Schwacke list

The schwacke list is probably the most popular method in germany for finding out how much a used car is currently worth. This list shows the approximate residual value of the car. This is calculated on the basis of the year of manufacture, equipment and mileage. If you want to sell your used car privately, the first thing you often do is look at the schwacke list.

Where the name schwacke comes from?

The name schwacke-liste comes from its "inventor", hanns W. Schwacke, who published this list for the first time in 1957. however, at that time this list consisted of only one page and includes only two opel models.

Today, the schwacke list includes all conceivable cars such as off-road vehicles, vans, two-wheelers, motorhomes, LJWs, trailers and even boats.

Schwacke is the pseudonym for vehicle valuation

How to determine the vehicle value according to schwacke list?

In the meantime, there is an entire company behind the determination of the value, namely eurotax schwacke gmbh. For the calculation of the used car value, the company obtains current data on all vehicles that exist on the market. The data is obtained from the media, from car buying exchanges and from internal price lists and then recorded and analyzed in a database. Statistical data and information from car dealers on the current market also flow into the survey.

Based on this data the computer calculates an average value for each type of vehicle. These values are in turn compared with the values from practice, after all, price fluctuations and regional differences also play a role in the value.

How to have your car valued by schwacke?

Normally, these are private persons who use the service of schwacke for a fee. Regardless of whether you are buying a used car from a dealer, a private individual or selling a car: a valuation of the car provides important information in every case. It is even possible to subscribe to the schwacke list, which currently costs 399 euros per year. This is of particular interest to professionals in the car trade. Only models with average condition and standard equipment appear in the schwacke lists. But if you want to determine the individual value of vehicles, you also need a so-called correction list, which also includes the other relevant data.

If you need information about a specific vehicle, you can use the online valuation of schwacke, which costs 7.99 euros. It is helpful to have the vehicle registration document at hand and to enter all necessary data directly. Before buying a used car, it is also possible to make a calculation without a vehicle registration document.

What are the advantages of a schwacke valuation??

On the one hand, the determined value is an important clue when it comes to selling one’s own used car or if one wants to buy a used one. On the other hand, the schwacke document is an important basis for negotiating with a potential buyer.

The schwacke list cannot replace a look into the cockpit. But it can be an indication if it is worth to have a look

Are there free alternatives to the schwacke calculation??

These are now actually available. For example, the price check for cars is.De a good way to find out the value of the used car for free. The databases of the internet car markets also often offer the possibility of determining the value of a vehicle free of charge.

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