New smart fortwo and smart forfour : everything different as always

Smart presents the new smart fortwo and also gives the once unloved smart forfour a revival. Keep everything the way it is – and yet be completely different.

Everything as usual, yet different. "Is smart, stays smart", daimler emphasized again and again before the world premiere of the new smart generation. in july, the stuttgart-based company presented its new city runabout at the tempodrom in berlin. at the unveiling, daimler boss dieter zetsche joked: "ours is the smallest".

so many people said that everything would stay the same, it was bound to change. Well, at least kind of. Because the new smart is something in between "familiar and "new", between "sassy and "traditional. At 2.69 meters, the new smart fortwo is just as long as its predecessor, but a generous ten centimeters wider, and consequently also ten centimeters wider in terms of track width for the benefit of driving comfort. The rear-wheel drive is also known.

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The smart fortwo 2014 is more of a small car than ever before

The distinctive two-tone design, which has been slightly modified and offers a wide range of customization options, is also a clear feature. In terms of safety, daimler continues to rely on the color-contrasting tridion cell, which virtually encompasses the vehicle interior, including the new side wind assist, ESP, six airbags and even hill start assist. Just so you could if you wanted to. All for a basic price of 10,895 euros. Choice of three engines with 60, 71 or 90 hp.

But even at first glance it becomes clear that as much as the new smart is, it has now become a full-fledged small car – the new snout of the previously flat-nosed Stuttgart car moves it closer to the competition and more in the direction of an ordinary small car. Concession to renault, whose twingo will in future share the platform with the smart? Venture? "The smart fortwo reinvents itself", the company says. In any case, the trendy daimler brand is somehow allowed to get away with more than others, its brash, fresh image seems to be more than just an affectation. Artistic glossy advertising brochures in the format and size of an average illustrated brochure, without a single real reference to the company’s own product? They are allowed to use the!

The new centerpiece of the smart fortwo in the instrument panel, the smart media system with squeaky-color multi-touch display and app control

Interior centerpiece: the smart media system

With the first smart fortwo in 1994, daimler filled a gap: real small(est) cars were few and far between, and the design was polarizing. By the time the AMG factory tuners got to work on the little runabout, its status as a joke car was over. The German armed forces drive the smart in camouflage paint, and the vienna police use it with blue lights on. It won’t be long now before the horsepower of the Formula 1 will be able to take their place behind a small smart in safety-car phases. Brand establishment successful.

And so the 2014 smart fortwo will also divide the car world: some will love it for its surprisingly generous 350-liter maximum trunk capacity, the wide range of customization options, the safety technology or the new centerpiece in the instrument panel, the smart media system with a brightly colored multi-touch display and app control. The others will hate it for the step towards the mainstream, the shared platform with renault, this ranking somewhere between fiat 500 and twingo.

The smart forfour returns

smart also shows courage with the return of the smart forfour. The maximum version of the small city runabout enters its second trial after an eight-year break. The smart forfour had to make its first attempt largely without success; the model series was withdrawn from the market in 2006. Now the four-seater is being produced together with the new renault twingo in novo meste, slovenia – and starting at 11,555 euros, it is expected to shake up the small car competition around the VW up, make memories of its predecessor a thing of the past and, all in all, perform better. The new big small car is supposed to be a space miracle, with a load volume that can be increased to an impressive 975 liters by folding down the rear seat. The smart forfour also offers countless customization options in its 3.50-meter length, from the design of the instrument panel to the exterior color, the smart forfour also offers engine options such as the "small(re)" brother.

Everything as usual. And yet different.

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