Surface cleaners from planol – versatile and effective

Whether it’s windows and tiles, plastics and textiles, or ceramics and stainless steel, there are many different surfaces that have different material properties and types of soiling. This also places a wide range of requirements on the cleaning agents.
Planol offers a wide range of surface cleaner for your individual requirements in commercial cleaning. Our needs-based solutions are based on our many years of experience in the production of high-quality cleaning chemicals. With our products you ensure hygienic cleanliness on all surfaces.

Our assortment from the category surface cleaner

Ecological surface cleaner "ecoplan" from planol

The product leaves a brilliant cleanliness, dries in a short time without streaks and is very economical. ecoplan surface cleaner is particularly suitable for surfaces and waterproof floors as well as lacquered and painted surfaces, tiles, natural and artificial stone, anodized, enamel, glass, PVC and linoleum floors. In addition, the product is used on all types of sealed wood (furniture, tables and floors) as well as all water-resistant surfaces in the..

plano SOFT

"plano SOFT" from planol

The very economical gentle cleaner dries streak-free after a short time. It is especially used for glossy and waterproof floors as well as varnished and painted surfaces, tiles, natural and artificial stones, enamel, glass, PVC and linoleum floors. As an all-purpose office cleaner, it is equally suitable for parquet floors (damp with mist), doors, matt surfaces, dust and grease-like dirt.

Alcohol cleaner "gloss cleaner with alcohol from planol

Gloss cleaner with alcohol is a special cleaner with a high alcohol content for all washable surfaces and objects. For effortless cleaning of glass, ceramics, painted surfaces and well-kept floors. The product is very suitable for daily maintenance cleaning of all water-resistant and washable surfaces, objects and floor coverings, e.g. B. Laminate, high gloss surfaces, PVC, linoleum, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, ceramics. …

Gloss cleaner with alcohol


All-purpose cleaner "plano CLEAR from planol

Plano CLEAR is an effective special cleaner suitable for daily maintenance cleaning of a wide variety of water- and alcohol-resistant and washable surfaces as well as floor coverings. This includes tiles, laminate, PVC, linoleum, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, ceramics and glass surfaces. For example, the cleaner can be used in open-plan offices (z. B. For screens, keyboards, telephones, printers, whiteboards, mirrors, glass display cases), the..

All-purpose cleaner from planol

The ammonia-enhanced product has high cleaning power. The all-purpose cleaner effortlessly dissolves stubborn dirt, oil and grease.

All-purpose cleaner

All-purpose cleaner concentrate

All-purpose cleaner concentrate from planol

alcohol cleaner concentrate is an extremely productive, modern, fast-drying, economical product with cleaning alcohol for streak-free cleaning of washable and water-resistant surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, ceramics or tiles.

Gloss cleaner "plano SHINE from planol

The extremely high-yield, fast-drying glossy cleaner is used on washable surfaces and objects. It is used for cleaning glass, ceramics, painted surfaces and various floor coverings and has disinfecting properties. As a universal surface cleaner, suitable for cleaning all washable floors, surfaces and objects in a single operation. Even grease-stained fittings or high-gloss tiles..


Neutral power cleaner

Neutral power cleaner from planol

The neutral power cleaner cleans hygienically and thoroughly without attacking the material.

Sanitary cleaner plano FLEX DUO++

The ready-to-use product is a true multi-talent with its wide range of applications and can be used universally for cleaning toilets, bathrooms, surfaces, shower cabins and faucets. The thick, stable foam adheres for a long time and ensures effective dirt removal in maintenance cleaning. Due to the new acid combination, the product is easily biodegradable and thus ecologically harmless. Through the use of the new..

Surface cleaners from planol - versatile and effective

Dishwashing detergent neutral cleaner

Dishwashing detergent neutral cleaner from planol

The maintenance cleaner is suitable for cleaning tasks where the protection of surfaces, dishes of all kinds and objects is particularly important. Also suitable for cleaning kitchen appliances (e.g. microwave ovens).

Universal cleaner "plano FORTE from planol

Its highly productive combination of water-soluble solvents and novel surfactants qualifies plano FORTE as a ready-to-use multi-talent especially for the cleaning of plastic surfaces such as whiteboards, training rooms, microwave ovens as well as for cleaning in industrial and workshop areas up to the cleaning of rims.


