Protection for motorhomes: which automobile club offers more??

Motorhome cover – which motoring club offers the most??

Whether it’s a breakdown or sudden illness on vacation: the letters of protection from the automobile clubs promise help in many emergencies. Promobil has compared the offers of five german clubs.

flat tire, engine failure, wild accident: the pleasure of traveling in a motorhome sometimes ends very abruptly. If you are stranded on the side of the road, the only option is usually an emergency breakdown service or a tow truck – which can be expensive. An effective way to keep the financial damage manageable is to take out a protection policy, as offered by the automobile clubs.

Cover policies include a wide range of benefits

In addition to roadside assistance, towing service and the procurement of spare parts abroad, cover is also provided in the event of medical emergencies or the loss of documents or keys. In the table starting on page 74, we have compared the cover offered by five automobile clubs – sorted by vehicle and personal benefits. To ensure comparability, we have taken the cheapest cover with europe-wide coverage in each case.

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that Germany’s first digital automobile club called jim-drive, which operated from 2015 to 2019, had to file for bankruptcy last year. the jim-drive members were subsequently taken over free of charge by the avd.

ADAC, ACE, avd, ACV and mobil in germany

What are the differences between the benefits offered by the individual clubs?? For motorhome owners, the limits up to which a motorhome is insured are of particular interest.

Protective cover

So the avd and mobil-in-deutschland only let camping vehicles up to a total mass of four tons – so if you drive a heavier motorhome, it won’t be towed away in the event of a claim. The ACV also sets the limit at four tons in its standard tariff, but motorhomes up to 7.5 tons can also be covered with the more expensive motorhome plus membership. ADAC and ACE already include recreational vehicles up to a total weight of 7.5 tons in their standard tariffs.

In addition to the vehicle mass limits, there are other differences that are easily overlooked in the fine print. This affects, for example, the Insured personsWhile the ACE includes the partner and all minor children in the insurance, all other clubs only cover the member. Partners can insure themselves at a reduced rate if required.

In general, in the event of a breakdown, be careful that you emergency phone number of the respective automobile club chooses. If you do not do this and organize the towing service yourself, the club will usually cover the costs only up to a maximum amount, which often does not cover the actual costs.

If the motorhome cannot be repaired on site in the event of damage, the car club organizes the onward journey to the vacation destination or the journey home, for example by sending a car to the destination rental car is provided. However, this clause only applies if the location of the damage is more than 50 kilometers away from your home as the crow flies.

return health transport: will I get home in case of illness??

protection letters

Illness or an accident on vacation is not a nice topic, but not only in times of corona it is good to know that you can hope for medical help in case of emergency. For example, the return transport of sick persons is a component of all the cover. However, there are differences. Whereas the ACV, for example, only offers return health transports in medically necessary cases takes over, the other clubs already do that in medically reasonable cases too. Behind the term "medically reasonable the idea is that recovery is faster in a familiar environment. "Medically necessary" a return transport is necessary, for example, if the treating hospital in the foreign country does not have the necessary means and equipment at its disposal.

Automobile clubs also step in for other accidents abroad. This includes the loss of funds, if, for example, you have been robbed or your credit card has been lost. Measures in this case range from contacting the house bank to the short-term provision of an interest-free loan.


Whether you’re sick on vacation or have a breakdown on your doorstep: in an emergency, you’re better off with a car insurance policy. To find out which cover and which automobile club is suitable for whom, see our table above (free download PDF).

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