Side by side refrigerator comparison 2022

The editorial team of the test and comparison portal of OE24.At presents you the best side by side refrigerators.

The right refrigerator for the kitchen ideally offers a lot of space in a small area, consumes little energy and is wonderfully convenient to use. Your side-by-side refrigerator is available as a free-standing or floor-standing unit for the built-in kitchen. At the same time, a cheap model is usually considered in the long run not even the cheap side-by-side refrigerator.

Since the appliance is in operation day and night, the most important factor besides the cooling performance is the power consumption an important criterion in the refrigerator test. In terms of cost savings, inexpensive appliances of a lower energy efficiency class are far inferior to better refrigerators over the years. Make the comparison now!

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Buying advice for the side by side refrigerator test or. comparison: we help you choose your side by side refrigerator test winner!

  • The side-by-side refrigerator with its two large doors is a refrigerator-freezer combination with a large amount of space and a high level of operating convenience.
  • Compared to other refrigerators, the power consumption is rather high due to the two large doors.
  • With its two doors and additional functions such as an ice dispenser, the side-by-side refrigerator is very popular with families.

side-by-side refrigerator test

While a simple refrigerator is usually sufficient for a single household, couples, flat-sharing communities and families want a refrigerator with more space, a better overview and more options.

A refrigerator-freezer combination is then interesting: in this category, the side-by-side refrigerators are now very popular, also known as American refrigerator or, because of the two doors, as double refrigerator. With the following side-by-side refrigerator comparison 2022, you will get to know important selection criteria and thus find your personal side-by-side refrigerator test winner in your own side-by-side refrigerator test!

1. Side-by-side refrigerator at a glance

Refrigerator ice cube and water dispenser

Pretty cool: the better models dispense ice and water at the touch of a button.

When a large kitchen with plenty of space is available and at least two people live in the household, the side-by-side refrigerator is an interesting cooling option. The appliance has two wing doors, behind which there is usually a large refrigerator and freezer compartment each.

The better models in side-by-side refrigerator tests additionally integrate an ice cube and water dispenser on the front side. Depending on the appliance, the refrigerator with water dispenser has either an additional water connection or a water tank for manual refilling. These refrigerators are offered as a free-standing side-by-side refrigerator and as a double refrigerator of the built-in refrigerator variant.

Due to the size and the high installation effort, side-by-side refrigerators are usually recommended as freestanding models. Compare the type of refrigerator with the alternatives shown in the table.

The following table gives an overview of the different types of refrigerator-freezers.

  • Refrigerator double door with two full-length hinged doors
  • Often refrigerator with ice cube dispenser
  • Two doors at the top and one full-length compartment at the bottom
  • Double refrigerator
  • Often with ice dispenser
  • Standing refrigerator without freezer compartment
  • Usually a large door, either as a pure refrigerator or as a refrigerator-freezer combination
  • Ideal for singles and small kitchens
  • Partly with small ice compartment

2. The side-by-side refrigerator: advantages and disadvantages

Two large doors with practical interior compartments swing open to the left and right, opening the way to the refrigerator compartments. A lot of storage space and a very good overview characterize the side-by-side refrigerators. The machine requires a lot of space to open the doors on both sides.

  • Plenty of storage space
  • Many additional compartments in the large doors
  • Often with additional functions such as water dispenser and mini-bar compartment
  • High space requirements in the kitchen
  • For singles because of the size rather unsuitable

3. Buying advice: important selection criteria for your dream refrigerator

Side-by-side refrigerators differ in terms of size, equipment, operating costs and other details. The following points will help you with orientation and later purchase decision.

3.1. The energy efficiency class: A+++ is worthwhile

How big does the refrigerator have to be?

The right size of refrigerator depends on the number of people living in the household. calculate a required volume of 120 liters for a household with two people and an additional 60 liters for each additional person.

Over the years, refrigerators consume many times the electricity they cost to purchase. To ensure that the appliances that are switched on day and night don’t eat a hole in your wallet, you need to pay attention to the energy efficiency class when buying them. Top models in the A+++ class do cost more, but the, over time, however, the extra price pays off thanks to the lower running costs.

Important: the energy efficiency class A+ is currently the most inefficient class for refrigerators approved for sale.

double door refrigerator

Thanks to the two large doors, the contents are easily accessible.

You can compare the annual consumption simply by looking at the information on the energy efficiency label. Take into account the additional functions. A class A++ refrigerator with nofrost function may save more electricity costs over the years than a class A+++ model without nofrost function.

