Unemployment rate in austria by month to december 2021

In december 2021, the unemployment rate in austria was estimated at 8.1 percent by national definition (AMS)**. Thus, it decreased compared to the same month of the previous year, but increased compared to the previous month.

What does the unemployment rate measure?

The labor or. Unemployment in austria can be measured in different ways: for the national unemployment figure, all persons registered as unemployed with the labor market service (AMS) are counted. This figure does not include training participants registered with the AMS, so the total number of job seekers is higher. In addition, there is a survey according to the uniform standards of the international labor organization (ILO), which is based on extrapolated surveys on gainful employment. these values are suitable for comparisons with other countries, e.g.B. With the EU states. In both cases, only people who are actually available to the labor market are taken into account. Consequently, the rate does not show the share of unemployed persons in the total population, but only in the labor force.

Unemployment in austria

unemployment rate in austria from december 2020 to december 2021

characteristic unemployment rate according to national definition (AMS)**unemployment rate according to international definition (ILO)***
dec ’21* 8,1 %
nov ’21 7 % 4,9 %
oct ’21 6,5 % 5,5 %
sep ’21 6,5 % 4,6 %
aug ’21 6,9 % 5,6 %
jul ’21 6,8 % 5,6 %
Jun ’21 7 % 5,8 %
may ’21 7,7 % 6,5 %
apr ’21 8,6 % 7,3 %
march ’21 9,3 % 7,3 %
feb ’21 10,7 % 8,2 %
jan ’21 11,4 % 8,4 %
dec ’20 11,2 % 6,6 %

Statistics details

AMS austria; statistik austria show additional source data show publication data use ask statista research use ask statista research

December 2020 to december 2021

* the value according to the national definition is estimated for this month.
** The Austrian Labor Market Service (AMS) calculates the unemployment rate based on the number of unemployed registered with the labor office and the number of employed registered with the main association of social insurance institutions (HV).
*** the ILO concept is based on the international definition of employment and unemployment. In the ILO concept, a person is considered to be employed if he or she has worked at least one hour in the reference week or has been absent from work due to vacation, sickness, etc. Not working, but normally in employment. Persons with an ongoing employment relationship who are on parental leave or on civilian service. child benefit recipients are included in the employed population. Unemployed persons are defined as those who are not gainfully employed in this sense, are taking active steps to find work and are able to start working in the short term. In principle, the data refer to the population in private households excluding military and civilian servants. In Austria, the figures used for the ILO concept come from the microcensus labor force survey (LFS). The figures refer to the unadjusted values. The figures for the most recent months are to be regarded as provisional.
**** the linked table only shows the figures for the last two months according to the national definition. The figures for the previous months are taken from earlier corresponding publications. The figures according to the international definition are available from statistik austria.

unemployment rate in austria by province december 2021

Workforce in austria by 2020

unemployment rate in austria by month to december 2021

distribution of the employed population in austria by economic sector up to 2020

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