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How to get a car driver’s license

You would like to learn to drive a car? No problem. There are driving schools everywhere in the rhine-neckar metropolitan region where you can learn it. Today we explain all the steps until you have your driver’s license in your hand.

The registration

To get a driver’s license, you have to call a driving school or go directly there and register. The normal driver’s license to drive a car is called "class B driver’s license". This is what you sign up for. If you want to get a driving license for another vehicle, it is of course also possible. Here is an overview of the driving classes. But you can always ask at the driving school.

The theoretical lessons

Then you can start with the theory lessons. These lessons often take place at the driving school. There would be important traffic rules, traffic signs and information about the car explained.

The theoretical test

When you have attended enough theory lessons, you can register with your teacher for the theory test. You will get an appointment. After that you have to practice and learn the tasks. There are many questions where you need to know the answer. But you can take enough time to prepare yourself.

In the test you have to mark the correct answers on the computer and not make too many mistakes. Then you have passed.

What else you need

For a driver’s license you have to take an eye test at an optician’s store. For this you will get a document from the driving school. You can go to any eyeglass store with it. The eye test does not take long. Find out beforehand what the vision test costs. at some stores you can do it for free.

You also have to get a 1. Help – take the course. You can get information about this at the driving school. You can also ask there if there is the 1. Help courses in a language other than german are available.

The practical driving lessons

Once you have passed the theory test, the real driving lessons begin. there you drive through your city with a driving instructor. your driving instructor tells you where to go.

Sometimes you make special journeys, for example at night in the dark or a longer distance on the freeway.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to have any experience yet! Many people have never sat in the driver’s seat before their first lesson. They will explain everything to you!

The practical driving test

your driving instructor will tell you when you’re ready for the practical driving test. In this test there are three of you in the car: you, your driving instructor and a person who tests you. This person sits in the back of the car and watches to make sure you’re doing everything right. you must go 45 minutes for the test without making a bad mistake.

After that you have done it: you get your driver’s license and are allowed to drive a car!

watch out: a driver’s license is not cheap. You can’t say exactly how much it costs because some people need more or less driving hours.

There is a cost for each driving lesson and there is a fee for the tests. If you fail the test, you have to pay the fee again.

But the total cost of the license is at least 1500 €.

Most inspections in germany are done in german. But they are also available in other languages.

For example, these driving schools in the metropolitan area offer theory tests in languages other than german:

you can also ask the driving school if there are exams in your native language.

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