3.2. Practical additional equipment with water filter

For cold water and ice cubes at the touch of a button, many models integrate an ice cube maker. This is extremely practical and requested by many buyers. If the function is used frequently, the refrigerator with water dispenser is worthwhile – there is no need to manually refill the water tank as in the side-by-side refrigerator without a fixed water connection. Many models are equipped with an additional water filter to clean the water.

Attention: water filters must be changed regularly, otherwise they become a breeding ground for bacteria.

3.3. Convenient and cost-saving – the mini-bar compartment

Often you only take a cold drink from the refrigerator for refreshment. So that you don’t have to open the large refrigerator door every time and so that the cold doesn’t spill into the room unnecessarily, there are refrigerators with a small mini-bar compartment.

this is also known as the "door in door" principle. Then there is another door or flap in the refrigerator door behind which you chill the beverages. The method protects food from temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator and reduces operating costs.

3.4. Nofrost for less work

Under normal circumstances, you should defrost your refrigerator once a year so that ice crusts on the cooling fins do not impair performance and lead to higher electricity costs. Refrigerators with nofrost save you the effort and make manual defrosting unnecessary.

3.5. The fast cooling function

After shopping in bulk, many foods need to be frozen immediately. If the freezing succeeds quickly, more vitamins are preserved. In addition, the inside temperature of the refrigerator does not increase due to the fresh food and the other ingredients are not temporarily stored too hot.

The fast cooling function is therefore very practical, the manufacturers use designations such as "superfrost", "fast cooling" and "super cooling".

3.6. Free-standing side-by-side refrigerators usually offer more space

Built-in refrigerator or free-standing refrigerator? Visually, built-in refrigerators have an advantage. But if the volume for fresh food is more important, the freestanding model may be the better choice. Because for the 60 cm standard dimension for a built-in refrigerator, it may only be 55 cm wide. As a result, the appliances lose useable volume. Other disadvantages of built-in refrigerators are the higher cost and installation effort.

Rule of thumb for calculating refrigerator volume: calculate a capacity of 60 liters for each person in the household.

3.7. American refrigerator test: is there a side-by-side refrigerator test winner??

Double refrigerator open

The double-door refrigerator offers a generous view.

stiftung warentest regularly tests different types of refrigerators, fridge-freezers and freezers. At side-by-side refrigerator test especially the power consumption plays a role, to determine the best side-by-side refrigerator. The editors distinguish between freestanding appliances and built-in refrigerators.

According to the findings of stiftung warentest, built-in refrigerators keep the storage temperature more stable and are generally more energy-efficient. disadvantage of the built-in refrigerator is the wasted storage space. In the current double refrigerator test find recommended appliances with high energy efficiency.

3.8. What are the leading manufacturers of refrigerators?

Quality pays off when equipping your household. Popular manufacturer side-by-side refrigerators are for example

  • Samsung side-by-side refrigerator,
  • LG side-by-side refrigerator and
  • Siemens refrigerators.

The double-door refrigerator also looks good as a retro refrigerator. An American A++ refrigerator is already one of the better models in terms of energy efficiency class. If possible, you should choose a side-by-side refrigerator A+++.

4. FAQ: frequently asked questions and answers about side-by-side refrigerators

There are a number of questions that are frequently asked about side-by-side refrigerators in the home. The following answers will provide you with additional information.

4.1. What does side-by-side refrigerator mean?

The designation simply means that two appliances or. Doors are built side by side. In this case, the refrigerator and freezer are side by side. Brands such as samsung, siemens, beko and LG offer such models for the kitchen.

4.2. What does a side-by-side refrigerator weigh??

The weight is related to the size and capacity, additional equipment also plays a role. the empty weight of the appliances is usually between 110 and 140 kilograms. When buying online, delivery to your home is recommended.

4.3. What does a side-by-side refrigerator consume??

the annual consumption of the refrigerators is indicated on the energy efficiency label. Due to the large storage space, the appliances consume a relatively large amount of electricity. On average, the electricity consumption is between 250 and 450 kilowatt hours per year. With an electricity price of 28 cents, the cost of a low-priced model thus amounts to only 70 euros per year.

4.4. How to connect a side-by-side refrigerator?

For the side-by-side refrigerator without water connection, the connection of the power plug is sufficient. Otherwise, a water connection is necessary. With the side-by-side refrigerator with water tank, you are more flexible in terms of positioning.

The tank for making ice cubes is easy to refill. With these appliances you usually need to connect a water filter.

