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you would like to take a road trip and see so much of the world? Car trips to the USA, the Mediterranean, through Italy and around the Baltic Sea are popular. To make sure you don’t forget anything, you’ll find a suggestion for a road trip packing list on this page. you won’t need all the items, but it will give you inspiration and a little reminder of the things you shouldn’t forget – from your driver’s license to your fuel canister, your. Required toll tickets to rental car documents and backseat protectors. If you have everything with you, you can start your vacation with the car.

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money& FINANCE

For your road trip, you should take cash with you in a chest bag or a small wallet for your pocket. In many countries, it is advantageous to have a credit card with which you can pay all costs incurred. In addition, some credit cards are suitable to withdraw money abroad for free.


Of course, hygiene items should also be included in your luggage for a car trip. Limit yourself to the most important bathroom items. Microfiber towels (see "other") are recommended because they take up less space.


If your road trip includes a few stops over several days, you can wash clothes on site! It is best to pack multifunctional clothing that dries quickly. merino wool clothing does not smell, even when you sweat. Besides, the onion-skin principle has already proven itself for many people. That means, take rather several thin pieces with you than one very thick one. Find out about the climate conditions in the destination country before you travel and pack accordingly.

here you can read more about my universal clothes for every trip.

cooking / barbecue

When traveling by car, a camp stove, dishes, dish sponge, dish soap and a cooler can make your life easier. Don’t forget to pack some dish towels and trash bags. These will help you to keep the environment and the car clean.

Food / Drink

You should always have enough water in your car. Refillable water bottles are a good idea here. Other useful food items include: energy drinks, fruit juices, granola bars, fruit, cookies and chewing gum. A travel mug is a great way to refill your coffee and tea. Think also of some cans in which you can store re-purchased foodstuffs.

Medication / pharmacy

keep in mind that you might get sick during your road trip. Therefore it is a good idea to carry a small first-aid kit with you. This should include a small first-aid kit, charcoal tablets, headache tablets, a fever thermometer, insect repellent, disinfectant and possibly a bottle of water. Eye drops against heating or air conditioning air contain.

Papers& documents

Even on a road trip you need to remember some important documents. Depending on where you are going, you may need. A visa and a valid passport. Find out about the conditions of entry, whether and which visa you need and apply if necessary. One. Of course, the driver’s license must not be missing on a vacation with the car. Possibly. Is an additional international driver’s license necessary if you are going abroad?. Car papers should include registration and maintenance documents. Think about the necessary documents if you rent a car. Print if necessary. Booking confirmations and maps of the accommodations from. So you are prepared for everything.

backpacks& bags

Be sure to take a small backpack for day trips. Of course, a bag is also an option, but it is more comfortable to have your hands free. A waterproof bag is also a good option to keep your belongings dry on a boat or beach trip. Important documents should be placed in waterproof ziplock bags so that nothing can happen to them. And finally, a concealed carry money belt can protect you from pickpockets. A pacsafe that you can lock and leave in the car is another way to protect your valuables.


Too many shoes take up too much space. Therefore, it is best to pack a sturdy pair for hiking and a light pair for the time in the car. Since flip flops and/or sandals are very thin, they will certainly fit in your luggage. Flip flops are also useful for motels or hostels and for showering. If you can’t do without fancy shoes, you can pack a few as well. Depending on the destination of the car trip, this is usually superfluous.


Now a few other things that are on almost every packing list and therefore should not be missing on the road trip packing list, e.g. B. Oropax, a book or a lighter.

I also have a digital packing list with useful apps as well as entertainment material.

Technical equipment

A navigation device (or. A cell phone that can serve as this) should go along on the road trip. To be on the safe side, you should also get a map of your travel destination in case the technology should fail. On the spot you can buy a SIM card for your cell phone. A camera for the vacation photos, a USB-stick or SD-card for data backup, possibly a USB-port for the car. A laptop or tablet and a flashlight/headlamp should also be brought along. Don’t forget to pack the chargers and of course a suitable socket adapter as well as a possibility to charge via the car. A power bank is very helpful. You should also keep yourself busy with your MP3 player and books. Here an e-book reader is a good alternative.

camping / sleeping

If you are staying in motels, hotels or hostels, you don’t really need to bring anything to sleep with. Some people prefer to sleep in their own inlet for reasons of hygiene. However, if you are camping, you should take a look at our camping packing list. For those who sleep in the car: in addition to bedding, think of a comfortable pillow with sufficiently thick blankets!


For the kids

If children are in the car, there are a few things to consider. Long distances can be boring and exhausting for the little ones. Therefore, it is important to choose a route where the daily stages are bearable for everyone. Make sure you are entertained during the trip. A portable DVD-player as well as enough movies, mp3-players, audio games, gameboys, puzzle books and books keep the little ones happy. You should also have enough food and drink in the car for picnics and in between.

Here you have several options. Either you travel with your own car or you rent a car on the spot. Either way, there are a few items that come in handy for road trips: also remember to check out how tolls are in your destination country. Do you also need certain things like warning vest etc?. Carry along? You can find more information here. You can find information about tolls here.

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