Senseo with milk frother – the 4 top machines

Searching for a senseo with milk frother?
Then you are exactly right here! On this page you will find the four most popular and most purchased machines of this manufacturer.
Philips senseo is well known for its futuristic pad machines that brew a delicious cup of coffee at the touch of a button. But not only that. Some of the machines have an integrated milk tank or a milk hose as an accessory, so that no one has to do without fine-pored milk foam for cappuccino or latte macchiato from now on. Here is a small overview of the philips senseo with milk frother:

With this philips senseo latte select coffee pod machine, you can make latte macchiato, cappuccino, cafe latte or black coffee at the touch of a button. You don’t have to fumble around with coffee powder, but simply insert a coffee pod of your choice into the machine. Each cup is freshly brewed for optimal coffee enjoyment, and you even have the choice of three coffee strengths. When the milk tank is filled, you get fine-pored milk foam for that special coffee taste at the touch of a button.

Senseo with milk frother


– 3 coffee strengths adjustable
– 1 or 2 cups of coffee at the touch of a button
– touch panel
– every cup is freshly brewed
– easy clean function
– automatic shut-off after 30 minutes
– descaling indicator


If you own this senseo with milk frother, you won’t need any other appliances in the kitchen to prepare your favorite coffee. A delicious cup of cappuccino or latte macchiato can be made quickly with little effort. Or several cups at once? No problem. The 1.2 liter water tank is specially made for this purpose. To save electricity, this machine turns itself off after 30 minutes if you forget to do so. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. So you can already enjoy your coffee while the dishwasher is doing the cleaning work. And don’t forget: the special shape of this senseo with milk frother is a visual highlight in any kitchen, and you’ll envy it for that! Buy directly from amazon

2. Senseo with milk frother – philips HD7855/60

original name: senseo latte duo coffee pod machine. As you can see on the photo well, you get here a coffee pod machine with milk tube. The advantage: this senseo with milk frother does not have its own milk tank, which would have to be laboriously filled and cleaned after each use. Simply insert the supplied milk hose into the milk cartridge, and the integrated milk frother conjures up fine-pored milk foam. Cleaning of the hose is also done at the touch of a button.
Six preset coffee specialties can be selected. Four of them with milk foam, two of them for black coffee. Of course you can also use it to froth milk only. This can be easily adjusted via the touch panel on the top of the device. and this machine is not called "latte duo" for nothing, because this senseo with milk frother brews two cappuccinos in one go.

Senseo with milk frother


– coffee pod machine with milk frother
– brews 2 cappuccinos in one go
– touch panel for intuitive operation
– 2 coffee strengths selectable
– 6 preset coffee specialties
– milk alone can also be foamed
– easy to clean
– Height-adjustable drip tray


You get a coffee pod machine with milk tube delivered. The advantage: there is no need to clean the milk tank every time after use, this work is no longer necessary. You just run hot water through the milk tube and put all the removable parts in the dishwasher. cups or coffee mugs fit under the height-adjustable drip tray. Glasses up to a height of approx. 13 cm. The intuitive operation of the LED displays on this device increase the comfort in dealing with this machine. This senseo with milk frother convinces with its simple design and with many functions that make everyday life easier for every coffee drinker.

3. Senseo with milk frother – philips HD7870/60

Here you get two devices at the same time: namely coffee pad machine and milk frother. With the pad machine you can make a cup of coffee in less than a minute. And with the milk frother, you can make cold or hot milk foam for various coffee specialties. both machines are a visual eye-catcher and fit perfectly into any modern kitchen. You will envy this senseo with milk frother!

Senseo with milk frother


– coffee pod machine and milk frother
– milk frother with 120 ml capacity
– hot and cold milk frothing
– Height-adjustable coffee spout
– touch display
– 2 different coffee strengths adjustable


The senseo milk frother and the pad machine can be operated at the same time, so the coffee is not already cold when the milk froth is finally ready, or vice versa. But if you just want a cup of black coffee, you don’t have to start both machines at once. The milk frother can hold 120 ml, and if you press the button on the front, it will froth the milk cold or hot. You will enjoy this senseo with milk frother for a long time.

4. Senseo with milk frother – CA6500/01 milk twister

If you already have a way to make coffee at home and are looking for a machine that produces fine-pored milk foam, the senseo milk twister could be just what you need. This milk frother comes in plain white with a few black accents. in just under two minutes you get a fluffy milk foam, and the device works quite quietly at the same time.

Senseo with milk frother


– fine-pored milk foam in 2 minutes through magnetic frothing
– filling capacity: 120 ml, enough for 2 cups
– one-button operation
– hot and cold milk foam
– cordless 360° pirouette connection
– double non-stick coating for easy cleaning


Magnetic milk frothing in just under two minutes. This milk frother looks very simple and elegant and thus visually enhances any kitchen. The one-button operation makes it easy to work with, you can do almost nothing wrong. Short press for warm milk foam, ca. press 3 seconds for cold milk foam. The cordless connection makes it easy to handle and the double non-stick coating makes it easy to clean. There is also a senseo milk frother in the color black.

Senseo with milk frother – what points to consider when buying a new one?

Philips manufactures several different machines in the "senseo" product line so that there is something for every coffee lover. To make sure you choose the right senseo with milk frother, you should answer a few questions beforehand, such as:

1. What kind of machine do I need?

Here is the question of preparation method and favorite drink. Do you prefer your coffee black or do you need milk foam for various coffee specialties?? For black coffee, a senseo pad machine is also sufficient. If you can’t do without cappuccino or latte macchiato, you’ll probably want a senseo with a milk frother. And if you only want warm milk or fine-pored milk foam, you can also just buy the milk frother alone. Philips offers quite a large selection. These options are available:

– senseo pad machine and milk frother set,
– senseo pad machine with milk hose as an accessory,
– senseo pad machine with integrated milk tank or simply one
– senseo milk frother alone.

2. How often and what quantities of coffee/milk foam do I want to prepare??

3. What is the purchase price?

4. How much effort do I want to put into preparation/cleaning??

5. How important is the ease of use and/or the latest technology for me??

6. Should the senseo with milk frother also fit visually to the kitchen?

Once you have answered these questions, you will very quickly know which ones to ask senseo with milk frother to be purchased. After all, these devices have their price, and every purchase must be well considered.

Senseo with milk frother – more information

The philips senseo pad machines are beautifully designed and leave an impression on the guests. You can be sure to receive compliments for it. But not only the coffee pod machines are worth the purchase, with a senseo with milk frother you can also prepare delicious cappuccino or latte macchiato and do not have to buy an extra device for this purpose.

– which milk is best for frothing??

Basically any. But in terms of taste, fresh whole milk is preferable. The following applies: pasteurized whole milk should be used if you prefer solid milk foam. The fat content does not matter if the froth is successful, but the taste is simply creamier and better than with low-fat milk.

– what senseo accessories are there?

pad holder in different sizes and colors, descaler, milk container for some of the senseo machines that also make milk foam, pad holder station, water container, cover for drip tray, juicer spout, milk hose, coffee spout, milk spout, filter holder, lid for water tank, descaling accessories, brewing unit (senseo sarista), cover for coffee spout, etc. So if various components break or disappear, you can simply replace them and don’t have to buy a new senseo with a milk frother.

to ensure high standards of durability and quality, philips tests senseo coffee pod machines during development by brewing more than 10.000 cups. This is the only way to ensure that the product is of high quality and will give the user many years of enjoyment. Or on a senseo with a milk frother.

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