What to do with a marten in the car? Tips that help

Everyone needs a place to sleep and rest after a hard day – even martens. Unfortunately, the solitary animals often choose places that are very inconvenient for us humans. This also includes the engine compartment of the car. We have tips for you and tell you what you can do if a marten has nested in your car.

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Why does a marten go into the car?

In the spring into summer inside is with the martens mating season. The male specimens look for a suitable place for nest building and attract females with scents. The engine compartment of a car is a perfect cookie, because it is warm, safe and from the marten’s point of view you even already have some materials for the nest building at your disposal.

When a rival male perceives the scent of the other marten, it may react aggressively and bite wildly, destroying the nest of the competition. With this destroys he, however, also hoses, rubber, cables and everything else that is inside the engine compartment.

However, not only the direct damage of the marten bite is problematic, but also everything that the animal has additionally carried into the engine compartment for nest-building. leaves, newspapers, branches and other things can change at higher temperatures in the engine compartment ignite and start a fire.

How to tell that a marten has been in the car?

Especially if your car is parked outside, you should regular the check the engine compartment. If you find nesting material, it is obvious that a marten has taken up residence. But otherwise marten only difficult to spot. You can look for footprints or feces on the car, but of course this is not a confirmation yet.

look at cables, hoses and rubber regularly and as soon as you notice anything negative about the vehicle while driving or otherwise, have it checked at a workshop so that you can continue to drive safely. Even if your vehicle no longer starts despite a correctly performed jump start, a marten may be behind it.

Is there a home remedy against martens?

Even though martens can cause dangerous damage to the engine compartment, many people first want to get rid of the animals using home remedies put to flight. There is no guarantee that home remedies against martens in the car will be effective, but you can certainly give it a try. Here are a few home remedies that are said to be more or less effective:

  • bags with dog or cat hair
  • Mothballs
  • Slats covered with wire
  • Special sprays and pastes

That dogs and cats are not the best friends of the marten, should be known. Whether, however, the smell of dog and cat hair keeps the marten away in the long run is questionable. Due to the strong smell of mothballs should be made uncomfortable for the marten, so that he looks for another hiding place, this is also basically the purpose of the sprays and pastes, you can buy.

Very popular are wood-wire racks, to be placed under the car at the level of the engine compartment. The animals can get their paws caught in the grille and cannot find a good jump from the ground into the engine compartment. This can help, but again, there is no guarantee that a marten will not take up residence.

If you know that you have had a marten in your car, it may also help to car thorough to washing – especially an engine wash is important to eliminate the marten smell and not to attract other animals.

Which marten protection is the best?

In addition to the above-mentioned home remedies, there are also possibilities of marten guards, recommended as effective – but of course not necessarily inexpensive. Recommended:

  • Ultrasound
  • Electricity
  • engine bulkheads

In the case of a marten deterrent, which ultrasound sets, are high tones emitted when the marten approaches the car. Since the animals have sensitive ears, the marten is supposed to be unpleasant noise be scared off. People do not hear these sounds. ultrasonic devices are easy to install under the hood and are either powered by the car battery or have their own battery.

There is, however, the possibility that martens get used to the noise over time – but the advantage is that the animals are not injured or caused pain in the process.

The situation is somewhat different with the very drastic method of using electricity. As the only permanently advertised solution, the marten is supposed to be electric shocks be kept away. For this purpose, electrodes are placed in the engine compartment at various locations. When the animal touches a metal plate, it gets an electric shock, gets frightened and flees.

More animal-friendly and also effective are also engine bulkheads. Many manufacturers offer these specifically for their own models. Perforated plates or bristle curtains are installed under the engine compartment and seal it off from below.

insurance pays for marten damage?

In the common comprehensive insurance marten damage is covered. However, sometimes only direct marten damage paid by car insurance, so for example a bitten hose – but if it resulted in major damage, it would not be paid for. For this it is necessary that in their insurance policy is additionally registered that a consequential damage also covered.

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