Ways to dispose of the car – be careful when giving it away

Possibilities of car disposal - be careful when giving it away

Possibilities of car disposal – be careful when giving it away

Every year, many car owners face the question of how to dispose of their car. Whether the car is simply old, can no longer pass the MOT or is classified as a total loss due to an accident: a car that is no longer fit for road use must be disposed of. Read here what options you have for it.

Give away your car

Giving away a car that is no longer roadworthy to hobbyists seems to make sense, because it means spare parts can still be used. However, this may be inadmissible under certain circumstances: if the car is given away for this purpose, it may be classified as improper disposal. And this is an offence, as the waste law is being violated. It can even become a criminal offense if liquids such as coolant and refrigerant for air conditioning systems, engine oil or brake and battery fluids from the vehicle get into the ground when the parts are removed.

According to the end-of-life vehicle ordinance, you may only dispose of your vehicle at authorized collection points. Giving away is only possible if the car can be made roadworthy again or if the new owner scraps the rest of the vehicle after taking the spare parts.

If mistakes are made when giving away the car, the last car owner is liable. Therefore, a few things have to be taken into account when transferring it:

  • The best thing to do is to sign a contract for donation
  • Check the identity of the donor
  • Arrange for a change of custodian at the registration office.

For this, you must provide the license plate number, name and address of the recipient and a confirmation that the registration certificates one and two (formerly vehicle registration certificate and
vehicle registration document) have been handed over.

In some cases, the previous owner can still be held liable. A ruling by the OLG Celle confirms the liability of the previous owner, although he had even concluded a contract. Therefore, only give away your vehicle if you are sure that it is permitted and that the vehicle will not be disposed of improperly. The seemingly easy way to pass on your old or defective vehicle free of charge is not so easy in detail.

give away car

Have your car scrapped

In the case of professional car scrapping, recyclable parts are also removed from the vehicle. These will be recycled as spare parts
offered and gladly used by other vehicle owners. What is left over is pressed to save space and then further processed in the recycling process. Because vehicles contain a lot of metal, which is recovered as a raw material. Metal can be recycled very well.

You can bring your car directly to a car recycler for this purpose. if your car is no longer roadworthy, use a car scrapping service provider. This service provider will come to you, transport the vehicle and then transfer it to a car recycler for proper disposal. This service free of charge. You do not incur any costs and save the effort of transporting your vehicle yourself. In addition, proper disposal is ensured. You do not bear the risk of giving away a vehicle. If required, you will receive a certificate of destruction, which certifies that the vehicle has been disposed of properly.

have your car scrapped

return your vehicle to the manufacturer

Since 2007, car manufacturers have been obliged to take back vehicles for disposal. With the return of the car, a third uncomplicated possibility of car disposal opens up for car owners. This is particularly useful if your vehicle is still registered and roadworthy. If your vehicle has to be picked up, you as the owner are responsible for the costs of removal.

To take advantage of the end-of-life vehicle take-back program, contact an authorized dealer or workshop of the respective manufacturer. Some car manufacturers offer hotlines to help you find a collection point. In this way, you can easily find out the local collection points and arrange the return procedure.

Sell your car

If your car is basically still in good condition, a fourth option is to sell it privately. for this you can use advertisements in local newspapers or online platforms. There may be a buyer who would like to carry out the repair or who can do it himself. As in the case of giving away, follow a few rules in order not to be in a later liability

  • Conclude a purchase agreement (a sample is offered, for example, by the ADAC).
  • Check the identity of the buyer
  • Agree bindingly who will carry out the re-registration.

If it is an accident car, special requirements apply. As a seller, you are obliged to provide information about the accidental damage, preferably with documents from a surveyor or a repair shop. Car dealers who export vehicles to foreign countries also come into question as buyers. Many cars that are no longer attractive for the German market are still popular in other countries. However, rules also apply here to prevent improper disposal. The export of scrap cars is not allowed, it must be a used car. This assessment will be made by an experienced car dealer.

So depending on the condition, there are several ways to dispose of your vehicle. The decision is mainly determined by whether your vehicle is still roadworthy and how much time you want to invest in disposal.

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