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The luxury automatic watch wryst RACER swiss is produced only in limited edition of 75 pieces. Directly inspired, this automatic watch meets demanding individualists. reach new heights of charisma and fashion with a modern luxury automatic watch. The brutal looking mechanical clocks are forged in stainless steel grade 516L. The most difficult. A special falling sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating provides high strength and durability. Seems that the automatic watch racer is also very collectible.

Automatic watch

Stylish automatic watch with reliable movement

There are very few truly durable mechanical movements today. Exclusively built, assembled and produced in switzerland, the watch brand wrist chose the sellita SW200 series. In addition to the automatic movement, the SW200-1 is made in "la chaux-de-fond" manufactured. Place the world’s best watchmaking precision and know-how. the outstanding design of the wryst racer collection adds value to a high quality timepiece. Available only to a select few, each model is produced in a limited number of 75 references.

Automatic watch

When watchmaking gets feisty

wryst racer swiss mechanical sports watches demonstrate a mood inspired by motorsports. Therefore, it is important to use this technology as in other vehicles. On the side of the dial are 3 cuts that mimic the air cooling to the V6 engine. Most notable is the central prominent part unsurpassed. Finally, the polished yellow gold, rose gold, gold, single polished indexes and denotate watch case pleasantly luxurious polish.

Caliber specifications of the automatic watch wryst racer:

– automatic swiss movement sellita SW200-1

– operating frequency of 28’800 A/h (4hz)

– number of jewels: 26

– running time 38 hours

– white on black date

– apparent oscillating weight through case back

1. Automatic watch wryst racer stainless steel SX1

Automatic watch Wryst Racer

The luxury swiss watch wryst racer SX1 with brushed stainless steel case. Holds an elegant black and dark gray dial with shiny polished details and a contrasting black hour hand. The industrial feel of this automatic watch is neutral but very stylish. All racer references offer a screwed polished crown. ideogram five-pointed stars are printed on the dial and engraved on the case back. Stars are a symbol of an idea or concept. In this case they represent success and achievements.

2. Deluxe polished rose gold automatic watch wryst racer SX2

Swiss red gold automatic watch

An intemperate and fancy version of this mechanical watch is the wryst racer SX2. This radiant polished rose gold case, dial details and buckle will embrace any challenge with style. Should be the modern man of the 21. century, it should be this racer SX2. The luxury automatic winding watch features a tinted crystal on the back, showing the swiss sellita SW200-1 rotor. Two vibrating silicone bracelets are also included with this confident watch. One in brown with white lines, the other bracelet in dark gray with brown lines.

3. A luminous wryst racer SX3 in shiny yellow gold

Yellow gold automatic watch

A gold plated version of this wrist racer design was inevitable. The atypical curved case of this racer SX3 makes the watch shine with a thousand garnet chips. Individualists often wear gold, countless times and as often as possible. The color gold is the color of success, performance and triumph. As such, it is associated with affluence and prosperity, refinement and prestige. A glossy white dial with more details to turn this watch into an uplifting experience.

4. Most automatic motorsport watches wryst racer SX4

Automatic motorsport watch

As wryst racer SX4 in shiny black and red accents hits the mark. The SX4 is the motorsport inspired automatic watch and has it all. Committed to car racing, sports cars and super sports cars. First of all, we have an exclusive mechanical swiss watch. An aggressive design takes the automatic watch to a new level of fashion style. Also this racer SX4 comes with two different large modern silicone bracelets with red lines. Wryst has been producing limited edition luxury watches since 2012.

NEW – upgrade of the handmade leather strap

All automatic racer references are now available with handmade quality leather straps. These new additions offer a refined appearance, whether for a new purchase or to upgrade an already purchased watch. All new straps are made with double stitching and a soft black leather on the back with the markings "genuine leather" and "WRYST" PROVIDED. The bracelet sides are also available in different colors, making a total of three different leathers for each combination. All the square buckles available with the silicone bands are perfect for these supplements. It is possible to purchase one of the four leather straps available as a replacement.

