Rental car on tenerife: cheap for your vacation!


With a rental car you can get to know tenerife from its most beautiful sides very individually. most of the roads on the island are well developed and the traffic rules in spain do not differ significantly from those in germany.

The right rental car for your vacation

there are many car rental companies on tenerife. You can easily find the best offer online in the car rental comparison on verivox.De. If you book from germany, the formalities of the car rental will be faster and you will have a car on tenerife in any case.

Many providers are represented directly at the airport tenerife south. If you want to pick up your rental car right after your arrival without looking for a shuttle bus to the station, you will find these offers in comparison with the option "rental station at the terminal". Possibly you can have your car brought directly to your hotel for an extra charge, so that you can start your trip comfortably from there.

What you should bear in mind when comparing rental cars

For the mountainous island, off-road small cars are the best choice. With these cars you can easily find a parking space in santa cruz and you have to pay less than for bigger cars.

when you compare the rates of the rental car companies, you should also take into account their fuel policy: in most cases, you will return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up. The most common refueling rule is full/full or full/full. Half/half. However, there may also be other regulations that could become a cost trap. With the "tank full/full" filter setting you are on the safe side.

Verivox also advises that you always rent a car with fully comprehensive insurance and theft protection without a deductible. Often you have to pay the excess on the spot and then you get the costs refunded.

Requirements for the rental

to rent a car on tenerife you do not need an international driver’s license. Some car rental companies require a minimum age (usually 21 or 25) for the driver, but this can be circumvented by paying a surcharge if necessary.

A full credit card (not prepaid) is almost always required to pay the deposit. Make sure that you have enough money on your credit card. Information about the amount of the deposit can be found under "rental conditions". Few car rental companies allow you to rent a car without paying a deposit. in these cases no credit card is necessary. Such offers turn out more expensive to compensate the risk.

Traffic rules on tenerife

The roads are usually well developed. Tenerife has two freeways (TF-1 and TF-5). Other roads are also mostly well developed. But in the mountains you may encounter narrow mountain roads that should be driven carefully. there you should also pay attention to your tank filling, because gas stations are rather rare.

On highways the maximum speed limit is 120km/h, on expressways you are allowed to drive with 100km/h and on country roads with 90km/h. The speed limit in the city is 50km/h, unless otherwise stated.

When you pick up your rental car, look for any technical defects, scratches or other flaws and have the condition of the car recorded in writing. If necessary, take pictures of the scratches on the rented car. also check if there is at least one yellow warning vest in the trunk of your car. It is compulsory in spain to carry it in case of breakdown or accident.

places of interest: what tenerife has to offer

not only can you explore the volcanic landscape of teide national park with a rental car, but you can also discover many beautiful places along the coast of tenerife: the cliffs of los gigantes are a worthwhile destination, but the quiet town of garachico also has a lot to offer.

if you are traveling with children, consider a visit to the loro park of puerto de la cruz. in addition to the zoo, the small town also has a botanical garden and many listed buildings to see. you can spend a day strolling around santa cruz de tenerife and visit the beach playa de las teresitas.

the anaga mountains lure with spectacular views and interesting flora. Here you can get off the beaten tourist track and enjoy the scenic beauty of the island. if you are a history buff, you can visit guimar, where you will find pyramids built by the guanches.

The best time to visit tenerife

the warmest and driest time to visit tenerife is between may and august. But as the Canary Islands are known as the islands of eternal spring, an easter vacation or a stay in autumn will also bring beautiful days. in november and december there can be severe storms on the island, especially in the mountains, which can cause road damage due to landslides. If you are traveling by rental car, check the weather forecast and adjust your route if necessary.

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