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819 € per month incl. VAT

VW up! in car subscription from smive

335 € per month incl. VAT

VW Passat in the car subscription from smive

379 € per month incl. VAT

VW Polo or similar in car subscription from SIXT+

399 € per month incl. VAT

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VW Golf in car subscription from smive

399 € per month incl. VAT

VW Golf in car subscription from smive

405 € per month incl. VAT

VW Golf in the car subscription of smive

405 € per month incl. VAT

VW Golf in the smive car subscription

405 € per month incl. VAT

VW Golf in car subscription from smive

409 € per month incl. VAT 439 € per month incl. VAT 439 € per month incl. VAT

VW car subscription: models as flat rate 2022

providers take all the costs – except for the fuel – of the car from you. For this you pay a monthly fixed price. In exchange, the customer benefits from a reliable vehicle that is new or at least has hardly been used. The transaction is simple. The price is transparent. And the term is flexible. a VW subscription does not have to be made directly through VWFS (volkswagen financial services). We present you the best providers for the car subscription of a VW, mention the advantages and present alternatives nevertheless.

The following providers offer a car subscription for VW

We know that there is the auto flatrate for the VW. Now it remains to be clarified with which provider we conclude our subscription. There are different approaches here. Once you may have already decided for a specific model. Or first of all the prices should be compared. Either way, it’s a good idea to first check out the relevant pages about the VW subscription.

1. This is how much VW there is at faaren

From the up!, from the polo and golf to the passat, tiguan and touran, there is already a great variety in the portfolio. And with that we have by no means mentioned all the possibilities of the VW auto abo. Because the sharan and the T-cross are also available for long-term rental. And if you really want to do something bigger, then maybe the transporter – a 9-seater – is a good choice. Finally you have to decide for a VW subscription model. The minimum term for faaren is very flexible. It starts at one month and can be extended up to twelve months. In addition, a mileage package can be booked.

We would like to offer you an exemplary overview of the prices – even if the offers can change in this respect, of course. The passat costs for 1.250 kilometers per month, with twelve booked months 445,41 euro. If you need the same vehicle for only one month, but you want the mileage package to be 5.000 you pay 982,96 euro. Just to make one thing clear: both options can be absolutely worthwhile – for example, if you can therefore do without the purchase of a car.

2. The VW abo is available at a reasonable price from sixt+

However, we have found the best price offer at sixt+. There you can rent the very popular VW polo for as little as 349 euro per month. There is usually no longer contract commitment. This is a big plus point in the car subscription of a VW at sixt+. The vehicle can be easily ordered online, including liability insurance, fully comprehensive insurance and theft protection. Nevertheless winter tires are mounted. Maintenance and wear, as well as TuV and HU belong to the package in addition. So the costs can be planned for the long term.

Of course, the portfolio also includes other vws. For example, the VW long-term rental of a touran (manual or automatic), the gulf or other vehicles is possible. Since the VW is very popular, you will find it on other pages of our car subscription comparison. However, sixt has another advantage. Because the provider is very well known and has been on the market for a long time. He therefore enjoys the trust of his customers. Sixt+ is not a bad choice for the volkswagen auto subscription.

3. Comparison winner: cluno also convinces with alternatives

Cluno is also not very expensive. In addition, the car site is very experienced in the allocation of subscriptions. on the other hand, the choice here is definitely smaller – at least in relation to the volkswagen. But we have discovered at least two models – each with automatic transmission. These are the golf variant and the touareg. This means that two of the most popular vws are on offer after all. If you are not only considering a VW, a look at cluno is worthwhile in any case.

But here you can only decide whether you want to rent the car for half a year or for the whole year. This means that the VW trial subscription has a certain length. If you can afford to wait for a special offer, you can even get rid of the starting fee, which is usually 299 euros. Collection is free of charge. For an additional charge, the car can be delivered to an address of your choice with a VW auto subscription. Of course the car comes with parking assistance and other functions. The customer is free to choose the color – but according to availability.

What are the advantages of a VW subscription?

Two different types of benefits we have discovered. The one refer to the volkswagen directly. These are plus points that the brand collects. And then there are also arguments, which speak directly for the VW car subscription. Of course, the following sections do not claim to be exhaustive. The VW long term rental has other advantages to offer. But a few advantages should be highlighted.

Contrary to many opinions: VW is still a volkswagen!

In fact, the name "volkswagen" is in a way also a promise. What is promised? A car for the people! So affordable. Within our car subscription comparison we have found various providers who have the volkswagen listed in their portfolio. Now the brand is not listed among the cheapest pkws. But the VW subscription is also not one of the most expensive offers. In fact, there is a certain varianz in the prices. And that’s exactly why it’s a volkswagen for us too!

Because some bundesburger earn more, the others less. A volkswagen should be somewhere everyone can afford. Starting from the VW up! Up to the tiguan or multivan, the prices of the car subscription of a vws differ enormously. And yes, we see that as an advantage. Because every price range is covered, there is a suitable model for every customer – regardless of his financial strength.

VW is still on a growth course

Let’s start the other way round. Even the emissions scandals could not do much to harm the group. Of course there were fines to pay. And currently, the gradual shift to e-cars is another challenge. Even if the market in europe is suffering a setback, business is flourishing in economically strong asia – especially in china. In a nutshell: demand is good at the moment. That’s why the VW abo a car business model works, and there is also interest in the auto abo providers.

