Maxi-cosi: new infant carriers and child seats 2021

At the beginning of september, we had the pleasure of viewing the new maxi-cosi 2021 collection at the roadshow of dorel in berlin have a look at some photos, but also have a lot of information about the novelties 2021 from maxi-cosi brought to you.

Dorel roadshow in september 2020

For the first time ever, dorel will be introducing a mobile roadshow for selected retailers through and through 6 european countries. The modular truck with a total of 67 m² exhibition space stops in numerous cities, including frankfurt, munster and berlin, as well as locations in belgium, france, spain, austria and the netherlands. on board: many many new products from the maxi-cosi, quinny and tiny love brands. Exciting!

We were already very excited in advance and were the first group ever to be allowed to participate in the 09. september 2020 in berlin take a look at the novelties 2020. For you on site we were ourselves as family bar in berlin together with our partner dealers of maibee in neuenhagen near berlin.

And you can expect to see these new infant carriers and child seats in the coming months:

New infant carriers and child seats from maxi-cosi

1. Child seat family maxi-cosi 360 family

Rotating child seats are the trend of the last years, so it is not surprising that maxi-cosi with the new collection not only offers a pearl swivel child seat but with the pebble 360° and the coral 360° also two on the base station swivel baby car seats.

seats that swivel to the side not only make it easier to lift the child in and out of the car seat, they also make it easier for the child to sit in the car seat can besides comfort also increase safety. Studies have shown that parents often buckle their children too loosely, and this is also due to the fact that many parents find it difficult to buckle their children in when they are standing to the side of the child seat. However, if you are standing directly in front of your child, you can tighten the belts more easily and firmly, thus reducing the risk of injury and the severity of injury in the event of an accident.

1.1 the maxi-cosi familyfix 360 base station

The heart of the new child seat system is the base station familyfix 360. On this station can be placed next to the infant carrier pebble 360 and the coral 360 also the i-size child seat pearl 360 can be installed.

Facts about the maxi-cosi familyfix 360 base station:

  • To be approved according to UN/ECE R 129/03
  • Isofix base station with turntable
  • Flexirotate: infant carrier and child seat can be rotated in all reclining positions
  • easy to use: the seats can be rotated with one hand on the base
  • Uncomplicated installation thanks to isofix
  • installation feedback: the station gives feedback and indicates whether the installation has been done correctly

The familyfix 360 base is now available.

1.2 the maxi-cosi pebble 360 infant carrier

Interesting features of the new baby car seat pebble 360 is not only that it is mounted on the familyfix 360-base turned to the side but also its approval limits.

While all maxi-cosi infant carriers (except the marble recliner) approved to the new R 129 standard were previously limited to a body height of 75 cm, the new pebble 360° is now available in a wide, softly padded harness approved up to 83 cm its. In addition, the headrest can no longer be adjusted in only one or two heights, but in 6 positions.

facts about the maxi-cosi pebble 360° infant car seat:

  • Approved according to UN/ECE R 129/03
  • For children from 45 to 83 cm
  • Installation with the isofix base station familyfix 360 or with the car seat belt
  • Can be rotated 360° on the familyfix 360 base station
  • Easy to use: can be rotated with one hand on the base
  • Easy buckling up thanks to the easy in harness system, which keeps the buckle out of the way when the child is placed in the harness
  • Integrated side impact protection (G-cell technology)
  • Climaflow fabric and perforated sides that reduce sweating in the infant carrier
  • 6 headrest positions
  • XL UV sun canopy
  • Including. Newborn insert

as you can see, maxi-cosi has not only optimized the pebble car seat a little, but completely revised it.

the pebble 360° is now following colors available in black (essential black), dark grey (essential graphite), light grey (essential grey), blue (essential blue) and green (essential green).

1.3 the maxi-cosi coral 360° baby car seat

The new baby car seat coral 360 can also be easily attached to the familyfix 360 base station turned to the side become. This makes it much easier to take out and put in your child or inlets with your offspring. New is also the possibility to carry the soft carrier not only by the integrated handles, but to equip the inlet with a wide, soft padded and adjustable sling (sold separately).

The 360° version of the baby car seat with the removable interior, in which you can carry your baby easily and extremely comfortably, is also approved according to the current child seat standard R 129 for small citizens of the earth from 40 to 75 cm and up to maximum weight of 12 kg.

Facts about the maxi-cosi coral 360 baby car seat:

  • Approved according to UN/ECE R 129/03
  • For children from 40 to 75 cm and up to max. height. 12 kg
  • Attaches to the familyfix 360 base or with the 3-point harness
  • Can be rotated 180° (to the side) on the isofix base familyfix 360
  • Particularly easy to rotate with only one hand on the base
  • Easy-in harness system makes it easy to put your child in and buckle them in
  • Baby-hugg seat reducer for best comfort and protection of the little passenger
  • Two-piece infant carrier with extra-lightweight, removable soft carrier and outer safety shell
  • Innovative, feather-light soft baby carrier with adjustable handles for easy transport of your baby
  • Extra large sun canopy for best protection
  • Perfect for travel: can also be used for airplane restraint

The coral 360° is now in the following colors available: black (essential black), dark gray (essential graphite), light gray (essential gray), blue (essential blue), red (essential red) and green (neo green).

