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The unold brand stands for a successful medium-sized family business that has now been in business for over 50 years satisfies its customers. what was once a single company has now become one of the market leaders among bread baking machines in germany. But it is not only with kitchen appliances that unold convinces its customers with quality and innovative technology. The company also has a lot to offer in the bathroom & garden segment. What does the unold automatic bread maker test say, which different series/models inspire customers and maybe you too? learn more about unold and its bread makers.

Unold breadmaker test 2021 / 2022

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Around the company unold

Unold bread maker

the company was founded in 1966 by friedrich unold in offenbach as a single company and functioned primarily to distribute products from well-known companies. She took over sales agency. A few years later, in 1989, unold gmbh was finally founded. only four years later the single company and the unold gmbh were merged.

The founder had to withdraw from the business for health reasons. Since 1999, unold has been able to enjoy a partnership with the well-known chef johann lafer rejoice. Since 2002 the company is also a joint stock company. As a result, the company name is no longer unold gmbh but unold AG. Over the years, the company has also expanded into austria is known and sells product line from switzerland.

The company concentrates on different series/models and brands. Accordingly, it is divided into five sections:

  1. Unold electro
  2. Unold
  3. Unold care+style
  4. Unold fan+heat
  5. ESGE magic wand

The product repertoire not only includes the unold bread baking machine, but also hair straighteners and stylers, shavers, heaters and fans, hand mixers and many other different helpful gadgets for the kitchen.

Company UNOLD AG
headquarters hockenheim, germany
founding 1966 by friedrich unold
products shavers, heaters, bread makers, hand mixers, stirrers and much more.

Baking with the bread baking machine from unold

For all baking fans, unhold introduces the series of "baking master" a certain selection of different bread baking machines at your disposal. They differ mainly in capacity, design and equipment. However, according to the unold bread maker test, they have one thing in common, quality, satisfied customers and excellent bread. However, these machines can be used for more than just bread production. Also jams or just a pure dough, for example for pizza, can be manufactured.

The backmeister series includes the following different types to vending machines:

  • compact plus
  • Compact
  • noble
  • Top edition
  • Onyx

From design they fit perfectly into the existing kitchen design. the simple stainless steel design convinces with style and is an eye-catcher for everyone who enters the kitchen. The unold bread baking machine is also available partly with stainless steel, as well as plastic coated. In these variants, the control panel and the lid are usually made of solid plastic.

The capacity is also determined differently depending on the devices. Small quantities of 500 grams or even breads up to 1000 grams can be produced. with some devices both options are possible, whether now a large bread or a small one, plays thereby no role. One of the breadmakers in the series can even bake up to 1800 grams. For every need, whether for a one-person household or a family, you can find the right breadmaker from unold.

Also with the equipment the vending machine convinces unold its customers. This allows you to use several preset programs, including some for preparing marmalade. In some cases, you can even set up a program yourself. The keep warm function and the setting of the desired browning stages of the bread are a practical tool. If you have misplaced the operating instructions, you can download them from the company’s own website. Unold thus also convinces its customers with excellent transparency, which is rarely found on the market. The company even makes it possible, to bake two breads at the same time. The corresponding bread baking machine has a device in which two baking pans or, alternatively to the two, a large baking pan can be accommodated.

The unold breadmaker test

If you want to find out more about a particular breadmaker, whether it’s unold or another brand, it’s very helpful to include test reports and customer experiences in the decision-making process. Just one experience report gives a lot of information about the baking behavior of the devices, as well as the degree of difficulty of operation.

Basically, the bread maker from unold, no matter which model it is, satisfies the wishes of the customers. Most of them customer reviews are very positive about the models. The operation is easy to handle and the results are excellent. The setting of the browning levels, as well as the start time programming up to 13h, are particularly interesting. The price-performance ratio also scored well in the test.

Advantages and disadvantages of an unold breadmaker

  • Many of the hockenheim manufacturer’s models have a large viewing window so that you can keep an eye on the baking process at all times.
  • In addition, there is a large display on the top, which can be used to make various settings (such as program selection).
  • Speaking of programs: unold bread makers usually have more than ten programs with which you can prepare different foods.
  • In addition, you can often save your own program and call it up again at any time.
  • Unfortunately, not all models can bake gluten-free bread.

Buy a baking machine at a reasonable price

The baking machines from the backmeister series from unold are very affordable and offer good quality. Even the most favorable model has already been chosen as the test winner in comparison with more expensive models. The devices cost around 100 euros. Only the automatic bread maker, which surpasses all with its baking volume of up to 1800 grams, costs a little more. The price here is around 180 euros. Of course, you will have to decide personally which automatic machine best suits your requirements fits. In the store you can find out online about the different models and their prices. With a proper price comparison you will quickly find the right offer for you.

If it becomes necessary at some point to spare parts to get a tan, this is also possible without. From the baking pan to the dough hook, everything can be reordered for very little money.

Tip: baking enthusiasts can order a recipe book to go with their breadmaker. This contains many delicious recipes.

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