It is not possible to make a general statement as to whether a car subscription from VW, Cluno or Sixt+ is preferable. Basically we think it is smart to compare the prices and to orientate yourself on the experiences regarding the car sites. By the way, if you have a VW car subscription in mind, it almost does not matter if the company is on a growth course. If a volkswagen is no longer worthwhile from your point of view, or if it is simply no longer fashionable, you simply switch to another brand.

The right VW car for every occasion subscription

Of course we have already mentioned. The VW has various models – from small to large. Or from the up! Until the touareg. a small city runabout is enough for you? Then you will probably choose the cheapest model – the up! alternatively there is the polo – almost a classic – and the T-cross. For years, far ahead on the scale of popularity is the VW golf. Here a little more money must be put on the table. But the model is very balanced. It offers space and yet is not too big.

The current line goes under the name ID. Here are already vehicles that manage the drive via electricity and fuel together. The T-roc also belongs to the lesser known models. But the car is even available as a cabriolet. By contrast, the passat is once again a classic. For the somewhat larger family, the variant is a good choice. And if you need even more space, try the tiguan (allspace), sharan, touareg or the touran.

Long-term test drives have never been more cost-effective

Is a car subscription worth it?? We also want to look at this question on the basis of the cost reasons. Especially since there are different ways to drive a car but not to buy it. And then there is VW leasing, which many customers may have preferred in the past. But with the volkswagen car subscription you are less bound as a customer. Here you decide on a flexible term in advance. Depending upon offerer the span goes off already starting from one month. Of course, a car can usually be leased for a year as well.

the longer the span of the car subscription of a volkswagen, the cheaper the model becomes on a monthly basis. On top of that, you should factor in the launch fee. Whereby this can be omitted in offer periods also times. Is the VW subscription now cheap? If you only need a vehicle for a few months, then the subscription is worthwhile in any case. because here you would have to compare the price with a purchase. On top of that the subscription is a great time saver. As a customer, you hardly have to worry about anything except refueling and driving.

frequent drivers benefit from the VW subscription

more precisely, it is as follows: frequent drivers who only need their volkswagen for a limited period of time benefit in particular. But why do we allude to the car subscription of a volkswagen directly to the frequent drivers? In fact, the providers of the subscriptions offer a flat rate. Often this can even be adjusted. At cluno, for example, 1.250 free kilometers per month – unless otherwise specified on the car.

If there are more kilometers, these will be charged with 0,20 euro per kilometer. Over the year, this example shows 21.000 kilometers you are allowed to drive during the car rental period. You will definitely achieve the best price-performance ratio if you get close to the maximum number of kilometers you are allowed to drive. But also otherwise the VW trial subscription is recommended. Because this is how you are able to deal with a car for a long time. Maybe the subscription will even help you with a subsequent purchase decision.

What are the alternatives to the VW car subscription??

Have you ruled out the car flatrate of a VW for you now? Then the advantages mentioned by us could not convince you probably nevertheless. Or the volkswagen cars are priced one level too high for you. Of course, this is no reason to give up the VW subscription right away. After all, there are more brands and models to discover. alternatives to the car subscription of a VW we have prepared for you.

Seat: the small and inexpensive sister

Basically, VW is a big company. The brands audi, skoda, bentley, lamborghini, bugatti, ducati, porsche, volkswagen nutzfahrzeuge, scania, MAN and also seat are part of the portfolio to a certain extent. And if the VW auto subscription is too expensive for you, then the seat is certainly a good choice. Because depending on the provider, there are already seats from just under 270 euros to rent. The ibiza and the arona are particularly worthy of mention. Even the somewhat larger models or the electric runabouts are in a lower price class than those of the competition. And yet there are similarities in design. Just compare yourself the models of VW and seat.

Volvo: safety and reliability from the north

volvo is not part of the VW group. By the way, in terms of cost, you won’t get away cheaper here. But among car brands, the volvo is regarded as an extremely safe vehicle. And if you have to travel longer distances in the near future, maybe even with the family, then the extra financial effort may be worth it thanks to the additional coverage. On top of that, a volvo offers space. This is a car for simple solutions. Pragmatists feel at home in the volvo.

Conclusion about the VW car subscription

Basic advantages of VW auto abo are quickly explained: you do not have to buy a new car, but you can still drive it. Costs arise subsequently only for refueling and of course for the subscription. TuV, HU and wear and tear repairs are taken over by the provider. Point. So if you want to drive carefree, you are in the right place. A VW convinces with compactness (z.B. The up!) or with volume (bspw. The touareg). In between there are classics, such as the golf or the passat. in short: volkswagen has the right vehicle for all your needs. And via subscription you as a customer have 100% predictable costs.

The following VW models are available in auto abo

There is a very wide range of VW cars available as auto abo. In the following you will find the most favorable offer for each model.

VW car subscription: explanation of terms

A car subscription is the possibility to rent a car for a short period of a few months. The term auto flatrate refers only to the monthly costs, which are covered by a fixed fee. a long term rental usually means a fixed rental period at the end of which the contract cannot be extended. The car must be returned. And there is another term: the monthly rent. The monthly rent means on the one hand a fixed monthly amount for the car, and on the other hand it implies the monthly terminability of the contract.

Price comparison for car subscriptions. My goal is to bundle all available auto abo offers here, so that everyone can find the perfect offer.

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