Usa car import to austria

US vehicle imports to austria begin at approx. $650 USD (depending on the market) with an approximate transit time from 3- 7 weeks, depending on the manufacturer and model, the nearest port in the USA, and the final destination in austria.

Below you will find our 2020 – 2021 guide which contains everything you need to know about vehicle imports and services from the USA to Austria. port of reception in germany is bremerhaven. Here is CFR on site and an import professional will answer your questions about importing US cars.

US car import checklist
Vehicle import options
Import Permit
USA – Austria vehicle import costs& time frame
Importing cars from USA
Additional services
Available ports in the USA and Europe
marking your vehicle in austria
Other europe / USA shipping options

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Need more information about importing your US vehicle to austria??

Read below our USA – Austria vehicle import checklist, US – Austria vehicle import options, available ports in the USA& europe and other additional information about importing your u.s. vehicle to austria

US car import checklist

Here is a short list of what you need to import your vehicle into Austria.

– bill of sale
– certificate of title

– freight rate and insurance premium
– wharfage, transshipment costs delivery costs after your car arrives in bremerhaven
– import duties, incl. Eust, customs& car tax
– cleaning the underbody
– registration and insurance conditions in germany
– other costs like customs clearance, customs agents& logistics services

For more information about the process of importing your US vehicle to Austria, please visit here.

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Vehicle import options

If you are about to import your car from abroad you should consider the following questions:

These questions will determine whether your vehicle can be imported duty-free or what import duties apply. You should never assume that your case will be exactly the same as another one. Some cars have different import conditions than others.

When moving goods, the customs of your country decides whether they can be imported duty-free – CFR will be happy to advise you on this.

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import permit

on arrival of the vehicle in europe, the car must be declared immediately to customs.

The following documents will be required:

Things to consider:

USA – austria vehicle import charges& time frame

As a rule, the prices for a normal vehicle imported from los angeles to the port of bremerhaven are around $650 USD, with an estimated transit time of 3-7 weeks.

But, prices for importing a vehicle to austria depend on several factors, such as manufacturer and model, current location, nearest port of departure, transportation method, availability of chosen service and final destination.

In addition, you must take into account other costs such as, storage, inspections by customs and import duties customs& eust according to transportation costs and purchase price of your vehicle.

tax& customs duties for vehicles in austria

Before purchasing and importing a vehicle from the USA to Austria, check that the technical specifications of your vehicle comply with the conditions of registration in Austria.

Since america is not a member of the european union, import duties are generally payable on imports into the eu. Vehicles new or less than 30 years old are subject to 19% import sales tax and 10% customs duty. vehicles over 30 years old and in original condition can be imported without customs duties and with 7% import sales tax. However, it is important to bear in mind that this decision is in the hands of the customs officer who handles the goods. Customs clearance at the import in bremerhaven takes approx. 3 – 6 days.

In some cases, no import duties are payable.

The amount of duty may vary depending on the details of the shipment. For an exact determination of import duties, please fill out this free quick-quote form.

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Quotes available online for domestic and international vehicle transport services. Rely on our reliable and fast vehicle moving services – our dedicated team of freight forwarding specialists is always available by phone to answer all your questions.

Importing cars from the USA

shipments from the USA to austria can be made via consolidated container, single container or roll-on/roll-off service.

Collection container service – a 40 or 45 foot container is used to transport several vehicles at the same time. The total cost is divided by the number of vehicles in the container. These costs include terminal handling charges, container handling, loading and unloading, and customs clearance charges. This method is faster than roro due to weekly departures. We use our steel ramp system for loading to ensure maximum protection against damage and loss, the other companies still use wooden ramps.

The big advantage here is that with our R rak system we can load safely and cheaply. Benefit here from our years of experience and well-trained employees. Send us your transport request now.

Full container load (FCL) – this process is similar to the collection container, except that there is only one vehicle per container. Costs that are shared with the collection container must be borne here alone. Container loads offer a very high level of safety. When the vehicle is received, pictures of the vehicle and the charging process are taken until the container door is closed. The vehicle will not be accessible until the container arrives at the unloading point. Here are pictures taken again, before and during the unloading process. Since the vehicle is completely safe in the container during the entire transport, additional cargo can be carried inside the vehicle. However, it is necessary to stow the cargo safely to avoid damage to the vehicle or the cargo. CFR is not responsible for items on board the vehicle. This method is faster than roro due to weekly departures. We only use our steel ramp system for loading to ensure maximum protection from damage and loss, the other companies still use wooden ramps.


Roll-on/roll-off – this is the method we use when we cannot ship the loads in a container. For example school buses, large agricultural vehicles, large boats on a trailer, etc. The vehicle is driven onto a large ferry and parked there.

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