Your authorized service partner

Your authorized service partner

From volvo you can expect much more than ordinary service. To learn more about our swedish service promise and our services, we invite you to download our service brochure.

Our fixed offers

Original volvo service at a fixed price

your volvo should always feel like it did on the first day – even if it’s getting on a bit in years. That’s why our sweden promise guarantees original volvo service for your volvo at a fixed price. Wear and tear repairs are carried out exclusively by the experienced volvo service with original parts. This way you can enjoy the comfort you are used to in your volvo – as well as safety and a lot of driving pleasure. You drive another volvo model? no problem either: just make an appointment and get an exclusive quote.

Highest quality through original parts

don’t settle for second best: rely on our original volvo parts. with the fixed price offers you can do something good for your volvo – and your wallet.

Your authorized service partner

Your authorized service partner

Navigation update

Is your volvo navigation system up to date?

for an unparalleled navigation experience in your volvo, all you need to do is update your maps with the latest available updates. updated maps with new road layouts, one-way streets and possible detours will keep you on the right track.

Our navigation maps also include important information regarding the nearest emergency services and road closures.

Map update for your volvo with RTI navigation system

If you are the owner of a volvo manufactured up to model year 2013 with RTI navigation system, you can find detailed information about available updates for your volvo on the volvocars website.Com/navigation.

You can also subscribe to our mapcare program and benefit from two free updates.

Map update for your volvo with sensus navigation system

Volvo is one of the few car manufacturers to offer regularly updated navigation maps for your vehicle with lifetime mapcare until 2025. From model year 15 onwards, all owners of a new S60/V60/XC60 from model year 14* will be able to download regularly updated maps online to stay up to date with the latest information.

You can download the maps here.

Click here for more information about mapcare.

Online maps for the volvo S60, V60 and XC60

*if you own a volvo S60, V60 or XC60 from model year 14, which was manufactured after calendar week 46 2013, you have the possibility to download online updated maps for your car.

Tire storage

Tire and wheel storage

Tire/wheel dragging and storage is a nuisance. We are happy to do it for you, good for you, good for your tires and wheels. Just ask for our storage service – complete with storage, check, cleaning and assembly. Our service at a glance:

we store your tires or wheels for you

With our storage service for your tires/wheels you save storage space in your garage or basement. We store your summer or winter tires/wheels in optimal conditions in a dark, dry and cool room. Of course, your tires/wheels are also insured during storage with us. another advantage for you, because some household insurances do not cover tires/wheels stored in your basement or garage.

We change your tires or wheels for you

Simply make an appointment when the seasons change, and the staff at your volvo workshop will change your summer or winter tires. winter tires/wheels against each other.

We check your tires for you

We can also check your tires for wear, damage, pressure and tread depth in a particularly practical and safe way. the staff at your volvo repair shop is very knowledgeable about your volvo’s tires and will be happy to give you tips on how to best treat your tires for safety, fuel efficiency and durability.

Additional services

These services are available in the tire storage service for an additional charge:

  • wheel balancing
    of course we can also balance your wheels on request.
  • We wash your tires for you
    before storing your winter or summer wheels, we clean and wash rims and tires carefully. Because clean tires last longer.

Your authorized service partner

Your authorized service partner

Volvo glass service

In case of damage to the windshield, our dealership is there for you. We install your new volvo original windshield and calibrate it professionally in no time with proven volvo methods.

The volvo assistance

Volvo assistance is a free service offered to you in case of a breakdown or accident with your vehicle. The service is available for the first 2 years after purchase and first registration of the vehicle. With every service at a volvo authorized workshop within the german dealer network, your volvo assistance is automatically extended until the next service recommended by the manufacturer (maximum 12 months).

volvo assistance coverage includes coverage for the driver and up to 4 passengers (in the volvo XC90: 6 passengers). you are traveling with trailer or caravan? These are also integrated into the services.

volvo assistance covers almost all problems and situations – from flat tires to accidents, from rental cars to hotel costs: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, in almost all european countries. wherever you are, inland or on the road or even at home, just call our toll free number and we will provide assistance in your language as soon as possible.

In the following cases you can contact volvo assistance:

  • Mechanical or electrical defects
  • Fuel problems: empty tank, misfilling, contaminated fuel
  • Key problems: if you are locked out or if you have lost or broken your key
  • Tire problems: for punctures of all kinds
  • Defective/empty starter battery
  • Traffic accident in which the vehicle has been damaged to such an extent that it is unroadworthy
  • Traffic accident, theft, attempted theft and fire

We offer you free volvo assistance because we know that you can always rely absolutely on your volvo as long as maintenance is carried out regularly at one of our authorized workshops within the german dealer network. With this attractive offer, you can start your trips relaxed and even save on the cost of mobility insurance.

Smart repair

away with scratches and dents: improve the appearance and value of your volvo

Even on the best maintained volvo, they will eventually show up: small dents, dings on the door, or dents caused by stone impact or hail. These not only look unsightly, they also reduce the value of your car. Good that you can now remedy the situation quickly and easily. And at a reasonable price!

volvo’s specially trained technicians are able to remove dents in a way that eliminates the need for sanding, filling and repainting. With the intelligent and innovative dent removal technique PDR (paintless dent repair).

They use special tools and methods to press the metal back into its original shape from the back side. As long as the paint isn’t cracked and the dent isn’t too close to the edge of the body panel, this will remove almost any dent up to the size of a soccer ball. You don’t have to take your car to a body and paint shop for several days, in most cases we can dent repair your car while you are having a cup of coffee. In any case, you can take your Volvo back the same day. Saves a lot of time and expensive body repair work. Not to mention the cost of having your insurance upgraded.

Therefore: ask our experts. Just bring your volvo by and we’ll take a look at your vehicle together. Our experienced technicians will then tell you if the dents in your volvo can be removed using the PDR process, and provide you with a schedule and cost estimate!

Tip: why not have your vehicle checked at your next service appointment?.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • No paint work required
  • Significantly less expensive
  • Ready immediately, or the same day
  • No color deviations
  • Maintaining the value of your vehicle
  • The good feeling of driving a volvo that looks like new

Car care

Bright prospects: car care from the specialist

Remember that special feeling when your volvo was brand new?? How it looked? How it felt and how fresh it smelled? now you can experience this feeling again in your volvo (without buying a new volvo). With volvo car care.

your volvo is exposed to constant dirt and wear inside and out. To ensure that you still feel as good in your volvo after years as you did on the first day, you should have it professionally reconditioned by your volvo dealer on a regular basis. A pleasant side effect: not only does your volvo stay clean and fresh, but its resale value increases as well. Regardless of age and model.

Our trained reconditioners maintain and clean your volvo inside and out. You know exactly where dirt hides, how best to remove it and what you need to do to keep your volvo like new for longer. You work in an environmentally friendly way and use exactly the right products in the right quantities. Let your volvo dealer advise you and then decide which care your volvo needs. No matter how dirty your volvo is, you can be sure that you will get it back properly clean. Most of the time it even looks like new. This good feeling is perhaps the best reason for our professional reconditioning services. But don’t listen to promises, see for yourself. simply make an appointment with your volvo dealer.

What’s best for you?
In order to make your decision easy, we have put together different care packages for you. From a thorough cleaning of all important and visible parts of your volvo to long-term protection with waxing, polishing and greasing of trims, we offer you the right care package for you. It’s best to discuss this with your volvo dealer when you register your volvo.

Tip: combine the practical with the beautiful and arrange a car care with your volvo dealer at the same time as your next service appointment. Many volvo dealers also offer additional services, such as engine washing or leather and textile care. ask your volvo dealer what additional services he offers you.

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