Booking a rental car: insurance, costs& tips to pay attention to when renting a car on vacation

Rental cars on vacation: the ten best tips

If you are going on vacation by plane but still want to be flexible on site, you need a rental car. But beware, there are many pitfalls here! >> more on the topic guide

Tip 1: refueling the rental car

With the "full-full-rental car customers only pay for the fuel they actually use. To be able to prove that the car was refueled before it was returned, it is advisable to take a photo of the fuel gauge and keep the fuel receipt.

Tip 2: Right of withdrawal

The car rental company may reserve the right to charge the customer’s credit card in case of cancellation or no-show. Therefore, if you pay in advance, ask about the right of cancellation!

Tip 3: Delay in handing over the rental car

It is worthwhile to enter the flight number when booking the rental car, so that the rental company does not give away the car in case of delays.

Tip 4: Loss of keys

If you lose your key or lock it in the car, you have to pay for the cost of repairing the damage.

Tip 5: soiling the rental car

In the event of extreme dirt, the rental car customer can be charged for the cleaning costs. Dirt can also hinder the car inspection and thus the handover. It is advisable to return the vehicle clean and to dispose of any waste in the car beforehand. On the other hand, it is also important to pick up the rental car clean!

Tip 6: extras like navigation system

Car rental companies usually charge high prices for extra accessories. If you rent a car for 14 days, for example, it is cheaper to bring your own navigation system. This also applies to other accessories!

Tip 7: damaged rental car

When you receive the rental car, inspect it and record any damage. Paint scratches and other damage are best photographed with your own camera before departure!

Tip 8: Crossing national borders

Trips to neighboring countries must be registered. If this does not happen, it means a breach of contract with the rental car company. In the event of a possible claim, the insurance may be cancelled!

Tip 9: Choose a car rental company

Of course, the most convenient way to rent a car is to have it delivered to your hotel and picked up at the end of your vacation. However, not all tour operators or local car rental companies offer this service, especially as the costs can vary greatly. Car rental stations outside the airport can often be cheaper, especially since they often offer a free shuttle to the station.

Tip 10: change the driver

Only persons registered in the rental car contract are authorized to drive the rental car. Apart from the resulting insurance problems, the driver may even be arrested in the event of a traffic control due to the lack of driving authorization!

Booking a rental car allows you to be flexible on your vacation and see a lot of the area. There are many offers but be careful, hidden costs often lurk here. AUTO ZEITUNG gives tips on booking, picking up and returning rental cars!

If you want to book a rental car during your vacation, you usually have several options: the car can be picked up at the airport or at the hotel. The third option is to take a shuttle to the nearest car rental company. Of course, the most convenient way to rent a car is to have it brought to the hotel and picked up at the end of your vacation. However, not all tour operators or local car rental companies offer this service, especially as the costs can vary greatly. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for this car rental service and its prices in advance and to book it at least five working days before the start of the vacation. If the rental car is booked for the entire vacation and not only by the day, the costs can be cheaper overall. Then you don’t have to wait for the cab or the shuttle bus to the hotel and remain flexible. If you decide to book a rental car while on vacation, you should follow these tips when booking, picking up and dropping off- otherwise hidden costs or even rip-offs may occur.

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Booking a rental car: tips for insurance

When booking a rental car for a vacation, Check24 recommends insurance coverage with a liability sum of at least one million euros (dollars) and without a deductible. sometimes car rental companies try to sell additional insurance or upgrades to a higher vehicle class on the spot. Offers with "premium protection also insure, for example, glass and tires. This is another reason why interested parties should know in advance exactly what they need!

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Refueling the rental car: saving costs

With the "full-full"-customers who book a rental car pay only for the fuel they actually use. Refueling by the car rental company is usually expensive. In order to be able to prove that the car has been refueled before returning it, it is advisable to take a photo of the full fuel gauge and to keep the corresponding fuel receipt.
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Tips: how to keep rental car costs low

Booking a rental car at a station outside the airport can often save you money. As a rule, they often offer a free shuttle service. In order to keep costs as low as possible, rental cars should only be booked for the time at which they are actually needed. The days of refueling are usually paid in full. The "immediately available" filter the search via online portals guarantees that you will find the car you want, even if you book at short notice. In addition, it should also be clear at the time of booking which extras- such as one-way trips, additional driver, navis or child seats- really needed, so as not to incur unnecessary expenses.

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Contract and condition of the rental car at pick-up and return

When choosing a car rental company, it is important to look for good customer reviews in order to get the most customer-oriented service for your money. Because with his signature on the spot, the renter accepts the terms of the contract. Therefore, the contract should be read carefully beforehand, in order to clarify possible ambiguities even before signing. The condition of the rented car is also important: if it is very dirty or even damaged, you should ask for another car. If the exchange is not possible, all defects should be photographed and recorded in the rental contract. To minimize the time needed to book and pick up the rental car, it is best to have all the necessary documents such as driver’s license, credit card and rental car voucher ready beforehand. When returning the rented vehicle, it is also advisable to carefully inspect the condition of the vehicle, take photographs and record them in a return protocol. That way, rental companies can’t make claims later for damage that wasn’t there when the car was dropped off.

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