Sylt with motorhome – our highlights, tips and arrival with the motorhome

When sylt was declared a model region for vacations in corona time, we didn’t hesitate for long and quickly decided on the motorhome on sylt booked in. Finally we went again with the motorhome, even if there are a few restrictions and otherwise we would probably not stand for a week on one and the same campsite. However, as a starting point for exploring the island, this turned out to be pretty good. So we started without expectations (even the weather forecast predicted only rain) to sylt and are now very positively surprised from the fancy island. In this article we want to show you our highlights show and about our week on sylt report with the motorhome.

journey by motorhome to sylt – car train and camping site

To come to sylt with the motorhome there are two possibilities: with the ferry from romo in denmark translate or one of the two car trains from niebull take. we were deterred by the border regulations at corona times and so we decided to take the car train. When googling one finds at first only the blue car train sylt, where you have to register the camper in advance for a connection. You pay the price only on the spot. So we had received a reservation confirmation by e-mail, in which it says that the reservation expires 20 minutes before departure. On the way back we were one hour before departure at the loading and still the employees said that we were too late and had bad luck and had to take the next train – very unpleasant. We have then prevailed, because we do not understand the sense of a fixed reservation otherwise, and were allowed to still with. So plan also for congestion at the loading station some time!

With the car train to sylt

Arrived at the loading point we have only seen that also the GERMAN RAILWAY offers a train from niebull to sylt and in our comparison it was actually much cheaper too. Since we had already booked the other train, we stayed with it – but you should definitely compare it beforehand. Above all, the organization of the German railroads during loading and the staff seemed much more structured to us.

When loading on the train is driving safety with the motorhome required. We had to walk approx. 300 m backwards on the wagons drive to stand right. Also when unloading we had to drive backwards down and backwards onto the road, which probably has something to do with the roof windows of motorhomes so that the motorhome is not exposed to the driving wind from behind.

Overnight stay with the camper

we are standing for the week on the camping site in westerland (dune camping). There are definitely nicer campsites as it is just a huge meadow with plots. For this is the beach directly reachable by stairs and there is a restaurant at the site. with the bicycle it is also not far to the city center of westerland and the campground is located quite centrally on the island, so it is a good starting point for day trips was.

  • coordinates campsite: 54°53’37.5″N 8°17’49.5″E

current corona rules of the model region (may 2021)

The rules for vacations at corona times are changing all the time, so you should definitely check again how the current rules are. In our case it was so that we had a negative corona test before the arrival to the campsite had to send and also only with reservation of the campsite on the island came. On site are all sanitary facilities closed and you have to use your own wet cell. Furthermore we had to pay all 48 hours have a corona test done on the island and send the result to the campsite. But this is not a problem, because there are test centers on the camping site and all over the island. We found the test buses without appointments especially convenient.

With a negative test result (24 h old) you can then also go to eat in restaurants. In addition, everywhere you have to deal with LUCA app logging in, even at your own pitch in the camper, which we found a bit annoying. On the campsite and in the cities there is also a mask obligation. In total, already some rules but we have also felt safe and were just happy to be able to make relaxed vacations in the camper again.

Our highlights on sylt

Now we finally get to the nice things of the vacation – our highlights here on sylt. We went there partly with the camper – but with good weather (and maybe e-bikes) much is also accessible by bike. You are generally very fast at the different places on the small island, which we like very much. Also worth mentioning is the friendliness of waiters, vendors, etc. Here on the island, which makes the vacation even more relaxing.

excursions with motorhome and bicycle on sylt

In the north of sylt

in principle there is a highlight of sylt to discover in every direction of the sky. We started in the north and went to the elbow cycled. On the way is once the northernmost point of germany and then the elbow at the end of the island. Here you can walk very nice on the sea once around and has a great view of romo and list. the typical red and white lighthouse makes the postcard charm perfect. To get there, you drive a motorhome on a toll road (10 EUR / stand 05.2021) to the last parking lot or swing on your bike to go through the nature reserve to cycle. here sheep run around everywhere and the dune landscape is wonderful. After that you can go to list to the harbor and there at the fish stalls eat a fish roll or an ice cream.

  • Elbow: 55°02’45.9″N 8°27’18.0″E
  • northernmost point of germany: 55°03’30.0″N 8°25’00.0″E
  • Parking place BEFORE the toll road (6 EUR): 55°02’08.8″N 8°23’21.0″E
  • List harbor: 55°01’02.7″N 8°26’18.0″E

center of the island

Another highlight for us is kampen. Here we were even twice and have looked at different corners. First we were in the copper can coffee& eat cake and have enjoyed the sun in the very nice outdoor area. Then we walked from there down to the sea and past the fancy villas to the so-called "whiskey mile" where there are boutiques and chic restaurants. A beautiful round and very quiet along the water. All in all we were lucky, because the island was quite empty and we could park everywhere without problems with the camper.

Our second trip to kampen took us to the uwe dune – the highest dune on sylt – from which you have a great view from the viewing platform to the sea on both sides. Then we went towards the sea on a wooden walkway along the cliff. Unfortunately, it has rained with us but in sunshine it is certainly even more impressive and offers many great fotomotive on beach, dunes and sea. At the red cliff you can go further through adventurous paths through the dunes and then turn off at the campsite and go back to the parking lot through small trampling paths. We were about. 1.5 hours on the road – a really nice round trip.

In the east of sylt you can find the morsum-cliff. Here we also went with the camper and have parked directly on site and then walked to the cliff.

  • parking place at the morsum-cliff: 54°52’20.2″N 8°27’29.4″E

The cliff consists of different layers of rock, which can be recognized by different colors. Super exciting as there are also signs everywhere with explanations. if the weather is good you can do a bigger round and have a closer look at the nature – unfortunately we had strong wind and rain.

In the south of sylt

Towards the south it is relatively lonely and on the road to hornum you can always see the sea flashing through the dunes on both sides, that’s how narrow the island is here. On various parking lots you can always stop and spend a day by the sea. Hornum itself is also very small, but offers a great beach, boat trips, fish stalls, cafes and a few small stores, is also worth a detour. in the south we were really impressed by the landscape.

A beach view on the way to hornum

Sylt is thus very varied and offers many excursion possibilities, which we liked very much. And then of course everywhere is the sea around the corner, where you can have a great walk, sit in the beach chair or in the sand or walk through the mudflats.

Our favorite restaurants

We have also cooked a lot in the camper, but still want to highlight two highlights that we liked very much. At iismeer in wenningstedt we have eaten really well. From the terrace/conservatory you have sea view and each table has its own fireplace equipped. Marc had chosen a meat skewer and I a filled stickbread. We were able to grill both ourselves at the table and got some side dishes as well. Besides the food, the entire ambiance and experience was just great!

fireplace in the iismeer restaurant

Also in the samoa seahorse we liked it very much. Here is also the location really nice and the restaurant very cozy furnished. We were there just for waffles and coffee, but the food on the neighboring tables also looked very tasty. Especially we found here the super friendly and courteous kind of all employees. We felt very comfortable and could park on the parking lot in front of it easily with the camper (but cost 3 EUR extra).


We drove back home directly from sylt. if you have more time and the border restrictions allow it, you can cross from sylt to the island romo and spend a few days in denmark.

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