Speed cameras in nrw: speeding can be expensive

In NRW, speed cameras are used to monitor compliance with the speed limit

speed cameras are used in NRW to monitor compliance with the speed limit.

Around 17.9 million people live in north rhine-westphalia (NRW). This makes the federal state in the west of germany the most populous in the federal republic of. It is therefore hardly surprising that the dense traffic network well utilized is.

But drivers don’t always follow the rules of the road traffic regulations (stvo). Especially the speed limit becomes frequent ignored. In order to track down speeders, radar traps and speed camera in use in NRW.

But how accurately does speed measurement actually work? What happens after you have been flashed? The following guide explores these questions and provides a brief overview overview of some speed cameras, the current stationary in NRW in operation are.

Flashed in NRW? Calculate here how much it costs!

Current news about speed cameras in NRW

  • current construction sites and speed cameras in the minden-lubbecke district | minden – mindener tageblatt

Locations of some speed traps in NRW

Our overview shows some locations of speed traps in NRW

our overview shows some of the locations of the speed traps in NRW.

North Rhine-Westphalia is the most densely populated state in Germany in terms of surface area, with around 34.100 square kilometers the fourth largest german state. So it is hardly surprising that many stationary speed cameras in NRW to be used. Below we have provided you with a small selection of locations compiled:

  • Aachen, B258
  • Bad oeynhausen, B61 dehmer str.
  • Bielefeld, B61 ostwestfalendamm
  • Bochum, essener strabe 26
  • Dortmund, B235 provinzialstr. 33
  • Duisburg, B8 duisburger strabe
  • Duesseldorf, B7 brusseler str.
  • Essen, B227 wuppertaler str.
  • Gelsenkirchen, kurt-schumacher-str.
  • Cologne, B55A zoo bridge

Further information on speed cameras and radar traps in north rhine-Westphalia

How speed cameras work in NRW?

Speed cameras and radar traps are intended to serve as a deterrent and are therefore often installed at accident blackspots. They can be permanently installed or operated by mobile police officers.

Stationary speed cameras in north rhine-Westphalia and other german federal states, traffic lights generally work with lidar technology. The laser beams are ejected into a predefined measuring range. If these hit a vehicle, they are reflected.

Changes in the distance between car and gauge, can be detected by path-time calculation the speed is determined. If the speed limit is exceeded, the speed camera is triggered and usually produces a speed camera photo.

Further information on speed cameras

The costs for speed cameras vary depending on the violation. If you have been speeded and more about the individual speed camera penalties if you want to know more, please select the appropriate category here:

Caught by a speed camera in NRW: what happens now??

Speed cameras in NRW detect speeding

Speed cameras in NRW detect speeding offenders.

If you’ve been caught by a speed camera in NRW, use the speed measurement as evidence in fine proceedings, which is then initiated. First, the vehicle owner receives a hearing or witness questionnaire.

If the driver is clearly identified, he or she will receive a speeding fine fine notice. In this are also sanctions against the person concerned according to the catalogue of fines listed. Upon receipt of the letter, the speeding offender must two weeks time, a appeal insert. If the driver fails to comply within this period, the penalty notice becomes final and the fine must be paid.

However, if you have doubts about the correctness of the measurement result from a speed camera in NRW, you can appeal the caveat against the fine in writing to the responsible authority DIRECT.

In munich, there are only speed 30 zones in the urban area. Speed cameras are designed to check whether all road users are adhering to this speed limit. Find out where the fixed radar traps are located in the guidebook.

Where are fixed speed cameras in ludwigshafen? Mobile measuring devices are also used? And what happens if you are caught by a speed trap in ludwigshafen?? When you can appeal? In this guide, you will find the answers to these questions.

even in chemnitz speeders are not immune to speed cameras. In this guide, you can read about where you, as a motorist, need to be prepared for stationary speed cameras, whether mobile speed cameras are also used in chemnitz, and how the whole thing works if you have been speeded. In addition, we explain how much time you have to appeal against the fine notice.

If you don’t obey the speed limit, you can expect to be caught by a speed camera. Here you can find the locations of fixed speed cameras in potsdam and reports on mobile measuring devices.

What if the speedometer does not show the actual speed being driven?? In this situation, you can have the device reset. But caution is advised. The line between speedometer adjustment and speedometer manipulation is extremely fine.

Those driving too fast on the road at 61 to 70 km/h will be sanctioned. You can find out here what measures drivers affected by speeding have to expect in this case and what the sanctions are in each individual case.

In wuppertal, don’t get carried away with speeding, or you could be caught by one of the many speed cameras. Where to find them, you can find out here.

Were you as a motorist surprised by a speed camera, which was in a seemingly parked and abandoned vehicle or caught in a measurement by following at a speeding? In this guide we explain whether these methods are permissible and when an objection is worthwhile!

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