Unold 8695 test and experience

The last few weeks i had the unold 8695 on test. This is a small, high-quality breadmaker of the entry-level class. Find out if the unold onyx is worth buying in the following practical test.

The unold 8695 onyx in a practical test

Technical data

manufacturer: unold
own program: 1
max. Bread size: 1000g
housing: stainless steel& plastic
dimensions: 35,5 x 28,5 x 29,5 cm

Max. 1000g bread weight

No illuminated display

Unold 8695 test and experience

Current offer

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Delivery and packaging

the delivery arrived well packed and fast, thanks to amazon prime with me. I did know that the unold onyx is a small bread maker. but when i unpacked the machine during the unold 8695 test, i was quite surprised. the onyx looks almost cute.

Weighing only five kilograms, it is relatively light and, with dimensions of 35.5 x 28.5 x 29.5 centimeters, fits easily into even the smallest kitchen.

housing and design of the unold 8695 onyx

Made of stainless steel and plastic, the device scores with an unobtrusive look of elements in black and silver, and makes a very robust impression thanks to the good workmanship.

Thanks to six keys labeled in german and a legend printed above them, the LCD display makes it very easy for beginners without much experience to quickly celebrate successes.

If you look directly at the small display from above, it is very easy to read. In poor light and when looking from the side, however, a few difficulties unfortunately become apparent. Because the small symbols for degree of browning and bread size are difficult to read.

However, I particularly liked the precise display of the current baking phase. This means that you can always see exactly what the unold breadmaker is doing at any given time.

Also about the large viewing window nothing negative can be reported.

The stainless steel housing is adorned with a sticker when unpacked. This warns that the housing could become hot. My unold breadmaker got relatively warm during the test, but you can’t burn yourself on the housing.

Functional range of the unold 8695

The unold breadmaker offers everything a baker’s heart desires with 13 breadmaking programs. One program is even an own program, which can be programmed completely by yourself. This allows you to determine how long each baking phase lasts and in what order they are performed.

This makes the unold onyx breadmaker something very special. Because this is one of the few bread makers in the lower price category that offers such a dedicated program.

the onyx can bake two different sizes of bread. Stage I bakes small breads with a weight of about 500-750g. Large breads up to 1000g can be prepared in the second stage.

Even if the choice between three browning modes is nowadays as good as standard, this should not be concealed in this experience report.

Whereas in the predecessor, the printed baking programs were red. Are these now printed in white color. This should make them much easier to read.

In addition to the standard programs such as basic, wholemeal and white bread programs, this unold breadmaker also offers many other baking programs. Even though there is no separate program for gluten-free bread, it can be baked in the onyx without any problems.

Unold itself advertises the coating of the removable baking pan as a state-of-the-art fusion ceramic non-stick coating. And indeed the unold 8695 test has shown that bread can be removed from this baking pan without problems. No comparison to the baking pan of the last tested bomann CB 594.

Warning: if the bread does not come out of the baking pan even when shaken vigorously, do not use a knife or anything similar. Because otherwise you will damage the sensitive non-stick coating and will not enjoy the unold breadmaker for long. I always use such a baking palette made of plastic or wood.

The baking pan can be removed from the machine with a wire handle and a slight twist. Handling the baking pan is child’s play. To remove the baking pan, simply grasp the wire handle with a pot cloth and lift it upwards after a slight rotation. The whole thing works perfectly with one hand.

I love it when I get up in the morning, can start the day directly with freshly baked bread. The unold breadmaker makes this possible. With the onyx can all programs, except for the ultra-fast I and II program time-controlled baking. Personally, I really don’t want to miss this function anymore.

If the power should ever fail, that is no problem at all. If the power is off for less than two minutes, the unold 8695 onyx can simply resume the baking process where it left off. If the power fails for a longer period of time, you have to restart the program, as with any other bread maker. However, this only makes sense if the device was maximum in the kneading phase. Was it already further, the dough has unfortunately become unusable.