4.5. Which temperature is right?

In the best case, the temperature can be set to the exact degree via a display. for normal use, an average temperature of 5 to 6 degrees celsius is recommended for the refrigerator. If you store fish or other perishable foods, you can temporarily lower the temperature to 4 degrees celsius.

4.6. How to recognize a real cold storage compartment?

For perishable foods, many better refrigerators integrate one or two special cold storage compartments. These are fans that maintain temperatures between +3 and -2 degrees celsius. With a cold storage compartment of this type, the manufacturer specifies the size of the compartment on the energy label.

4.7. How to cool properly?

As a rule, the air in the refrigerator is warmer at the top than at the bottom. Non-sensitive foods such as jams and spreads therefore belong on top. Sensitive items, however, belong downstairs: here you store meat, sausage, cheese and fish. Store vegetables and salads in the separate vegetable compartment. The compartment keeps the humidity better. The result: longer crisp vegetables.

What has the side by side refrigerators test or. -comparison result?

  1. Gorenje NRS9182 VB , available from 920,00 euro, rated very good.
  2. Hisense RS694N4TIE , available from 839.00 euro, rated very good.
  3. Bosch series 6 KAI93VIFP , available from 1.349,00 euro, rated very good.
  4. Haier B3FE742CMJW , available from 699,00 euro, rated very good.
  5. Bauknecht BQ9 B2L , available from 1.199,00 euro, rated very good.
  6. Gorenje NRS 8182 KX , available from 528.90 euro, rated very good.
  7. Hisense RS694N4TFE , available from 968.66 euro, rated very good.
  8. Midea MERS530FGD02 , available from 749,00 euro, rated very good.
  9. Comfee RCS700WH1 , available from 549,00 euro, rated very good.
  10. Gorenje NRS 9182 VX , available from 829,40 euro, rated very good.
  11. Neff KA3923IE0 , available from 1.529,35 euro, rated very good.
  12. Haier HSR3918FIMP , available from 768,90 euro, rated very good.
  13. Midea KS-DDX 6.32 WT , available from 849,00 euro, rated very good.

Between which different manufacturers can the reader choose in the side by side refrigerators comparison?

To give you, the reader, the most accurate overview of the manufacturers of side by side refrigerators on the market, the editors have collected products from siemens , LG electronics , gorenje , hisense , bosch , haier , bauknecht , midea , comfee and neff, among others. More information "

Are cheap side by side refrigerators also presented in the side by side refrigerator comparison?

In our side by side refrigerators comparison we present you side by side refrigerators of different price categories, for which you get on average 1.011,39 euro pay. However, for our comparative winner, you need 1.799,00 euro spend. More information "

How many stars out of a possible 5 did the best rated product in the side by side refrigerator comparison receive from previous customers??

4.8 out of 5 possible stars is the best customer rating that one of the 15 products in our side by side refrigerator comparison received: the midea KS-DDX 6.32 WT . More information "

Some products have been given the highest rating "VERY GOOD" by the editors awarded?

In the side by side refrigerator comparison, the editors gave the following side by side refrigerators from the 10 manufacturers the top rating of "VERY GOOD" awarded: siemens KA93GAIEP iq500 , LG electronics instaview GSX 961 NEAZ , gorenje NRS9182 VB , hisense RS694N4TIE , bosch series 6 KAI93VIFP , haier B3FE742CMJW , bauknecht BQ9 B2L , gorenje NRS 8182 KX , hisense RS694N4TFE , midea MERS530FGD02 , comfee RCS700WH1 , gorenje NRS 9182 VX , neff KA3923IE0 , haier HSR3918FIMP and midea KS-DDX 6.32 WT . More information "

Which models does the side by side refrigerator comparison include??

For the side by side refrigerator comparison, the editors have selected the following 15 models from 10 well-known manufacturers in order to offer you the greatest possible product variety: siemens KA93GAIEP iq500 , LG electronics instaview GSX 961 NEAZ , gorenje NRS9182 VB , hisense RS694N4TIE , bosch series 6 KAI93VIFP , haier B3FE742CMJW , bauknecht BQ9 B2L , gorenje NRS 8182 KX , hisense RS694N4TFE , midea MERS530FGD02 , comfee RCS700WH1 , gorenje NRS 9182 VX , neff KA3923IE0 , haier HSR3918FIMP and midea KS-DDX 6.32 WT . More information "

What other product suggestions do readers of the side by side refrigerator comparison receive??

Readers of our side by side refrigerators comparison will find products similar to sidebyside refrigerator, side by side refrigerator or side-by-side refrigerator. We therefore offer you a suitable overview of the best products from which you can choose your personal favorite. More information "

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