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you want to attract attention with print advertising in auto bild tuning? Below you will find all the information for your print ad in auto bild tuning. select your desired page format, placement and publication date. Calculate your individual costs for print advertising in auto bild tuning and book directly online.

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Attention: please note that print advertising has individual characteristics depending on the publisher and medium.
All information and costs in the print area are therefore subject to change. Deviation.
Your inquiries will be checked in detail regarding prices, availabilities and special conditions and, if necessary, we will contact you. Updated.

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Print advertising in auto bild tuning

Print advertising still plays a very important role in the german advertising market, also because of its high credibility. Especially in combination with online advertising on the auto bild tuning website, print advertising can achieve a high contact density and intensity.

Print advertising is characterized by a target group-specific approach, because you can address a very specific group of readers with each title and individually address the readers of auto bild tuning with your print ad.

By actively using the target group without distraction, your ad in auto bild tuning gets special attention. The free choice of place and time of use also increases the credibility and acceptance of your print advertising in auto bild tuning.

Newspapers, magazines (especially trade journals) and other print media are partially retained. This ensures that your print advertising in auto bild tuning has a longer impact and that the target group keeps coming back to your ad even at a later date.

Advertisements can also be leafed through and taken away with you. The use of auto bild tuning is independent of electronic media. Auto bild tuning can be read practically anywhere without the internet, for example on the train or subway on the way to work.

AUTO BILD tuning addresses the outstanding events of the scene
– tuningworld bodensee, car&sound and worthersee. The reporting on refinement, tuning and accessories of the medium-sized companies and manufacturers is in the foreground.

Painting scale

  • From 6 times: 5.00
  • From 9 times: 10.00
  • From 12 times: 15.00

Quantity scale (pages)

  • from 3 pages: 5,00
  • From 6 pages: 10.00
  • from 9 pages: 15,00
  • From 12 pages: 20.00

The general terms and conditions of the respective marketer apply to bookings. These will be made available to you in the course of a booking.

Advantages of print advertising in auto bild tuning:

  • Addressing target groups precisely
  • High contact intensity
  • Active use by the target group without distraction
  • Free choice of place and time of use
  • High credibility and acceptance

Auto bild tuning offers various formats for your print advertisement. so you can customize your ad to fit your available budget. place your print ad now in one of the next issues of auto bild tuning and be in one of the popular newspapers from the publishing house "axel springer auto verlag gmbh" represent. Benefit from the simple and fast handling of your print advertising in auto bild tuning.

On request, you will of course also receive detailed personal advice from our media team in order to implement your print advertising in auto bild tuning as effectively as possible. We also arrange all necessary further services for you. So you have everything for your advertisement in auto bild tuning in one hand and do not have to worry about anything else.

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