Ease of use and handling

Unold Onyx test - the control panel

The operation of the unold automatic bread maker is very simple and intuitive. With just a few buttons, the appliance can be set quickly. Beginners can start baking thanks to the German key labeling even without studying the very extensive operating instructions. Unfortunately, the manufacturer was somewhat inconsistent with the display labeling. Because the individual baking phases are in english. For example, instead of "bake", it says "baking". Even if this does not affect the service, it should not be concealed.

As an aspiring master baker, you have 12 different baking programs and one custom program at your disposal. In addition to the basic program, you also have a toast, wholemeal and white bread program at your disposal. even jam and sponge cakes are easy for the unold breadmaker to make.

The onyx has three different fast baking programs in its luggage. those who have been following my blog for a while know that good bread takes time. Therefore, I do not think much of the fast baking programs. In the unold 8695 test, i therefore did not even test the even faster ultra-quick programs.

The noise level of 69 dB during the kneading phase is not whisper-quiet, but it is much quieter than, for example, the last tested bomann breadmaker. Of course, these values were not measured with calibrated laboratory measuring instruments. But the quality of a breadmaker from the test is also not related to the exact volume of the sound. If you are not in the same room, this device is almost imperceptible.

With a measured cord length of almost exactly one meter, the power cord is usually long enough to find a socket in the kitchen.

When grains and seeds are ready to be added to the machine, it emits a loud beep to let you know. Another beep sounds after the baking time has expired. If you can’t get the bread out right away, it’s no big deal. Because in the unold 8695 test, the maximum 60 minute keep warm mode has always done a good job.

The baking result of the unold breadmaker

The unold 8695 test could clearly convince me of the baking result. Due to the new ceramic coating, the bread can be easily removed from the baking pan. After cutting it is completely cooked and smells super tasty. The crust is even everywhere and can keep up with the other devices from the bread baking machine test quite.

With the unold breadmaker I have baked during the test many delicious bread recipes and baking mixtures. So I can definitely recommend the small onyx. I think he is on amazon rightly standing on the top bestseller places.

The only negative point in terms of the appearance of the bread is the shape. Because it reminds me more of an oversized roll than a real loaf of bread. But the taste is no problem at all.

Cleaning and maintenance

To avoid damaging the delicate coating, the baking pan and dough hook should never be put in the dishwasher. But that is not necessary. Because with a little warm water residues can be rinsed out without problems.

The stainless steel housing can be cleaned without problems with a damp cloth and some gentle cleaner. Although the lid cannot be removed, you can still reach all parts for cleaning.

Scope of delivery for the unold 8695 test

Unold 8695 Test - Accessories

Supplied in addition to the bread maker, the usual accessories. measuring spoon, measuring cup and dough hook remover are standard fare with the onyx breadmaker. You almost get the feeling that all manufacturers buy this from the same producer in china.

Therefore, the quality of the accessories does not differ from the competition. Unfortunately! Because so again the measuring cup is very badly readable. Therefore, as always, my recommendation: another measuring cup.

The big disadvantage of the bomann automatic bread maker test was the poor availability of spare parts. When I lost my dough hook, I had to search for ages. With the unold onyx breadmaker this is different. All accessories are available without problems on amazon. Even drive axle or timing belt.

Conclusion of the unold breadmaker test

The test of the unold onyx has confirmed. The onyx is not without reason one of the best-selling automatic bread makers. Because for a very low price there is a bread maker with reasonable workmanship and a good range of performance.

I can recommend the unold onyx to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive appliance but doesn’t want to give up convenient features like the self program mode.

And if you don’t want it permanently on the countertop, you can store it in the closet thanks to its compact design.

This is what a freshly baked loaf of bread from the unold automatic breadmaker looks like:

The unold 8695 breadmaker in video review:

Alternatives to the unold onyx

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