5/ black alligator leather strap with black / gray stitches

Luxury automatic watch with black alligator leather strap

Luxury wryst SX1 upgrade – the standard version of this collection with single brushed case and buckle. The luxurious black alligator strap is a perfect match for this everyday watch while you wait for your next motorsport success. the dark grey edges have the same pantone color as the dark grey dial details of the SX1.

6/ brown alligator leather strap with black/gray stitches

Rose gold and dark brown alligator are a striking combination for the stunning wryst racer SX2 with polished rose gold case and fastening buckle. The strap is made of black leather on the back with the inscription "genuine leather" and the wryst logo embossed. The band edges are made of a different leather in gray color.

7/ brown alligator leather strap with black/gray stitches

The first choice for a gold watch is undoubtedly a brown or black bracelet. Both the brown alligator texture and gold colors together inspire luxury, sophistication and confidence. You can choose this watch for important meetings and cocktail parties where you will undoubtedly make an impression. The racer SX3 also has a white dial and yellow gold hands and hour markers.

8/ bracelet made of black carbon fiber leather with red / gray stitches

Carbon fiber material commonly used in the motorsports industry is a logical choice for the racing wryst black carbon fiber watch SX4 motorsports automatic watch. The sides and stitches in red are associated with the dial details. this dark black DLC case and buckle are also mysterious and enigmatic. this watch is most likely the part for any high level motorcycle race that involves car racing.

The best after-sales service in the world

Since the beginning of the wryst watch company, several lessons have been learned. One of them is that our discerning customers want to buy a luxurious watch and make a long-term investment at the same time. high standards and consistency are a must for any company to be successful. Wryst has succeeded where most new watch manufacturers have failed in recent years

DNA of the company is extremely important, but what steals the show is always the quality and details of the product surface. Based on our eight years of experience, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and customer service. From the beginning, we provide the world’s best customer service and after-sales service in the watch industry. For this, we consider each customer as a new friend who will embark on a lifelong journey with us. empathy, honesty and sincerity in mind. Wryst represents an attitude, a way of life and a different approach to fashion accessories. Look good – feel good.

nowadays, more than ever, your chances of success are directly related to your look and your style. People seem to forget what it means to "go out". our vision is "dress like you better go somewhere later". With a wryst racer, you can first enjoy some adrenaline-rich sensations during the day and later feel ready for any formal occasion.

An exclusive swiss luxury automatic offering:

– small series of only 75 units

– hardest stainless steel grade 516L

– 50mm case size, 25mm bracelet width

– serial number engraved on the case back

– 100 meters waterproof

– sapphire crystal with AR coating

– polished luxury finish (except SX1 brushed)

– different signed buckle

– crown case design

– the most scratch resistant coating in the world (DLC coating for racer SX4)

– two modern silicone bracelets with double injection

– engraved left side of the case: "RACER automatic"

– luxury wooden case with leather lining

– usb card for manual and 18 months warranty details

– shipping available worldwide with UPS

How the automatic watch works?

In a mechanical or automatic watch, everything revolves around wheels, gears, springs, jewels and oils that only work together with the physical laws of mechanics to regulate the interactions between all components. This rare complexity, mastered by the human brain and hands, is the charm, the mystery and the prestige of mechanical watches.

A fascinating piece of engineering

Automatic watches continue to fascinate for many reasons, starting from the small size of their elements. In fact, the scale of measurement here is a micrometer or a thousandth of a millimeter (0.001 mm). To understand a little better what this means, consider that one of your hairs measures between 0.06 and 0.07 millimeters. Until 19. In the nineteenth century and the improvement of machining tools, the construction of a watch was a craft in which only specialists could design the movement, manufacture the components, assemble and make everything work. Such individuals still live among us today, even if rare. Each of their tasks has developed into a suitable field with excellent specialization. Also, the complexity of watch movements has increased significantly, making it sometimes almost impossible to apply the traditional methods of designing and manufacturing watches with pencil, paper and blueprints.