1.4 the maxi-cosi pearl 360° child seat

With the pearl 360° maxi-cosi launches the first seat in 2021 rotating pearl child seat. unlike the other seats of the pearl series, the pearl 360° can not only be placed forward and/or backward on the base, but can also be turned sideways on the familyfix 360-base with a handle.

just as different from the other pearl child seats, the 360° version is already allowed from birth (from 40 cm). We will test whether this seat is actually suitable for use with newborns as soon as the pearl 360° is available on the market.

more facts about the maxi-cosi pearl 360°:

  • Approved according to UN/ECE R 129/03
  • For children from 40 to 105 cm
  • Use with the isofix base station familyfix 360
  • 360 degree swivel in all seating positions: forward, backward and to the sides
  • Usable backwards (from 40 cm) or forwards (from the earliest 15 months and a height of 84 cm) up to 105 cm – we recommend the use against the direction of travel until the end of use
  • integrated side impact protection (G-cell technology)
  • Easy operation, turn with one hand
  • Uncomplicated installation thanks to isofix-base
  • Climaflow fabric and perforated sides reduce sweating in the child seat
  • Easy to get the child in and out and uncomplicated to fasten and unfasten thanks to the easy-in harness system
  • Incl. newborn insert for babies up to 60 cm

Announced are the following colors for the maxi-cosi pearl 360°: black (authentic black), dark grey (authentic graphite), light grey (authentic grey), wine red (authentic red), brown (authentic cognac).

also the pearl 360° is to be published in the january 2021 coming to the market. The MSRP is 369 €.

2. maxi-cosi mica e-relax

New will also appear the first child seat with a electronically adjustable backrest, the maxi-cosi mica e-relax. This child seat – you can see it on the right side of our photo – can be used on remote control and from the dashboard also under the ride safe adjust the inclination of the backrest.

The maxi-cosi mica in itself has been on the market for a long time, with the new e-relax function the adjustment of the seat positions is now even easier. simply plug the corresponding button into the cigarette lighter socket and you can adjust the position of your seat from the dashboard even while driving – handy when your child has fallen asleep or just woken up from its nap!

Video: adjusting the seat positions of the mica e-relax

In our video you can see how the remote control works. The adjustment of the positions is slow, smooth and safe:

facts about the maxi-cosi mica e-relax:

  • approval according to UN/ECE R 129/03 (i-size)
  • Suitable for children from 45 to 105 cm up to 18 kg
  • installation backward and forward facing, we recommend the use against the direction of travel until the end of the period of use
  • Uncomplicated installation with isofix
  • Swivel infant seat: easier to put in and take out the child / uncomplicated buckling and unbuckling
  • adjustment of the reclining position via a button on the dashboard (cigarette lighter socket, button can be locked)

You can read more about the mica model in our store: maxi-cosi mica.

Release date of the mica e-relax

The mica e-relax becomes ca. At november 2020 be available on the market. The RRP will be 599 € lie. For the 2020/21 collection the following colors planned: black (authentic black), dark grey (authentic graphite) and light grey (authentic grey).

3. Maxi-cosi nomad – light and foldable

In this day and age lightweight, foldable child seats increasingly important. Whether for vacation, cab, rental car or car sharing, many parents need seats that are easy to transport and to install, remove and convert.

With the model nomad in october 2020, maxi-cosi will be launching an especially light (5 kg) and compact (folding size: 40x45x21 cm) child travel seat with belt fastening on the market. In itself a good idea, but unfortunately this child seat can only be used in the car forward in group 1 (children from 9 to 18 kg) are allowed to use. For children of this age (up to min. 4 years), we strongly recommend transporting the child against the direction of travel in a reboard child seat .

However, the maxi-cosi nomad is of interest for the use on a turned car seat as for example in motorhomes. If the vehicle manufacturer allows the installation of a child seat on the rear-facing car seats or a bench facing the opposite direction of travel, you can use the maxi-cosi nomad there as a reboarder.

facts about the maxi-cosi nomad:

  • Approved according to UN/ECE R 44/04 for children between 9 and 18 kilograms in group 1
  • use forward facing (can be used on turned car seats in the opposite direction of travel if the vehicle manufacturer allows installation on turned seats)
  • Lightweight child seat with only 5 kilos own weight
  • Compact folding size of 40 x 45 x 21 cm
  • Child seat with carrying handle
  • Transport bag included

Our verdict:
in itself a good approach, but we would like to see another one portable reboard child seat for our assortment. Until then, we continue to use the alternatives of successor (HY5 TT 2020, hyfiveone TT city) or. For larger children on the takata maxi back.

The model maxi-cosi nomad should from october 2020 be available as EIA were 199 € communicated. The price includes a transport bag for the child seat. The travel child seat will be produced in the 2021 collection in the colors black (authentic black), dark gray (authentic graphite) and light gray (authentic gray).

More child seat novelties from maxi-cosi

In addition to the infant carriers and child seats shown, there will be several other restraint systems for which we do not yet have all the information. We will add to these in the coming weeks.

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