Unold breadmaker

the unold breadmaker "backmeister edel 68456" is narrowly beaten by the test winner. This is mainly due to the not quite perfect baking result. The machine scores with a very noble stainless steel design, easy operation and the best coating of the baking pan in comparison.

+ design
+ quality
+ operation
+ coating of the baking pan

Unold backmeister noble – top workmanship and design

The name "backmeister edel" really does come to mind with the unold breadmaker. We find the design very chic. Stainless steel comes not only with the basic device, but almost for use everywhere outside – even with the lid, handle and switches.

In addition, it seems to us that the very high quality workmanship. This is especially noticeable in the baking form. It is coated with the ceramic mixture "FUSION sol-gel" from the company Whitford. The non-stick coating is scratch-resistant and is very easy to clean.

The container of the breadmaker from Unold

The ceramic coating of the baking pan is excellent

16 different programs

The unold breadmaker offers you 16 different programs at disposal. Although this means that the appliance cannot keep up with the test winner from panasonic, it still occupies 3rd place in terms of the number of programs. Space.

As bread types you can choose "basic" for normal bread, gluten-free bread and wholemeal bread at your disposal. In addition, there are the speeds "fast" and "super fast" for normal and wholemeal bread. Furthermore, there are different dough programs, for example, pasta dough and a program for preparing jam.

A special feature of the unold automatic bread maker is that you can customize two programs can. You set the duration of each step of the process. Have you found your favorite bread at some point, but it doesn’t firm up enough when baking with the standard programs or it’s not very well done?? Then you can extend the baking time or fermenting. Your settings are saved so that you can use your tried and tested program again and again.

The breadmaker from Unold from above

The unold baking machine is easy to work with

Equipment and accessories for the unold breadmaker

The unold breadmaker lets you select two bread sizes: 750 grams or 1.000 grams of bread weight. You can also choose between three tanning levels decide. For comparison of the devices we always select the middle level. When it comes to the baking result of the unold automatic bread maker, we notice that the bread is darker in comparison to other models becomes.

The unold breadmaker scores points with its viewing window. This allows you to watch the bread being kneaded, proofed and baked – even if the window tends to mist up. Unfortunately, there is no interior lighting.

A feature you might also miss is a raisin compartment. Ingredients, that you want to add later, so you must add manually. The baking machine notifies you of the appropriate time with a beeping sound.

The scope of delivery includes a measuring cup, a measuring spoon and hook skewer. With the latter, you remove the baked-in dough hook, which works well for us in the test. in addition, unold has added a good operating instructions added, with helpful explanations and some recipes

This is how bread is baked with the unold breadmaker

With the unold baking machine we first try the suggested basic recipe: a simple wheat mix bread. But unfortunately result a bit bland. The crust is very firm and hard. The crumb remains bright. Perhaps the temperature at the beginning of baking is so high that the crust quickly becomes firm and the heat does not reach the inside of the loaf so well. Depending on the recipe, the lightest browning level is recommended. In addition, the dough does not rise so nicely, the bread is very flat.

In later attempts with wholemeal bread, the bread becomes less dark. The dough also rises better and the bread becomes nice and fluffy. However, the bread crooked. one side is flatter than the other. This is probably due to the fact that the dough after kneading does not get a round shape. By the way, the unold baking machine has the problem of crooked bread in common with two other machines in the test: the bread is baked in a similar way in the bread baking machines from kenwood and morphy richards.

The best bread results we reach with a baking mix. The succeeds with the unold breadmaker really well.

The breadmaker from Unold with the bread

The first baking attempts are less successful – the crust is too hard and dark

summary of the unold backmeister: good and inexpensive bread maker

The breadmaker from unold is particularly convincing due to the good quality and workmanship. also the design and the easy operation we find top. The programs are not made for many different types of bread, but the most important functions are nobly covered in the unold backmeister. Unfortunately, we find the baking result compared to other machines not so nice. on the other hand, the backmeister scores with a relatively low price: the unold breadmaker costs about 100 euros*.

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