My distance vision is getting worse and worse while driving!

Doctor-Medic Liliana Banyai

Whether it’s driving a car, hiking in the mountains, or doing other activities. Long-term vision no longer seems as good as it once was. This deterioration in vision should not be taken lightly, as every second of perceiving a traffic sign counts, especially when driving.

You should pay attention to which symptoms appear with the worsened distance vision, in order to already get a first idea before a first examination. Cataract can be a cause, for example. You can find all important information here!

Do you find it more difficult to see while driving??

Especially when driving a car, people often notice that their distance vision is becoming increasingly difficult. Oncoming cars seem increasingly blurred in the distance. When driving, this is of course a problem, because the reaction time also suffers from it. Driving becomes increasingly dangerous.

But how and why the problem with distance vision occurs is unclear to most people.

I find it increasingly difficult to see cars when driving.

You have surely noticed it yourself. It does not become easier, but more and more difficult and borders on the impossibility to perceive another vehicle in the distance well. Only when the car is close enough does it appear to be in focus. Before it is mostly only a colored lump with lights.

This loss of vision can have several causes. In addition, many others may experience other symptoms. Some of these can affect your everyday life enormously.

Do you suffer from difficult vision in everyday life?

If you feel that your vision is restricted when you are driving your car, you will certainly have this problem in everyday life as well. If you are not sure, you should look into the distance. You will certainly notice that the terrain appears blurred. Focusing no longer works as it should or once did. Thereby it can come also in the social surrounding field to restrictions. It is never pleasant not to see things that appear clear to others.

I know this myself. I was always uncomfortable when a friend of mine pointed to something in the distance and I couldn’t see it, even though I was looking hard enough. All too often you find yourself in such situations and it is anything but pleasant.

Sensitivity to glare while driving?

If you experience strong glare from other car lights, this can also be very unpleasant. In addition, of course, it is an additional danger. Driving at night and not being able to perceive imminent danger because the light blinds you is dangerous. Cars have also run off the road due to increased light sensitivity. Such situations seldom end well for the affected person.

Colors are no longer visible?

You may have already noticed it. Colors appear dim and unclear. It seems as if the colors around you have decreased in strength. The world simply seems dull and almost dreary.

The world around them seems grayed out?

Many people also complain about a gray, even milky veil in their perception of such symptoms. For the affected person it seems as if everything he sees is surrounded by such a gray veil. From time to time this veil can also become more cloudy and worse. The world seems increasingly gray, pale, and duller. Everyday life becomes almost unbearable.

Is this perhaps only imagination?

No. Many people may initially think it is just a temporary phenomenon or even imagination, but it is not true. Such symptoms are not simply the result of your own imagination. They are quite real and serious.

Why do I see like this?

Why you see like this can have the following reasons:

  • Nearsightedness
  • ametropia due to increasing age
  • Poor contrast perception

If you find that you can no longer perceive colors and contrasts as well as a grayish haze, it is possible that you are suffering from cataract.

What can I do about it?

Even, they can do nothing at all against a defective vision or cataract. see an eye doctor and get a checkup. This will advise you in full measure and initiate ways to help you. cataract surgery, for example, is a long-term possibility.

Glasses and contact lenses

glasses and contact lenses are aids that help you see clearly again. As good as both forms work they are not perfect. It takes some time for your eye to get used to the vision aid. Consequences can be headaches, eye pain or even fatigue.

In addition, glasses must be correctly adjusted so that they can be worn without problems and difficulties. Because the glasses can be too tight on the temples and create an enormously uncomfortable feeling of pain. The bridge of the nose can also hurt if the glasses are too tight.

What alternatives are there?

The best alternative to glasses or even contact lenses would be to have your eyes lasered. Here, a defective vision can be completely corrected.

cataract treatment requires another, special form of laser treatment.

In this case, the old and cloudy lens is replaced by a new artificial one through the cataract laser treatment. Through this lens exchange they regain their original vision. In addition, the cataract can not reoccur.

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