Special license plates: colored and unusual license plates in road traffic

the official license plate is a unique identifier for our car. As a rule, we drive with the euro license plate: a white license plate with a blue (european) area, where the country abbreviation is shown. But what do all the other, often colorful and unusual license plates mean that you encounter on the road?? In this article, we have compiled a list of various special license plates, including the corresponding explanations.

The most common special license plates

There are license plates that are more common in road traffic, but the question often arises as to what they actually stand for and what they mean. What are special license plates actually? These are basically license plates that are only valid for a certain purpose or for a certain period of time. But there are also models that are exclusively allocated to certain vehicles, for example classic car license plates, federal armed forces license plates or diplomatic license plates.

Special red license plate

The red license plate is also known as dealer plate. This is a privilege for car dealers and garages, not for private individuals. The special red license plate can be used to insure unregistered vehicles for a test drive or a transfer journey. However, strict driving record requirements must be met in this case.

Transfer license plate

two german special license plates for cars are summarized under the term "uberfuhrungskennzeichen". The short-term license plate and the export license plate:

  1. For private persons there is the short-term license plate. This allows you to transfer vehicles or test drive them. The right yellow edge with stamped expiration date is a unique feature. This indicates the end of the validity of the special license plate, i.e. the end of the one-time registration (maximum five days).
  2. On the export license plates find a date on the red border. This is important for the transfer, because you must have taken the car abroad by this specified time. after that you are not allowed to move the vehicle on german roads, otherwise you will be fined according to of the fine catalog.

Green special license plate

Green license plates are rare and indicate an exempt vehicle. you can exempt your car from tax if it is tied to a specific area of use, such as forestry, agriculture or non-profit organizations.

Other special license plates

We have already listed the most common special and colored license plates. But what else is there?

H license plate for classic cars

With the "license plate for historic vehicles", the so-called H license plate, oldtimers are allowed to adorn themselves with.

What conditions must a vehicle meet to obtain a special H license plate??

  • The car must be at least 30 years old.
  • A testing organization must inspect the vehicle and classify it as roadworthy.
  • It must meet a detailed set of requirements and thus be considered a "motor vehicle cultural asset" be classifiable (u.A. original parts).

Seasonal and changeable license plates

These special license plates are especially interesting from an insurance point of view.

Seasonal license plate are mainly found on convertibles and motorcycles; that is, on vehicles that are used especially in summer. Here, too, the validity period is stamped on the right edge of the special license plate.

Alternate license plate on the other hand consist of two parts and are also meant for two vehicles. A fixed part specific to the vehicle and a common part that can be changed back and forth between the two vehicles. Attention: only one vehicle may be moved at a time!

Diplomatic license plate

The license plates of the vehicles of the diplomatic corps usually begin with the number zero; then comes a country code with a number sequence related to the rank of the owner. The smaller the number, the higher the rank (ex.: 1- ambassador).

German politicians drive in cars with very short special license plates and also here the motto is: the smaller the number, the more important / powerful the driver:

  • the most important man in the state, the federal president, drives with the 0-1.
  • The chancellor uses the 0-2.
  • The minister of foreign affairs (0-3)
  • The first secretary of state in the foreign office (0-4)
  • The president of the Bundestag (1-1).

special license plate with an X

This license plate is reserved for NATO (north atlantic treaty organization) forces. In addition to the letter X, you will also find a four-digit number on the license plate.

What do Y license plates mean?

Special license plates with the letter Y indicate that this is a vehicle of the federal armed forces.

E license plate

The federal government has promised some privileges for owners of electric cars. To ensure that these can only be used by them, they must display their vehicle with the special license plate with the letter E equip.

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