How are the automatic movements made?

Calibers are created by watch movement designers and engineers using computers similar to those used in automotive engineering. Micromechanics is responsible for programming the CNC machining tools that perform the actual production of the parts. Then watchmakers finish, assemble, test, and adjust the movements before mounting them in cases, adding the dial and the hands, and closing them up. Because of this long and complex process, many tests are required to verify the quality at different stages. Dedicated craftsmen can also perform the various tasks separately. For example, the assembly of a watch movement can be divided into subgroups of parts, the assembly of which is carried out by specialists. The experienced watchmaker focuses only on the most sensitive operations.

Art and decorative craftsmanship also find their way into watch movements. High polishing, beveling, engraving and even gem-setting are the common techniques used in fine watchmaking to embellish the mechanics through visual contrasts between the different parts and their surfaces.

Development and improvements

Even though their design principles have changed since the 19. Since the twentieth century, watchmakers and engineers have not changed significantly, always working to improve the reliability and precision of watch movements. They have constantly integrated innovations at all levels in this pursuit, be it in materials or technical processes. Nowadays, experimental techniques have emerged that make it possible, for example, to keep moving parts almost suspended by means of micromagnets that generate a small magnetic field. This helps to reduce friction between classic metal parts. silicon has become increasingly popular in the manufacture of extremely delicate and thin elements such as the hairspring, pallet lever and escape wheel. Some parts are built from carbon fiber or ceramic – for example, with ball bearings. Other components are coated with a layer of artificially grown diamond for protection. Very rarely, these new materials make new mechanical systems possible.

Choose the serial number of your automatic watch

(depending on availability)

In summary, only limited quantities of these stylish luxury automatic references are available. If you want to know which serial numbers are available, please contact us. In addition, the coveted and collectible wryst mechanical watch will be sold out one day. So update your lifestyle today with the unique automatic wryst racer. this particular collection is not battery operated quartz watches. The hands are easy to read and as a diving watch we recommend the wryst ultimate watch collection with 200 meters water resistance.

decide today to make a difference with an atypical luxury piece! Wryst offers you the opportunity today to make the most of your budget with a long-term investment. Add to your collection the only model that very few people will ever own. The racer design is timeless and your future will confirm it. Most of our customers are satisfied with their purchase. Over half of you have purchased a second one within the first twelve months to add to your collection.

Two different ways to wind the mechanical watch

Manual winding:

Mechanical watches work by winding a spring that unwinds and activates the movement. to ensure that the spring does not unwind all at once, but transfers its force slowly and evenly, a mechanical system called escapement has been developed. This system allows the energy of the spring to enter the movement only in several small impulses. Precisely calibrated gears transmit power to the movement at the many points needed for the hour, minute and seconds hands, to the rotating discs for the calendar displays.

To achieve this result, hundreds of parts are needed. For wristwatches, they often have to be microscopic; for luxury watches, they are still mostly ground, smoothed and polished by hand.

For mechanical wristwatches, there are two principles for winding the spring. The first, the oldest, is also the simplest: hand-wound. At first, a small key was used, which was gradually replaced by a crown on the side of the case, which was turned between the thumb and forefinger to wind the watch. To set the time, pull out the crown slightly.

The manual labor involved in making valuable mechanical watches often makes them expensive, if not inaccessible.

The wrist as winder:

Thanks to the oscillating weight, automatic winding is also possible. The movements of the wrist are reflected in a device integrated into the watch, which tensions the spring in tiny impulses.

Heavy on the back of the watch. the vibrations of the rotor are transmitted to a spring. Externally, mechanical watches are hardly different from hand-wound watches: they are usually somewhat thicker because the rotor, which must be able to rotate freely around the central axis, is seated on metal. The rotor moves whenever the wrist changes the position of the watch. The rotor must make about 150 turns to allow a single rotation of the spring shaft.

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