagement, a christening and a wedding, the greeks tend to have big celebrations, in which they radiate all their joie de vivre. A highlight for every greek is the carnival, which is called "apokries" in greece is called. It starts on a sunday and ends on a monday, after the great fast begins. During the apokries there is a lot of partying in the streets of the greek cities and villages – especially on the streets. This is also a tradition of the greeks, they spend a lot of time outside their houses and in the city centers.

The best car rentals in greece

You want to discover the greek traditions and experience them firsthand? Then it is a good idea to travel greece with a rental car to be mobile and to be able to take in all the highlights. We from rent a car.De offer stations at many different places in the country in southeastern europe, where you can pick up and return a rental car. We want to offer you complete freedom and a smooth vacation.

The most beautiful routes in greece

Greece offers a fascinating history, an exciting culture, good food and lots of fun. But perhaps the most impressive thing for tourists is the breathtaking and very diverse landscape. Practically at every corner there is something new to discover. Therefore, road trips through greece are enormously popular with german tourists among others.

The most beautiful routes in greece

There are many routes that deserve a place among the most beautiful routes in greece. If you have around ten days to spare, a trip from the capital athens to thessaloniki is a good idea. During the trip you will discover the peloponnese peninsula, delphi and meteora.

After a three-day stay in the greek capital, the following week will cover about 500 kilometers. First of all, you will travel from athens to the peloponnese peninsula, which not only offers exciting landscapes, but also countless places of interest. A must is the canal of corinth, which is only about an hour’s drive from athens. The theater of epidauros and the city of nafplio are also real highlights. After the fourth day we continue towards thessaloniki.On the way you will find the historical fortress of palamidi, but also countless other sights and beautiful stretches of coastline.

If you have longer time, then it is worth to explore even more coastal stretches on the road trip. Also some islands can be visited by ferry in between.

The best car rentals in greece

greece can be reached quite quickly by plane from germany, but it takes quite a while to get there by land. The distance from berlin to athens by car is 2350 kilometers – too far for a relaxed journey. That’s why it’s a good idea to rent a car in greece and arrive by plane.

We at car rental.We have numerous locations all over the country where you can rent a car without any problems. You don’t necessarily have to return the car to the same place, but you can choose a station near your desired destination. You will find all locations easily and quickly in our search.

party vacations in greece: sunny days – hot nights!

party and dance the night away until the first rays of sun appear on the horizon. And then enjoy the sun and the view of the turquoise sea at a real dream beach. If this is your ideal vacation combination, then greece is the absolutely perfect destination for you!

Dance to cool beats and completely forget the time, meet nice people and party by all the rules of art. For many, this is exactly what makes a beautiful vacation an unforgettable and grandiose break from everyday life. But what is less known, besides well-known party destinations like mallorca or the gold beach in bulgaria, you can also experience hot nights in greece. Because when you’ve had enough of sea, sun and culture in the evening, many resorts on the mainland and the islands turn into vibrant party venues of the extra class.

summer sun, sea and hot beats

Since the majority of vacationers still think of ancient temples and sirtaki dancing when they think of greece, the country, which is often referred to as the "cradle of european culture", is currently still more of a secret tip when it comes to partying. The more surprising it is to experience the variety and the hustle and bustle. In addition to trendy clubs in all dimensions, from mini-locations in old rooms to mega dance floors with several different areas, countless bars, pubs, taverns – indoors and outdoors – await the party-loving visitor. In summer, of course, outdoor events are booming – after all, greece is known for its great weather. In the summer there are sometimes up to 40 degrees during the day and you can look forward to plenty of sunshine. The best place to enjoy this is on the beautiful beaches by the crystal clear sea, which sometimes even give you a Caribbean feeling. It’s a great place to chill out and relax until sunset, when it’s time to hit the nightlife. Here the nights are danced through!

If you book a vacation on one of the numerous greek islands, you are almost everywhere on the safe side with regard to exuberant partying and dancing. one of the absolute hotspots is rhodes with its modern bars and clubs, especially in the north of the island, which create a great atmosphere, especially among young people. The "club amnesia" on crete is also legendary; in the town of chersonissos the electrifying rhythms of electro, techno and house rumble at night. the "kings cross" is also absolutely worth a visit, because the location is simply magnificent. The club, where english beer is served, is designed like an old castle. This makes for a lot of conversation and you are guaranteed to meet new people.

