Saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine sm7683 in test

In the last few weeks we have had the pleasure saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7683 test it extensively and put it to the heart& test it. Especially for me as an absolute coffee junkie and lover an absolutely great test. For the test, we were provided with a saeco xelsis SM7683 fully automatic coffee machine free of charge from philips.

General info on the saeco xelsis automatic coffee maker SM7683:

The saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7683 belongs to the premium fully automatic coffee machines in the saeco assortment.

The saeco saeco xelsis SM7683 at a glance:

  • Product dimensions (W x D x H): 283 x 489 x 393 mm

  • Housing material: stainless steel
  • Color: black / stainless steel
  • TFT display for operation (touch display)
  • Preparation of 15 different coffee specialties
  • 12 grind settings
  • Powder option
  • creation of 6 user profiles possible
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Adjustable coffee spout height: 75-148 mm
  • Milk system: latte perfetto technology
  • Milk container capacity: 0,6 liter
  • Coffee grounds tank capacity: 14 servings
  • Water tank capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Coffee bean capacity: 450g
  • Aquaclean filter
  • Drip tray capacity: 500 ml
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Aroma adjustment before brewing
  • Adjustable coffee and milk fill level
  • 5 aroma strength settings
  • Automatic cleaning function and descaling instructions
  • Milk heating function
  • Water tank with LED lighting
  • Removable brew group
  • RRP: EUR 1.599,99

Scope of delivery:

  • Saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7683
  • Coffee measuring spoon
  • Water hardness test strip
  • Cleaning brush
  • Brew group grease
  • Milk tank
  • Aquaclean water filter

From the "stiftung warentest" it received the test rating "good" (note 2.1 / in the issue 12/2018).

You can find more information about the saeco xelsis SM7683 fully automatic coffee maker here HERE . At amazon.De it is currently available at a price of EUR 857.00.

How to use the saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7683:

When the fully automatic coffee machine arrived at our home, it was of course immediately put into operation. With the help of the quick instructions provided, this was also done within a few minutes. We inserted the filter into the water tank and determined the water hardness with the test strip. We must say, however, that the insertion of the filter was not so easy… We even have the feeling that we won’t be able to get it out when it needs to be changed. We also connected the milk hose to the machine.

Saeco Xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7683 in test

These are more or less all the preparations that need to be made. We then ran two, three cups of water only and then filled the coffee beans in. The capacity of 450 g is absolutely great and almost twice as much as our previous coffee machine.

Another very practical feature is that both the water tank and the coffee grounds container can be pulled out of the front of the fully automatic coffee maker. Here, however, the milk hose is a little annoying if you leave it permanently connected to the machine. You always have to put the coffee spout in the highest position to be able to pull out the water container.

Practical, however, is the small window on the side of the machine, through which you can see the water level in the illuminated water tank.

After we had put the saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7683 into operation, we immediately created two user profiles in which we then stored our favorite coffee specialties and configured them to suit our taste. The operation of the display is incredibly simple and intuitive. In addition, touch inputs are immediately recognized and implemented.

Saeco Xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7683 in the test

When configuring the beverages, you can make the following adjustments (of course, partly depending on the specialty you have selected):

  • Adjustable milk foam quantity
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Adjustable amount of coffee per cup
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Adjustable coffee and milk spout sequence
  • Customizable coffee taste

But you can also make these settings every time you select a drink. In the user profile, the fixed settings are stored. But if now bspw. If there is a visitor and he wants a lot of milk, you can also change the configuration for the drink individually each time you take it out.

Saeco Xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7683 in test

The ceramic grinder is very quiet as long as the aroma cover is closed. In our opinion, the pump is relatively loud (compared to our old machine). It is also great that the saeco fully automatic coffee machine can prepare 15 coffee specialties (with and without milk), for example caffe crema, cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, espresso lungo, caffe latte, americano, cafe au lait, ristretto or flat white.

The TFT display control panel guides you through all the steps to prepare the coffee speciality of your choice.

In addition, messages are shown on the display if, for example, the machine is out of order. The pulp container must be emptied or the water tank must be refilled.

Very practical is the hygienic cleaning of the milk supply by means of steam. This means that no residues remain in the hose, which can then ferment.

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CONCLUSION saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee machine SM7683:

The saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7683 could convince us completely except for a few points, but more about that later. We really like the design, because it is visually a real eye-catcher. In addition, it is excellent and very high quality workmanship.

Saeco Xelsis automatic coffee maker SM7683 in the test

It has a wide range of functions and is particularly impressive for its simple, intuitive operation via the large TFT touch display. The inputs are immediately taken over, that is, the display is very touch-sensitive. The various settings are self-explanatory and logical in themselves. The various coffee specialties taste very good, especially because you can adjust various parameters of the preparation individually.

The coffee from the saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7683 is very well tempered at every temperature setting that is made. The Tresterpucks are very solid and especially dry. This is how they have to be. Another big plus is the removable brewing group, which can be cleaned regularly and the seals can be greased. For us, this is now a very, very important argument for buying a fully automatic coffee machine.

We cannot understand how a manufacturer can still bring devices onto the market where this is not possible.

Saeco Xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7683 in test

However, there are also minor points of criticism that we have. Firstly, this concerns the position of the milk hose on the coffee spout. Unfortunately, this is in the way when you want to pull out the water tank. So you always have to push the coffee spout to the highest position first. Only then can you pull out the water tank.

Another point of criticism is the firmness of the milk foam. We have tried different types of milk and also played around a little with the settings. Unfortunately, the milk foam could not convince us with a latte macchiato, both in terms of quantity and firmness. Therefore, we would continue to use our external milk frother for latte macchiato, draw an espresso from the saeco fully automatic coffee machine, and then prepare the latte macchiato manually. Maybe we are here but also just a little spoiled.

In addition, unfortunately, the drip tray has already leaked once because it was not indicated that it was full.

Overall, however, the device was particularly impressive in terms of design,. We are completely convinced by the quality of the workmanship, the intuitive operation, the various features and the quality of the prepared coffee. Taking into account the aforementioned points of criticism, the saeco xelsis fully automatic coffee maker SM7683 receives four out of five fur noses from us:

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