Toll violation in austria: “the navi directed me onto the autobahn”

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If you drive on a freeway in austria, you need a vignette. But many german drivers don’t stick to it either, as the ADAC reports. Some excuses are especially popular.

Who drives on toll roads inAustria without a valid vignette is stopped at the car, will probably not get far with an excuse (no matter how good). The ADAC emphasizes that "those who are caught without a toll sticker don’t need to look for excuses". Better to get a valid vignette right away- „best before you leave".

In Austria, classic excuses such as "my dog ate the sticker," "the sticker is in my wife’s purse," "the sticker was stuck on a wine bottle as a gift," or "the children destroyed the sticker while playing" would not even elicit a weary smile from the motorists, according to the auto club.

At the start of the peak summer travel season, the ADAC has published a "top ten" list of the most popular excuses used by "toll evaders"."

Austria: the "top ten" excuses of the "toll sinners" according to ADAC

  • 1. I did not know about the vignette obligation in austria.
  • 2. I did not know where to buy a vignette.
  • 3. The navi* guided me onto the autobahn.
  • 4. It is inconvenient to remove a 10-day toll sticker from the windshield.
  • 5. I need to get to the hospital fast.
  • 6. I have not found a sales point.
  • 7. I have not received a vignette at the point of sale.
  • 8. I have not seen the compulsory vignette signs.
  • 9. This is not my car.
  • 10. I paid the special toll route anyway.

This is how much the vignette costs in austria

The ADAC informs that a car annual vignette in the alpine republic for cars 92,50 euro costs. For two months, the vignette costs 27.80 euros, and the 10-day sticker 9,50 euro.

Motorcyclist have to pay 36.70 euros for the annual vignette, 13.90 euros for the two-month vignette, and 5.50 euros for the ten-day vignette, according to ADAC. If you travel to austria frequently, you usually buy an annual vignette. It is not worth it for frequent drivers until august. „The time from august to the end of november can be bridged with two two-month vignettes", according to the ADAC.

"toll sinners" 2020: almost every third affected vehicle from germany

According to the automobile club, in 2020 a total of 192.400 toll violations in austria registered. Almost one in three vehicles affected (30.3 percent) came from germany, „around 58.300" in the number. The penalties are "steep, there will be replacement toll of 120 euros or a fine from 300 euro due.

digital vignette instead of the classic "sticky sticker

On "rank 11 of the ranking of popular excuses of car drivers there was an excuse for the digital vignette managed: "i only made a mistake by one digit when entering the number.“

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