Uniplan Universal Cleaner

Universal cleaner "uniplan from planol

The uniplan universal cleaner is a high-performance, surfactant-free universal cleaner without alkali, acid or enzyme additives for manual and/or machine cleaning. Also suitable for carpet care.

The right solution for every surface

The range of surface cleaners is large, because the same cleaning agent cannot be used for every surface. The choice of the appropriate product depends on the material properties, the type of soiling and the stress on the surface in question. Glass surfaces require a different treatment than textiles. In addition, very weak surface cleaners cannot completely remove stubborn contaminants, while very strongly dosed products attack certain materials. Only if these aspects are taken into account in the run-up to cleaning can the surfaces be cleaned gently and thoroughly. with the solutions from planol you have the right cleaner for every surface.

Your advantages with our surface cleaners

Many years of experience
we have been producing high-quality cleaning and care products for more than 50 years. We can draw on a wide range of experience in this field. As an A-supplier of the market leader piepenbrock, we also benefit from the experience gained from the daily use of our products. We incorporate this experience into our continuous new and further developments.

we are continuously developing our portfolio from an ecological point of view. On the one hand, with ecoplan we have launched a particularly environmentally friendly product range on the market, in which we completely dispense with additional fragrances and dyes and which has been awarded the EU ecolabel, the so-called euroflower. On the other hand, we participate in the dual system germany of "der grune punkt". As part of this, our packaging is reused as secondary raw materials.

Customer orientation
the satisfaction of our customers is the focus of our work. That’s why we manufacture products tailored to the individual requirements and needs of building service providers, specialty wholesalers, bulk buyers, and resellers. We also design our internal processes in such a way that our customers and suppliers benefit as much as possible from the trusting partnership with us.

High-quality results with our surface cleaners

With our broad portfolio of surface cleaners for commercial use, which you can use in the various areas of maintenance, basic and special cleaning, you can ensure high-quality results and long-lasting hygiene.

our all-purpose cleaner is suitable for various general cleaning tasks. The ammonia-enhanced product has a high cleaning power. It easily dissolves stubborn dirt, oil and grease with low aggressiveness.

The glossy cleaner with alcohol can be used on all washable surfaces and objects such as glass, ceramics, painted surfaces or well-kept floors. The detergent dries quickly and cleans without streaks and without the need for re-wiping.

With our highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner concentrate, you can clean washable and water-resistant surfaces quickly and hygienically. The extremely high-yield product has a low water content and high grease dissolving power.

our glass, frame and window cleaner used in maintenance cleaning is impressive in its effectiveness and is used both indoors and outdoors. The grease-dissolving product is particularly suitable for display cases, windows, mirrors and glass facades. There it removes soiling without streaks or streaking.
For sensitive surfaces and objects as well as dishes of all kinds, our skin-friendly dishwashing detergent neutral cleaner is ideal, which is also used as a universal kitchen cleaner as well as for cleaning kitchen appliances such as microwaves.

Hygienic and thorough, our neutral power cleaner cleans surfaces and water hardnesses of all kinds without attacking the material. It is used for both manual and machine cleaning.

Our powerful, surfactant-free uniplan universal cleaner is used manually or in cleaning with a machine. It removes stubborn dirt, oil and grease from various floors, surfaces and objects as well as from upholstery and carpets.

As a universal cleaner, our product plano SHINE can be used on all washable floors, surfaces and objects. Even grease-stained faucets and high-gloss tiles are cleaned without streaks and water spots.

Plano SOFT is a very efficient gentle cleaner that dries streak-free after a short time. It is used especially for glossy and waterproof floors as well as painted and varnished surfaces, tiles, natural and artificial stone, enamel, glass, PVC and linoleum floors. It is ideally suited for washrooms, shower facilities and changing rooms and ensures the necessary hygiene there. At the same time, the product is used as an all-purpose office cleaner for parquet floors, doors and matt surfaces, as well as for removing dust and grease-like soiling.

For the feeling of long-lasting freshness, our surface cleaners have a pleasant fragrance. Depending on the cleaning agent and your needs, the container sizes of our solutions vary between 0.5-liter spray bottles, 1-liter bottles and 10-liter canisters.

You are interested in our product range of surface cleaners? Contact us today and learn more about our versatile solutions.

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