Ripe for the island

Also very popular are the small islands of the Cyclades, especially ios. TOP DJs play in the party zone in the harbor and the adjacent old town; in addition, new events always provide the necessary variety. besides the "aftershock bar" you should definitely pay a visit to the "jungle bar". Particularly pleasant: on ios you can always find cheap accommodations! Or can it be a bit more exclusive? if that’s more your cup of tea, mykonos or the blue and white island of santorini are more your thing. In addition to great beaches and interesting sights, you will find plenty of lounges, bars and clubs where you can party in style. And most likely you will meet some celebrities or other scene-people, because they also like to party here. However, you don’t have to be bored on a vacation on the mainland either. Thessaloniki, for example, also boasts a turbulent nightlife that rivals that of the world’s major metropolises.

Boredom? Not in greece

The beauty of greece: even during the day there is plenty of variety possible. In the winding streets of the cute old towns it is excellent to store and stroll in the shade, in addition, countless world-class sights await you everywhere in greece. Thanks to the numerous restaurants and taverns you can also look forward to real culinary delights, especially the freshly caught seafood you should not miss. After all, as we all know, you need a good base if you want to last the night. And if you want to dance a real sirtaki: you will surely get the chance to do so during your part-holiday in greece as well.

Secret tips for your vacation in greece

Greece – many Germans think longingly of the lively and historic capital of athens and the almost 6,000 islands that belong to this country in southeastern europe. Due to the beauty of the landscape and the many traditions, greece has long been a hotspot for tourists from all over the world and especially from germany. But the country also has places to offer, which should not be known to most tourists – real secret tips.

Many of these secret tips are islands. 227 of the 6000 greek islands are inhabited and numerous inhabited and uninhabited islands offer unique experiences. One of them is karpathos, also known as the "secret santorini" is called. This is due to the deep blue water, the beautiful beaches and the impressive villages, which are built into the rock in many places. even among greeks karpathos is a secret tip, which also has to do with the fact that the island is quite far away from the mainland. on amorgos you will find almost untouched sandy beaches, on ikaria breathtaking nature, on alonissos the real caribbean feeling and on symi sweet bays and beautiful harbors.

also on the mainland greece has some secret tips to offer – even in the so popular capital athens. these include, for example, anafiotika – a cycladic village in the capital, which embodies the original greece. Outside the metropolis, the peninsula of the Peloponnese, which is practically an all-rounder, can be mentioned as a secret tip. There you will find everything you expect from a summer vacation in greece – and much more. From the small towns countless interesting excursions can be made.

The best car rentals in greece

In order to be able to perceive the secret tips on the mainland and on the greek islands, you should be mobile. A rental car is the ideal solution, because you can travel from one secret tip to the next and feel complete freedom on the spot.

To give you this freedom, car rental offers.De all over the country different locations where you can rent and return cars. We are also there for you on many islands. In our search you will quickly find where the best offers for your vacation lurk.

Traveling by rental car: traffic rules in greece

It is the question of all questions of almost every vacationer who comes to greece for the first time: are there any traffic rules here at all?? It feels like everyone drives as if there is no such thing. And then there is the constant honking of the horn … so that you can explore greece with a rental car on your own without worrying, we at rental cars have put together a list of the most important rules for you.De compiled the most important rules.

greece with its numerous islands in the mediterranean sea, first and foremost crete, of course, is an absolute dream vacation destination. Again and again one comes across hidden bays with sensational beaches, experiences highly interesting Mediterranean landscapes, dreamy mountain villages, where time seems to have stood still. Or you can simply drive along the coast and enjoy the warm breeze. Unfortunately, most vacationers are reluctant to rent a vehicle for fear of Greek traffic. Because at first glance, it seems to be from another planet.

Pure chaos on the roads?

The bus stops in the middle of the road because the driver has to wish a clergyman a good day. Horns are honked in every situation. Traffic light signs and crosswalks seem to be more deco than relevant regulations. For the uninitiated vacationer, it is almost as if he is entering a kind of shark tank without knowing the rules of the game. But don’t worry! Driving in greece is actually amazingly uncomplicated.

Hardly any deviations from the german stvo

The good news first: there are hardly any deviations from the road traffic rules that also apply in germany. The traffic is on the right, seat belts are compulsory, but children up to 12 years of age are not allowed. persons up to 155 cm must use a child seat. If you don’t pay attention to this, you will be asked to pay a whopping 350 euros. It is also expensive to use a cell phone without a hands-free system or to program the navigation system. This costs 100 euros. However, this is topped by the penalty fee for the use of radar warning devices, which is charged with 1.000 euro fines. So better finger away! Maximum speeds: always pay attention to the signs!

