Mclaren speedtail auctioned for three million euros

Mclaren speedtail auctioned hypercar fetches three million euros

In the USA, a mclaren speedtail fetches almost three million euros. The hypercar has only 312 miles on it and is one of the last ones built.

Have you recently thought about buying a car on the used car market?? if so, the market is currently (slightly) overheated due to the corona pandemic. As "slightly overheated an otto normal consumer would probably also describe the price for the mclaren speedtail, which was offered by the mecum dealership on 15. auctioned in florida on january. The super sports car changed hands for a mere 3.3 million U.S. dollars. Converted, that’s 2.9 million euros.

100. Copy of the speedtail

Such a sum has to be justified. Logically, the mclaren is a limited special edition. The british sports car manufacturer built 106 units of the speedtail, which mclaren presented for the first time in october 2018. The auctioned vehicle is the 100th. Special edition copy. There were also only 106 examples of the mclaren F1. In its original papaya orange, the speedtail immediately catches the eye.

Geneva International Motor Show 2019, Switzerland, Geneva, March 05, 2019 - Copyright Stefan Baldauf / SB Media

312 kilometers of mileage

mclaren built the auctioned super sports car in 2020. The counter in the cockpit of the speedtail shows a mileage of just 194 miles, or 312 kilometers. With a stated top speed of 400 km/h, one might think that the previous owner had only driven the hypercar for an hour and then wanted to sell it again. He would have definitely made a plus with the extravagant sports car. the british asked 2.1 million pounds sterling for the speedtail as new price. The equivalent of 2.5 million euros.

The speedtail is modeled on the mclaren F1

Modeled on the mclaren F1, the speedtail is also a three-seater. The driver takes a seat in the middle of the car, just like in a monoposto. The two co-drivers are allowed to lodge behind it on the left and right. The overall performance of the mclaren is impressive. A full 1.050 hp generated by the four-liter V8 biturbo in combination with an electric motor in the speedtail. According to mclaren, the system performance is sufficient to achieve the 1.430-kilogram hypercar to accelerate from 0 to 300 km/h within 12.8 seconds. At 403 km/h the top speed should be reached. By way of comparison, the mclaren F1 with BMW’s V12 engine was once the world’s fastest production car at 391 km/h vmax. The combustion engine is positioned as a mid-engine in front of the rear axle.

McLaren Speedtail Mecum

the 5.13 meter long body of the speedtail is made of lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic. It is also interesting to note that mclaren made sure to use few and large components for the body during development. The aim was to prevent unwanted air turbulence due to gaps in the bodywork. The overhang at the rear of the hypercar is 1.33 meters long. Seen from the side and from behind, the speedtail looks a bit like the auto union type C streamliner. Admittedly, it takes a bit of imagination. You also need them to convince your banker to give you the money for the speedtail.

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