The maximum speed limits for cars in greece:

  • 50 km/h in built-up areas
  • Outside built-up areas: 90 km/h
  • On highways o.a.: 110 – 120 km/h

For motorcycles, the speed limits are generally somewhat lower. However, all drivers should pay attention to the signs, because often greatly reduced speeds are permitted. The reason for this are the partly very narrow or very dilapidated roads in greece, which makes driving a little bit of an adventure.

When parking, pay attention to the marking color

A strict parking ban is in force in Greece in yellow marked areas on the roads and generally on priority roads. Blue markings indicate paid parking spaces, white zones can be used free of charge. The no stopping signs need to be interpreted: a vertical line indicates that stopping is prohibited in odd months, two lines indicate even months.

Right of way: who can drive first?

One of the most important deviations: in greece, vehicles do NOT have the right of way at traffic circles. The rule here is quite clear: whoever enters from the right has the right of way, then the traffic circle has to wait. This is the theory, because it often seems as if engine capacity and a brisk driving style decide who has the right of way where and when. What surprises many uninitiated people is the fact that there are far fewer accidents in southern countries than in some of our latitudes. This is due to the fact that drivers in Mediterranean countries communicate much more with each other – and ultimately also with the horn. For the vacationer, a rather defensive driving style is generally recommended. Don’t try to drive like the greeks do! This can not only go wrong, because you misinterpret something, but can also be expensive. Stay relaxed and always remember: you are on vacation and you have the time.

drinking and driving – a no-go in greece

Sometimes a glass of red wine with dinner, sometimes a long drink on the beach: people like to indulge themselves on vacation, but you should not lose sight of the alcohol limits during your stay in greece, especially since there are frequent checks here and especially in the vacation areas. The upper limit is 0.5 per mille for car drivers, and there is even a complete ban on alcohol for new drivers and motorcyclists. From 1.1 promille threaten by the way already prison sentences!

Little things to keep in mind as well:

  • In greece it is not allowed to carry fuel in reserve cans.
  • On the freeways the hard shoulder is also used as a slow lane.

Keeping this in mind, you will be well equipped to explore your vacation destination independently by rental car. This gives you the best chance to experience truly unforgettable moments and get close to the incredibly hospitable and cheerful Greeks. It is guaranteed to pay off.

No more discount for fast payers

Finally, some bad news: in the past, anyone who did get a parking ticket could hope for a 50 percent discount if they paid the fine within ten days. This belongs since the 1. April 2018 a thing of the past! Now the complete sum is always due. so you better save your wallet and follow the traffic rules.

experience the fascinating architecture of the country on a road trip through greece

Greece is the perfect destination to explore the country’s incredible variety of architecture on a road trip. Besides breathtaking ancient sites, the roads lead through fantastic landscapes with seemingly endless coasts and fascinating cities. Who travels this dreamlike country with the rented car, has besides the possibility to become acquainted with people, culture and gastronomy of the different areas very closely.

Experience ancient greek architecture at first hand

Greek architects created some of the most beautiful and striking buildings in the entire ancient world. buildings such as temples, theaters and stadiums have been integral parts of cities since antiquity. In addition, the pursuit of simplicity, proportion, perspective and harmony in the design of Greek objects influenced the architects of the Roman world. They formed the basis for the classical architectural orders that have dominated the western world from the renaissance to the present day. perhaps the most complete and famous expression of greek temple architecture is the periclean parthenon of athens. The doric order building represents the maturity of the classical form. It is a part of the acropolis in athens, the city’s landmark and probably the most famous sight in greece. Fascinating buildings can be found all over the country and also on the greek islands. From the pindos mountains in thessaly to delphi on mount parnassus and north of the gulf of corinth to the old town of rhodes and santorin, the pearl among the greek islands, there are fascinating architectural masterpieces to discover.

From antiquity to the modern world of greek architecture

Thousands of years of greek architecture and art are among the most important historical legacies in the world. Today, greece has arrived in the modern era, but still manages to produce architectural marvels. With its reduced aesthetics, the modern greek style combines the precision, harmony and perspective of ancient greek architecture with modern simplicity and elegance. Often they express the contrasts of past eras. Contemporary yet timeless, tranquil yet exciting, restrained yet dramatic, modern greece will also captivate architecture-loving visitors. Among the most interesting modern buildings are the blue apartment building, the onassis cultural center and the agemar headquarters, home of greece’s largest shipping company.

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